FFRC: Hope Eating From A Spoon

you leave cutie home let her eat you're done okay thank oh isn't she a beauty she judge me oh you're okay not very old that's all I can say I can't answer that question mary has the baby food that's the answer okay No okay okay you can't arrest campy go to the back Hey I'm sorry you can then I hope it's okay that I'm giving her baby food she says I hungry what can be Jimmy says I hungry too hi packer backer I was this the first time she's done this MMH oh I didn't know that I figured she was eating off of a spoon or plate by now before good and this is chicken flavor yeah this is chicken flavor you done your tummies show your gift okay I'll do that just be okay go ahead and eat that can be pork ham he's just dying over here good yeah and you just need to get here nothing's cleared up or whatever you got oh thanks nose okay kami and knock the lid off I was okay he's been there [Laughter] all right cool so I hear you ate for auntie Mary there she goes yes she says I thought you were leaving me forever so I thought I better eat for auntie Mary no this is her usual stuff uh-huh because I thought maybe the difference you very happy man she is so tiny she's so proud of her that's so funny she can look sometimes 3d and then like 10 minutes later she looks like somebody pregnant no refer big total bad make my hands were right to it thanks her when she wakes up tomorrow Saturday right a.m. okay really I do think you're silly is true well Miri Congrats so when Jimmy's done all those kids can come down

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