Feb 2019 Property Chat with Ben Everingham

Hi and welcome to another property chat with
Ben Everingham. Hi, I’m Ryan from on property helping you
achieve financial freedom and me and Ben record a lot of episodes together about once a month
we’d like to have a more casual back and forth chat talking about whatever’s on our mind
lately, the property market in general, what we’re excited about. Last month in January we talked about mental
health and things like that, which I’ll link up in the description down below, but hey
Ben, how’s it going today? Yeah, awesome man. How you doing? Yeah, really good people. We’ll see the last video, I think I was in the bedroom
with the kids bunks in the background. I’ve now set up an office in the garage here. This is my dad’s guard slash shed, but the
lighting is so much better, so I’m really excited to be in this space. Work been working hard this year on on property
as well as other business ventures as well. Really get myself in a good position to pay
off debt this year and then hopefully looking to buy property in the future. How about you? Yeah, I’m loving it, man. That little Scottie you’ve got behind you
looks so fun. Yeah, I think I bought that for dad as a present
of Gumtree or something. It’s like a vintage skateboard. Okay. That’s sick. Yeah, I thought it was yours. I wasn’t sure. That’s mad. That’s like one of the fiberglass ones. The old school fiberglass ones. So see, I love it. So back in the day, used to collect skateboards
now minimalist. So I just have one or two that I actually
use. But yeah. Yeah, I remember. Can India has actually, when I first met you
down the goatee and you had that many skateboards did, it was out of it trout and an old school
TVs. You remember that? You’ve got rid of all that stuff I have yet. Yeah. No, I’m old school TVs anymore. I just have one TV that I game on. Um, but what, what about you man? What’s been happening with you? What are you excited about lately? I know that pumped on property has been, you
know, been kicking up gears. Yeah. Like I’m, I’m vibing on the business at the
moment. I had, you know, we’ve been doing it now for
four years plus and I was doing it part time while I was working for a years before that. So I have, what I recommend is the best conversation
with crystal Adam and Simon yesterday that we’ve ever had is, you know, they’re all business
partners now. And um, we just talked about the future where
we want to be, how we want to help people, what types of cool stuff we want to do with
clients. Um, flew down to Sydney last week just for
a day, um, for unfortunate family circumstances. Um, but on the way down on the plane, my wife
and I sat there and sort of nodded out a bit of an itinerary or a plan for this Bali trip
later in the year that you and I are going to do with some clients that should be sick. Yeah. So that was getting me lot fully vibed up. I was just picturing like the sessions and
what we can be doing between them and talking about climbing this crazy volcano and do it
also. It’s a way to stuff. I awesome man. Um, yeah. So that’s kind of exciting. And I bought a property last week. Well, and then of course you do. Yeah. Um, so bought a piece of land on the Sunshine
Coast, which I’m going to build a, a jewel occupancy Hyman. Um, you know, market conditions are really
ripe for buying at the moment. Simon just bought one as well. Um, ads is just about to buy again and, and
so it’s crystal, there’s just some definite deals around at the moment for people that
aren’t being scared off by what’s going on in Sydney and Melbourne. So wasn’t planning on buying this year, but
you know, when a good opportunity comes up, sometimes you’re going to grab it. Yeah. And I think I’m kicking myself this year because
I’m not in a financial position to buy this year, but I’m working my ass off to get myself
into the financial position and I really knotted out a plan and a strategy for my business
to grow it and to be able to pay off debt. And I’m also super excited about, um, like
I remember you, you were telling me about a conversation that you had with uh, either
as a client or a free strategy session where this idea of property investing as an insurance
policy, you really hit home for her and she just like finally understood that how it can
work and how she can have financial security in the future. So I’m, I’m so excited for this year that
we’re getting better at communicating this message and how you can invest in property
in a short period of time of just a couple of years, but really set up financial security
and financial freedom for your future, for your kids. Um, you know, injustice shuts the short period
of actively investing. I’m so excited for that. Yeah. What was so beautiful about that concept that
you created one, the two properties to financial freedom and to properties and insurance policy. Cause I always looked at property as I needed
to own it outright. Now you know, for no reason. Like I love our businesses. I love what we get to do. And even if there was hundreds of grand a
year of passive income coming in, I’d still be doing this every day because it’s my passion. So I love it now that the pressure’s off,
that you know, in 10 to 15 years I can hopefully same as you have a nice healthy income coming
in with, with or without the businesses at that time is a bit of a worst case scenario
thing. Um, but this lady came in, she’s um, I won’t
