'Female Freedom Has an Expiration Date': Being 35 and Single | Op-Docs | The New York Times

43 thoughts on “'Female Freedom Has an Expiration Date': Being 35 and Single | Op-Docs | The New York Times

  • Someone needs to look up the word "delusional" in the dictionary. The world doesn't change every time you change your mind.

  • I would say for some women, it is much sooner than that. I am not going to pay full price for a used car!

  • “Freedom” does not necessarily mean having no moral values or boundaries. You can be single, live a clean, purposeful life. If you have character, there are no limits.

  • Because she is a nut job and she left all the good ones in the friend zone. THE BRICK WALL HITS HARD. MGTOW

  • I'm not surprised at the amount of burns this hoe received. Global warming is real. Hahaha
    She deserves her fate.

  • Yea well there’s the problem…. “In your 20s you can have boyfriends, lovers, etc…”

    You gave away your body and your youth to fleeting romance and now you want some beta to enjoy the leftovers. Better get some cats.

  • Don't worry your friends will be at the birthday parties with their divorces and their soccer mom SUV's with their children feeding them pizza and knowing there is someone that will love them…and you will be there with your strong Independence and degrees and, and,…uh oh

  • Do you think she keeps the tapes so when she turns 60 she can say look i used to get guys!
    Similar to every women from 20 – 60 who keep pictures of themselves when they were younger around the house

  • Yes, a girl who is a 6 can sleep with quite a few guys who are 8's. Then you get the idea that you can just pick and marry one of these guys. But that doesn't work. These guys are happy to go on sleeping with many different women rather than have just one. It's a delusion that women have that they can turn their tinder date into their husband. YOu get used to that level and think that you're an 8, but you've squandered your youth. It's a common trap.

  • "Happiness is a choice."
    Wait, so…if you're not happy, then it's your own fault? For not choosing to be happy?
    This video just confused me.

  • The wall is unbreakakle, stout and resolute. It cannot be broken nor gotten around. All that can be done about it is to deal with it in the best possible fashion. You're now at plan B and the clock is ticking faster. Formulate your best possible choices.

    P.S. : I love my boys. Even though they will soon leave to start their own lives they will always be in mine.

  • It's too bad that when they finally learn , it just happens to be at the same time that it's too late.

  • The comment section disheartens me. As if the journey of life is supposed to be clear-cut in the way that is expected of her. The vitriol I sense over the many lovers of whom she respected. That she somehow loses her humanity because of her uncertainty is disgusting. The expectations don't work for her, she's made mistakes, all the while appreciating her friends and lovers; trying to figure out what path to take in life. Must all of that be dismissed because you're bitter for whatever reason?

  • One of the most 'real' women I've seen yet! No conning guys, she just wants to live her life on her terms, rather than parasitising another's.

  • When you think you can demand so much, you'll end up settling for so little in the end…his name will be housecat and he'll call you Cougar.

  • Fascinating video. We should all be grateful to this woman for being so open about her utter self centeredness. Her parents seem like normal, sane people, especially her father, with whom I wouldn't mind playing golf. Decent man. What happened to Miss I'm Too Special to Settle Down? She isn't willing or probably able to be a mature adult who follows her father's advice. Any and all men will fail her absurd expectations. Lesson for men: If a woman is attractive, personable and still available after age 30, look out!

  • When this video was taken, back in 2013, she was 34. Now in 2019 she is 40 what has happened since then? Did you learn anything?
    Is there something you need to tell us?

    And another question, why do Jewish women not take there husbands last name? Been seening that on the rise in good old 🇺🇸. Unless that man has a famous last name like Vanderbilt or Gates.

  • All the good men have gone toxic remember, you women have us the label, and weather you dim wit idiots stand up and go at your feminist gods, there's not one thing that will change, I suggest a trip to the market for a nice big cucumber and a trip too an animal shelter for you new life partner!

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