Federal Practice and Defend Ammo Packs #185

Hello, folks, this Yamil Sued for Gun Stock Reviews and today we are at Gun site Academy in Paulden Arizona and we are here to test the SCCY Firearms CPX-3 the new .380 um and something came to me..a lot of people ask me what ammo do you use for practice and what ammo do you use for defence well Federal ammo has had a solution for the situation which is the practice and defend ammunition it is a box that comes with 100 hundred rounds of their American Eagle um practice ammunition and a box of 20 rounds of their HST defense ammunition so basically it is really cool you buy a box and get a new pistol and get a new box of ammo that has the practice ammo and the defence ammo in the same package they are pretty similar to each other so you are not to get something totally differant the cool thing is it comes in different Calibers like .380 9mm 40..45 and it is a really cool package and you get your practice ammo and your defense ammo in the same package go give it a try I think it is a good solution for your problem and HST ammunition is is really, really cool so try it out

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