tell you any further details cause you know, she’s a private person but she is recently
divorced with a couple of girls and she ends a good income and she’s just started a little
hard, a side hustle on the side after listening to one of your videos. Um, sort of like, you know, using her skill
set that she does in her day job to just make some extra cash to save a deposit at night. And she, she’s just gone through a really
hard year and she’s sort of sitting there. She was just lost. Like she, she knows that she needs the set
our kids up. She knows that property and businesses are
the way that she wanted to do it, but she didn’t have a plan and we sat down and I just
gave her some ideas around, you know, a couple of simple steps like one probably in the next
12 months, one another property, maybe two or three years after she’ll come back and
build granny flats on both. And then I showed her how very, very easily
using her income, which isn’t massive. She can own those properties outright over
the next 15 years. And she literally just broke down man, because
it was the first time someone had ever made her realize through your strategy that property
was just, it’s easy as hell. Like so simple can be really hard as well
if you, you know, if you’re just getting started or if you over complicate it. But it can be really fun and easy as well. And, and the dots connected. She’s like, I can leave both my kids with
an a property that I own outright with a thousand $2,000. You know, she’s a young mom of income for
them and what an incredible legacy for her to like pass on to our kids as well. Absolutely amazing. And I had an experience this week as well. I was just out for drinks and a listener of
the show came up and said hello, recognize me in the crowd. Came up, we wanted, yeah, it was awesome. We just sat down and talked for about 10 or
15 minutes. We both had beers like it’s so great to meet
people out. So if anyone sees me then feel free to come
and say hello. I love meeting people. So the second time that I’ve been recognized
since being in Sydney, and I’ve only been here about a month, so that’s really great
to see some people, but what I loved about, he obviously understood this strategy as well
and was working towards that, but I love the flexibility of the strategy too. He owned one property already that he was
living in and was looking to buy a second property, but was having some potential trouble
with lending and just that there was the potential there that he could build a granny flat on
his existing property to get some income now until he’s able to borrow, or we talked about
a couple of other things that he could do to potentially be able to jump into that next
property sooner than he thought. So he’s going to go back to his mortgage broker
with some of those ideas and hopefully be able to buy soon. But I love that the goal is so clear. That’s the two properties with two granny
flats, pay them off. That’s really clear. But how you get there, you can be really flexible
with that. So this person, they own their principal place
of residence, but they’re going to basically jump into another principal place of residence
and turn their current one into an investment property with a granny flat on it. So you don’t have to do it just as separate
properties. You can buy you like they’re buying their
own home, but then they’re using that as a way to leverage him to this strategy and to
then they’re jumping to ideally I think like moving to a bigger house because they’re having
kids or just had a kid. And so yeah, like they’ve found a way that
works for them, their own unique way to make this happen. Whether it’s they’re still building up those
incomes, but they’re doing it through owning their own home as well. So it’s really cool to see the flexibility
in the strategy based on people’s circumstances. You know, what’s funny man is, um, I’ve bought
a few properties the last 10 years. Some of them have really shut outs and some
of them are really good. I’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard ways
and I’ve also had some great experiences, but you know, as you know, over the last couple
of years I’ve sold a bunch of my properties and I’ve actually as a, as an investor, a
lot further along than just getting started. I’ve been reorientating back towards this,
you know, effectively this concept of two houses to granny flats owned outright at some
point in the future. And that is still the foundation and basis
of my own portfolio outside of my own home. And now I’ve realized that you know, I want
a bit more than a hundred grand a year in 15 years time. So now I’m adding another property into the
mix. And so I love that you can expand on that foundation. So like we called two properties to financial
freedom, the foundational properties to give you baseline financial freedom, but then you
can just take that and replicate it. Two becomes three becomes four becomes five,
then all of a sudden you’ve got five properties with two incomes each. So you’ve got 10 income’s coming in, they’re
all paying themselves off. You know, you can do this up to 20 you can
do what you’re doing, which is, you know, buying land, build dual occupancy homes. It doesn’t have to be an existing house. People could do blocks of units as well if
they wanted to. The Sky’s the limit. Like it’s just part of a strategy, like he
said, an insurance policy and a way to get financially free for sure. And then whatever I or you or anyone else
