Feeding critically ill Bald Eagle March 26 2013

okay let’s see if I can grab her without the glove. Hi baby girl , Hi Baby Yes, I know. It’s okay sweetheart. We’re got to get you for just a minute. oh, that’s a good hit You’re feeling stronger sweetie You really are, I may have to
go out and get myself a net to grab you That’s my girl I gotcha, shhh shh shhh there’s my girl
there’s my girl There you go There we go Shhhhh, okay… that’s my puppy okay oh you’re feeling stronger
what a good girl
we like that you want to fight with me
that’s good One wing’s tucked in, let’s
get the other one There we are sweetheart
what a baby okay what a baby girl! Yes we got you, very good You feeling better?
Yes you are You’re feeling better You feeling better? That’s my girl What a girl! What a pretty baby! Yes you are, okay.
Ready to have a little dinner? Take the food just leave the fingers. There we go, there’s one.
Such a sweetie, such a baby girl… Such a baby, shhh, that’s my girl, right here, okay There you go, come on…
There’s my girl oh, not gonna eat that one, huh? Okay sweetheart. That’s my puppy Yeah I know you, there you go…
Such a good girl, you are,
you’re so pretty… such a good girl, yeah I know,
such a sweet girl okay that was a little pinch that’s good
that’s a good girl…what a baby okay no you still have a lot of stuff in
your lungs I can still hear it I can… I can still hear it sweetie
I can still hear it that’s my girl, there’s my baby.
Okay? Can you take that my yourself? Ohhh, such a good girl! Very nice, very very nice sweetie. That one didn’t go in… We’ll try another one… There you go! There you go!
You’re eating so good today,
I’m so proud of you! You’re doing such a great job…almost almost…let’s go under here There you go sweetheart
There you go… It’s easier if we do it from this side That’s my girl, okay..one more take a swallow that’s my baby what a sweet girl
okay you ready huh? You did such a good job.
There you go…

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