Fighting Socialism

hello Charlie Kirk the founder of turning-point USA ask a most compelling question when he says do you trust government if your answer is yes you want bigger government more taxes and less individual responsibility if your answer is no you won't less taxes less government and more individual responsibility the scenario where you trust government is called socialism and there's no such thing as democratic socialism as Bernie Sanders and others are trying to dupe the American public into believe it if you want to know what socialism looks like take a look at cuba they're in an economic and fiscal crisis take a look at Venezuela people can hardly find enough food to eat even though they have a very large reserve of all in the world take a look at those countries that's what social doesn't look like and sadly if you like socialism take a look at what Great Britain is doing to that family of that little baby I heard someone say the other day and I never thought of it like this in the United States we are citizens we have a constitution in Great Britain they are subjects they have no Constitution that's why a judge and the government feels as if they can tell the family what to do with their child that's socialized medicine my point is this folks all of this talk by Bernie Sanders and others about free education free health care everybody gets a job fifteen dollars it is all intended to make you believe that socialism is better than capitalism no it is not take a look at those countries that are suffering because of decades of socialism star Parker a friend of mine said something the other day two kind of sums up the prosperity of this country she calls it the three C's the reason that this nation has the largest GDP in the world we have the most powerful best-equipped military in the world we have the best standard of living in the world is because of the three C's Christianity capitalism and the Constitution if you want to replace that with some unknown religion that doesn't tolerate others if you want to replace capitalism with socialism and if you want to trade being a citizen with being a subject socialism will get you there socialism is not right for this country I have had a lot of grandparents say they can't get their liberal siblings they can't get their grandkids to even talk about the difference between capitalism and socialism well if you can't get them to take a look at this video you have a bigger problem because it doesn't get in it's simpler than what I just described we don't want to go down that road folks all you have to do is look at Cuba look at Deniz whele and look at Great Britain I'm gonna stay right here in the good old United States of America I'm Herman Cain

3 thoughts on “Fighting Socialism

  • Believe it or not, there are some DUMB idiots that would chose this! Just look at the weirdo subjects we are up against!

  • Obama's first campaign slogan was,
    "together we can change."

    I saw and remember a counter to that:

    "I'll keep my money, I'll keep my liberty, I'll keep my freedom,

    You can keep the "change." 🗽

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