wants to do around, it’s cool. Another thing that’s been getting me steak
and at the moment is gardening. I’ve just been absolutely vibing on gardening. You are definitely like you’re entering into
old man territory now. I just 31 it was just my birthday, so I turned
31 I feel like I’m mid officially mid thirties which is a little bit depressing. I’m not going to lie, but what did, what are
you now 33 34 33 yeah. Okay. Needs a gardening like I was Janet, my brother’s
House, Simon helping in rented out on the weekend. A few of the boys got down there and stuff
and our friends and one of my mates is like, oh, shoveling some maneuver and some mulch
and he’s like, dude, that’s the third fucking horrible dad joke I’ve heard you make in the
last hour. He’s like, I swear to God in the last three
years you just become like 500 years old. He’s like, you just turned into such a boring
old man. And I’m like, fuck you dude. And then I just continued to talk about gardening
for the next half an hour. Got So excited about it that I stopped at
this nursery on the way home and spent all of Sunday afternoon gardening, putting in
Latin mad passion fruit trees and a lemon or lime tree, like an olive tree. Just six stuff. Right? Like all these like climbers that are going
up my fence. So I’m just like vibe and I’m making my home
at home because at same as you, I’ve moved 13 times in 10 years. Yeah, I think I moved. Maybe this is probably the 20th move in 10
years. Oh, I do. That’s out of control. Like I’m just ready for some stability personally
in my life with my family. It’s what stability. Like a stable home environment for the next
at least 30 years. Yeah. I think I’m, I want to work towards stability
now my, that’s what my focus is on business. My focus is on growing that income, paying
off that debt, but then continuing to grow the income so that I can actually set up security
for myself and for the kids as well and really have that stability that I guess I didn’t
have when I was financially free before or when I had pseudo financial freedom before
is that longterm security. So now I’m working towards that because at
the moment I’m back in my dad’s and I love my dad. But being 31 and being back with your parents since you
moved out of home at 19 or 20 is just, um, it’s a humbling experience. Let’s just say that dad is awesome. He’s awesome to live with. I absolutely appreciate it. But yeah, I don’t want to, I don’t want to
have to do this again. Let’s just say that you’re not leave with
the three kids at dog and cat as you know, in the last year with Lacey’s parents for
five months while we renovate it and same as you bro. Like you find solutions pretty quickly to
get out of there and ends exactly right. The motivation that I needed. I think something else it’s been really good for me is surfing. Like I’m a straight back from the beach again,
which absolutely love and dad gave me his old shortboard for my birthday, which you can actually see in the corner. So I’ve got that Short board now. Previously I just had a long board and went
out for a surf on my birthday and it was probably the best surfing I’ve done maybe in my life. I think just moving from the nine foot to
mal to a short board, that six, two or six three or something like that, carving and
things that I used to not be able to do just came really easily because moving on such
a long board, so difficult and then going to the shore board was just effortless. And so yeah, I’ve gone from a long border
back to a short board and Nia and I’m absolutely loving catching some waves and getting back
out there. So many good ways around that too. Like Sanchez the point like it ain’t Mary’s
wraith and then the beaches, like I’ve, I’m this Sydney because of the consistency. Sandy cases, you know, there’s not too many
waves around too often, but yeah, you can get some really good waves on the
sunny coast, but it can also blow out really quickly and really easily. I remember that. I’ll put Pridgeon it would just get blown
out so often. Yeah. When I like eight o’clock every morning, nine
o’clock. So is that cool that you’ve been reading lately or that
you’ve been getting into? Yeah, like we obviously did that really date
dive into that. Um, Simon priestly article a couple of weeks
back, which I just, I’m still stoked on man. Like it was such a good article in terms of
his thoughts on everything. It’s not as bad as it seems, you know, and
his thoughts on Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, et Cetera over the next few years. So that’s kind of to know that, you know,
yes, Sydney are in a bit of a funk at the moment and the banks might let it go on for
another year or so, but, you know, 18 months to two years from now, things will become,
start flatlining. Money will start coming back into the market
again. Um, and then that money will, you know, over
time with population growth in the right areas like southeast Queensland result in what he’s
saying could be sort of double digit growth figures again annually within a couple of
years up here. So that’s kind of exciting. Um, I was talking to my two mortgage brokers,
um, again this weekend, you know, like I said to lending money seems to be happening a little
bit more easily again, which is fantastic. Um, I’m enjoying that from what I’m seeing
on the streets. Like obviously we’re still buying a lot of
property. Um, there’s still so many people in the marketplace
that are taking advantage of the current conditions and what I’m seeing is that there are certainly
deals to be had in the right suburbs, even up here in southeast Queensland, that sort
of way I got sucked back into the market. It’s white crystals come back in and Simon,
it’s just, we’re finding things aren’t necessarily any cheaper than they were, but there’s just
that less pressure from the five or 10 other people putting offers in on the same first
day that there was a year ago. And that’s resulting in, you know, instead
of paying an extra 30 40 above listing price, you’re now able to pick it up at listing price,
which is set for current conditions. So the core logic updates from yesterday’s
saying auction clearance rates are lower, um, time on market’s a bit higher. Um, you know, average vendor discounts a bit
lower and they’re all things that I track to sort of go cool. As a buyer, it’s a time to come into the market
as a seller. It’s certainly not a time to be selling right
now. And I use that as a bit of a gauge for my
personal activity, which as you know, the last three years I was selling everything
at the top and you know, as a buyer, I’m back in the market starting to consider stuff again. Yeah. So are you excited to be buying again? I love it, man. It felt so good to be violent again. Right. I want to ship, I wish I could show you probably,
but Lisa and I set up till 10 o’clock last night. You know, designing a site plan and a three
bedroom home in a two bedroom droney flat and just fuck it feels good man. Like properties, a passion of mine and designs
are passionate in creating something from nothing. So what’s your plan with this? Probably we don’t need to talk numbers or
anything like that, but I know last year you did a subdivision and sold off a block of
land or you sold off the property, um, and kept half of it. What’s your plan with this one? You’re building a jeweler, walk home. Is this going to be one of those foundational
properties that you’ll keep longterm and pay it off or what’s the plan? For sure. It’s just a really nice big block. It’s 913 square meters. That’s big. It’s big man. Like you know, I’m going for an approach personally
of the big of the land in the bed of a quality location, the better long term growth potential,
not just as a result of, you know, biggest sort of attracting more growth but potentially
rezoning things in the future as well. The mega blocks have a better tendency to
be resigned. Um, so all it is man is a simple, you know,
three bedroom, two bathroom home with a two bedroom, one bathroom, granny flats and Nice
big decks. I’m going to actually do them. Nice. I like, I’m going to put a pool in both of
them, like really landscape them properly, like sort of attractive a premium rent or
these are the one roof line. So connect it all under one big roof line. Um, so think of it as a big rectangular block
with a just big rectangular home. Um, but the home sort of got a firewall and
split into two. Um, and you know, we’re just going to design
something special that sort of meets the current market conditions to get that premium rent
and then just, you know, once it’s completed, set it away and not sort of thinking about
it too much again. And so what sort of rental yields do you think
you’ll have after the build? Um, I think that I’m going to be somewhere,
depending on the way that we do it in that five and a half to 6% territory. Yeah. Plus all of the depreciation you’d get on
a brand new build, which for me increases the cash flow by about 150 to 200 bucks a
week in the first five years. Yup. It wouldn’t be positive cash flow by itself
in the beginning, but with the extra depreciation that you get, um, then a problem might push
it into that positive cash flow situation. That’s exactly right. Like it at this stage for me, I’m not necessarily
going for the cheapest possible property, which is what I did for the first seven or
eight that we did. Um, it’s more now really high quality assets
where I can get that growth, not just over the longterm but over the next five years
and then great cashflow during that holding period and then sticking my head back up at
the top of the next cycle and saying in Queensland where things are at and deciding if I want
to stay in the market or exit out. I think this is a really cool thing to highlight
for people because we talking about two properties to financial freedom, which gives you baseline
financial freedom. It’s not an excessive amount of money, but
it’s enough to live a good life. But also this concept that once you achieve
financial freedom, everything doesn’t stop. It’s a lot of people think, well they want
to be wealthy so they’ve got to invest in 10 properties in 10 years or whatever it may
be. But actually getting those foundational properties
first and having that financial base and financial security for the future then allows you to
be more picky with your strategy and to go after even higher quality stuff moving forward. So you’ve obviously got your foundation in
place that will allow you to achieve financial freedom and now everything that you do on
top of that, you can be more picky. You can be more long term. You don’t need short term results, you’re
not in some crazy rash or anything. So I feel like it gives you the to do it,
do things properly, do things well, do things long term, and also grow your wealth beyond
just that baseline financial freedom. So I think where you are now is where a lot
of people that are listening to this today, a lot of clients that are working with you
today will be in five years or 10 years, there’ll be in this really good position that there’ll
be able to expand their wealth exponentially because they can choose the best deals and
they’re in a position to do that. They’re not rushed, they’re not worried about
money. It’s just for you when you invest, it just
feels effortless. Like when you talk about it, you’re just like,
yeah, I just found this great property. I’m just investing and I guess I want other
people to see that that’s possible for them as well. After they’ve built their, they’ve got their
phone out foundational properties in place. I wish I could have documented, you know what
I was doing 10 11 years ago when I was getting started because, well we do have a video four
and a half or five years ago with my crazy hair. Definitely to a proud, I’m going to ask you
to get rid of that real soon. Actually, I’m going to link off to that down
below that, you know, it feels effortless now because as a business we’ve bought over
$300 million. We had the property as an individual investor. This is my 12th deal in 10 years. I don’t own any of that stuff. I’ve got rid of heat for it, but at the start,
man, it was so stressful, so confusing, so confronting like I still get shit getting
ed like I didn’t sleep for like three nights after I bought this property last week properly
because I still hate debt and I still don’t like risk and even though I believe it’s the
perfect time to be buying in southeast Queensland based on sentiment, it’s still isn’t nice. When you see the five emails that you subscribed
to all come in with negative stuff on Sydney and Melbourne that morning that you just bought
something. So did your anxiety just like jump through
the roof for a couple of days? It did, yeah. And I just, you know, that’s why I started
to get stuck into gardening and helping Simon renovate his house because it took my mind
off stuff. But the reality is everyone regardless of
stage feels the same way. It’s just how you manage that and how long
you let it affect it and how confident you are with each decision that you make that
it is the right one as opposed to, so would you say now with purchasing this
property you’re way more confident about the longterm success of this property then you
would when you bought the Frankenstein House or when you invested in Miranda back in the
day? Of course, yeah. Because when you started investing, did you
have a clear strategy in place of how you’re going to achieve financial freedom? Literally Read Rich Dad, poor dad, and he
was like properties a good asset. And then I’m like, cool, I’ll just go buy
a property. Had No goal for what I was buying. No strategy, no plan for financial freedom. I just knew that if I own properties, he said
I’d be free. You know? And this is like a 2124 year old kid not knowing
what’s going on. So guys, if you do want to see that original
interview with me and Ben Dota on property.com dot. Aui affords us one 98 and you can watch that
over there. That’s, that’s really good fun to watch at
PSI. Bad Dry. But I think it’s good. It’s good for people to see where we’re at. You know? Well that that talks more about your investment
journey up until that point, which was four and a half years ago now, and to see how awkward
we were on camera, how crazy my hair was, man, looking back in five years, I’m going
to be like, why the heck did you have that friends, Ryan, what’s going? Um, but yeah, on property you don’t come to
you for this last one, 98, if you want to have a laugh, go ahead and check that out. Can I, can I say something very like, okay, your strategy in praise with knowledge over
time and I think a lot of people listening to this that are just getting started or maybe
on two or three or four, like the things that I’ve learned summarize
into simplicity is just time. The market and by when no one else is and
sell. When everybody else is scrambling at the top
to buy what you have for a premium like by the quality markets where people are going
to leave with above average jobs are being created where you know, the history shows
that they outperform everyone else. Like you, Sydney to Melbourne to Brisbane
is just sunny coast Goldie’s et cetera, et Cetera, like buy for cash flow because there’s
gonna come a point where either the bank’s going to say no or market conditions tone
and you lose your job or interest rates increase and you will completely regret or property
start declining. And it sucks when you’re paying $1,000 a week
negatively geared on a property in Sydney right now and that property is lost another
hundred grand of value this year. And it’s like you’re negative 150 drained
down a hole in one year. Yeah, like that. That hurts. So go for cashflow. And then on top of that, always buy property
with upside potential. Like if you’re, if you, if you’re prepared
to get stuck into a cosmetic reno or add a bedroom or bathroom or buy land cheap and
build cheap or you know, do something a bit active. If you’re that personality type, it doesn’t
have to be on your first or your second one, but that should be a longterm goal to slowly
build a skillset that allows you to, you know, make a little bit more at some point in the
future on the property when you want it just, it, it cosmetic Reno and he his didn’t they? Yeah. Like how much would that have bumped around
by? It bumped the rent from what? He would’ve got three 20 a week to three 80
and it’s cost them $4,000 Bro. So 60 bucks a week extra in rent stranger
in the year, one and a half years. He gets his money back. Yeah. You know, that’s smart stuff. And all we did was we just got into the yard
and he’s, we cleaned the house and he’s going to get a painter to paint the house. That’s it. Yup. Yeah. Amazing. That’s an a magazine that was just to make
the property more like cashflow neutral until he comes back and cleaned it up properly and
adds a granny flat. Yeah. When he’s, isn’t he talking about doing jewel
lock or something? On that property. Look, I think he’s going to keep it now. Um, and just renovate it because it’s actually
got really good bones. It just needs a good good night gave up and
it might only cost them if he was going to knock it down and rebuild. It might cost him 250 k yep. To renovate it. It might only cost him 70 grand to almost
have a brand new home. So again, like when we went through the options,
that’s the better option. And I think that’s one thing I’ve learned
from Simon is just cause you’ve got a plan doesn’t mean you can’t get new information
and pivot from it. Yeah. And you can’t knock out one option versus
another. I just did the numbers on it. An extra 60 bucks a week. If it cost four grand, that’s 78% yield on
that money that he invested. So you not gonna get that in the stock market
or you know, obviously he’s not getting 78% across his entire property portfolio, but
spending the time to do that renovation is just an amazing return. Yeah. The thing is, Bro, like we, I used his building
and pest inspection report, which looked really bad to negotiate I think an eight or $10,000
discount for him. So he’s actually, you know, got his money
back twice before he’s even started the Renno. So there’s so many little things that you
can do over time that a neighbor your position to continue to improve. You’re talking about um, lucky investing for
cash flow. And I think like looking back four or five
years ago when we recorded that video, and even up until like a couple of years ago,
helping people find positive cash flow properties, it used to be that you would have to invest
in regional markets in order to get positive cashflow. Whereas now with the ability to build granny
flats, you can actually manufacture that cashflow easier than it ever has been in the past. You used to have to invest in particular zones
in metro markets where you could rebuild and do jewel occupancies and that was a bit quite
difficult. Whereas now the ability to build granny flats
just allows you to buy in those high quality areas. But to also get the cashflow as well, which
is really, I think it’s only now that I’m realizing how much of a game changer this
is in terms of positive cashflow, property investing. If you look at Steve McKnight’s investments,
his first one in Ballarat and a bunch of them in regional markets and stuff like that and
that was 15 years ago where whenever he wrote the book, now being able to invest in these
metro markets which are tend to be low risk than regional markets but still get the cashflow
is is such a game changer and the positive cashflow space so exciting. It’s so exciting that the strategy doesn’t
have to be growth or really, really active manufacturing or cashflow. It can now be all nicely wrapped up in one
package and as investors we don’t have to sacrifice anything. The only thing you need to sacrifice is an
ego that’s attached to a certain area and actually start thinking outside of Sydney
or Melbourne right now. Also you need to detach from that ego that
you need and you want quick capital growth because to invest in a property in Sydney
and then the property goes up by $100,000 in the space of a year, but that’s a good
ego boost that that makes you feel pretty good. I’ve done interviews with people who are property
investors and they just happen to invest in Sydney at the right time, had three or four
properties and they all went up and I looked like that are amazing investors and they obviously
achieved amazing results, but really they got lucky with the timing of the market and
that is a good boost to your ego to see your portfolio grow by a hundred thousand or $200,000
in a year. But the sacrifice still lost 200 grand issue
though. You know what I mean? Like so to be able to sacrifice that because you
have that longterm vision for pain, these properties often achieving financial freedom. I feel like if people can get over that hurdle,
it’s that not not buying a lotto ticket, it’s actually going to work for your passive income
and just waiting for it to happen rather than hoping that you’re going to strike lucky if
people can get past that and just be diligent on their goal towards financial freedom. I’m super excited for what so many of our
listeners can achieve over the next two, three, five, 10 years. It’s going to be amazing. Ah, it’s all exciting. If you’re just getting started now. Like I wish I knew what I knew. I wish that we could have listened to ourselves. I wish that you know, if you’re, if you’ve
got 10 years now or 15 years now, like and you’re, and you’re cutting up the different
ideas that Ryan and I have in this videos. Like fuck like you, you Ryan, like you’ve
always been a business guy. But you know, as you start taking the cash
out of the business and pumping it into assets, like obviously it’s going to do no where near
as good as your business has ever can because business is best. But as a longterm insurance policy. Same with Simon, like clean slates, like with
the right strategy, you can just do it so much quicker. Like you can literally hard the time it would’ve
taken me to get financially free just because you know what you’re doing and you’re clear
about it from day one an even less than half the time to know that
you look in that financial freedom, like Simon’s bought one property when he builds a granny
flat on that. Or if he buys the second one and then bills
the granny flat, it’d be interesting to see his story and when he’s got the two properties
and a two granny flats, how long that takes him. I can’t imagine it would, you know, he’s very
diligent and works hard and saves his money, um, and is really good there. So it’d be really interesting to see how quickly
it takes to lock that in. And then the same for me as well. How quickly can I get those two properties
and build those two granny flats and have that financial security for my future locked
in. And then obviously you can just build upon
that. You can pay it off quicker. You can expand upon it, but financial freedom
through those assets might not happen in for 15 or 20 but locking it in and having that
passive income that’s paying them off, you know, it could be done in just a couple of
years. You’re 31 right? Stop me there. No, it takes you 15 years, bro. You’re going to be 46 and free. What’s the average retirement age? 68 yeah, it’s like 67 I think is when you can
start accessing your super now. So say that you’ll still be what, 21 years
ahead of everyone else and most of those people aren’t going to retire. Like our generation, the age will be pushed
up a 75 because we’ll all be living to a hundred like, yeah. It’s gnarly to think about how much life you
bring back early at a stage when you’re still physically fit. Like just kicking us. Still Sharp. Like it’s, it’s exciting that stuff, man. Having the as well, having, sorry, having
that security when you do buy them that you know you’re going to achieve financial freedom
at 46 but between 31 oh don’t remind me. 31 and 46 you can work the job that you like. Or for me it’s working on businesses that
I’m passionate about. Not so much stressing about needing to earn
excessive amounts of money, doing things I don’t enjoy, but just enjoying that 15 year
period as those properties pay themselves off as those properties grow, enjoying that
time as well. So yes, it takes you 15 years. Yes, you’re ahead of other people’s retirement,
but even that 15 year period you’re getting back in a way because your financial security
set up and you can work in a job that you’re passionate about rather than one that you
have to work. And the interesting thing is even if you are
lucky enough to be working in a job or a business, you’re passionate about, like you putting
the dots together. For me last year, man, as a business, instead
of taking on 15 clients a month, which is what we’ve been sorta taken on for a while,
we go, I just went, I’m just going to take on a incredible people for the next 12 months,
a month. And that’s just so refreshing. Not to just be doing the work that you want
to be doing, but having the luxury, knowing that your financial freedoms guaranteed down
the line to be able to do work that you enjoy with people that you enjoy with man. And that’s, yeah, it doesn’t always have to
be more, which you’ve like taught me in such a big way. Like it doesn’t always have to be up and hearing about these clients that you’re
working with now, like tests and Boeing and stuff, and they don’t spray the stuff that
they’re achieving in such a short period of time. And being able to focus on helping them do
that is just phenomenal. Yeah, it’s cool. I can’t wait to go to Bali with them and for
us all to have a good time together. Yeah. So I love it. So I think we’re going to finish it off there. Guys, thanks so much for tuning in to this
property chat with Ben Everingham. If you’re listening to this and you’re like,
Yep, you know what? I’m vibing on this, I want to get and start
taking some action this year myself. Jump on a free strategy session call with
Ben or Simon or the team over at pumped on property. If you just got on probably u.com. Dot. Are you all the details about that over and
you can book a session with a time that suits you, get on the phone, find out what your
next steps are, start taking these actions towards financial freedom. You can do it yourself or you can hire that
pumped on property as a buyer’s agent and get them to help you as well. It’s up to you, but check out that free strategy
session. Start taking action because that’s what we
want you to do. We want you to take that next step. Start moving towards financial freedom. So yeah, go on property.com.eu to check that
out. Thanks so much for coming on today. Then having this bit of a chat, they probably saw Simona’s thing. I’m going to nick that skateboard when I come
down and a few weeks. Then it’s actually not very good to ride. It doesn’t turn out all the bearings and I’m
changing the tracks and he was taking the deck. All right guys, we wish you the absolute best
on your property investment journey and until next time, stay positive.

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