Final 5 minutes: 911 Call in World Trade Center, while tower collapses

DP: Alright sir, what’s
the telephone number

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  • Listening to this is heartbreaking. The man had kids and everything. The dispatch lady must be crying when she heard that. Honestly I wish this guy somehow survived and don't get any pain from it. This guy was a legend and I feel really bad. Rest In Peace kevin


    He was a Global Capitalist of the worst kind: the King of Globalization, worshiper of the false god of Wealth , underminer of the good Christian Americans who were defrauded of their life savings by these few unconscionable greedy unbelievers (Cosgrove) – who practiced the Sin of Idolatry of the God of Wealth: the US Dollar.

    I entreat you O' Lord – Despatch this coward to his doom!

    For this Coward yuppie's Sin of suicide: May he be sentenced to endless jumping over and over again from 110th Floor of the ghost towers of the WTC – where the ghastly Demon Horde of Satan await him in the depths of darkness below to rend his flesh from his cowardly yuppie worthless bones with teeth like razors in brutal agony for ETERNITY


  • Whenever i have a bad day and want to hurt someone…i always tell myself i could have been in that tower

  • The Final Fatal Phone Call of a Cowardly Unpatriotic Globalist Yuppie
    You what's really wild about this video? Here was the ultimate Globalist yuppie bitch, crushed to death by a million tons of concrete in the very place where he committed his litany of crimes against ordinary working Americans. The Insurance King of AON Corporation in his golden office, where he denied the valid claims of working folk, committing insurance fraud, perfected white collar crime and ripped off honest patriots, met his inglorious cowardly end. LOL

    In this very place, this Globalist Coward was laid low, here in his own office at AON Corp, this bitch was dealt the Ultimate payback that Poetic Justice can deliver: a coward's death.

    Watch and learn: for whoever you are, no matter how rich and powerful and no matter how big your Long Island Mansion, no matter how big your office, regardless of how much of a Global Criminal you are…. YOU WILL BE LAID LOW

    You will be utterly annihilated and crushed to dust, and your soul dispatched to Hell with Satan.

  • At least I know how to spell John Ostaru's name now. How about Kevin Cosgrove learns how to spell C*O*W*A*R*D ?

  • I feel so much for the 911 Operator, having to listen to this coward's begging. I myself welcome this downfallen soul into my domain. I love cowards who blaspheme and commit mortal sin, they step willing through my door – never to return.

  • This cowardly agent of globalization – Kevin Cosgrove – surrendered his soul to me. I own his cowardly ass.

  • You will return to Dust, and there will only be the memory of your pathetic weak voice begging for its worthless life. Then your soul will be cast down into the nether regions, and will suffer torment for eternity in the blackest, darkest noisome hole in HELL. There we will feast upon your souls.

  • It's fun listening to puny New York globalist pussies die, while begging for their cowardly lives. Or any other gutless traitor to the Flag for that matter. It's pure entertainment, better than Netflix, or any drug rush you'd care to mention. Cosgrove was the best – I nearly died laughing at that cowardly Vice President of AON Corporation's girly scream.

  • I know he had been in shock but wonder what he saw or experienced in the very last seconds so he screamed liked that

  • I’m still confused on why did the elevators in the tower skipped floor 3, 4, 5, and 6, those floors weren’t mechanical floors and that they have offices in them, so why did the elevators skipped those floors? and for people who were working in those floors, how did they get there?

  • It’s sad bc they didn’t really know what happened, they were completely blind to the outside. It breaks my heart. We can never forget them.

  • This video is one I go back to every now and again. It is tragic yes but also he retained his sense of sarcasm. I am glad at least he was not alone.

  • 9/11 was a planned event and it wasn't some ragtag group of Muslims. It was the powers that be in the world. WTC 1- 2 and 7 were brought down with nanothermite.

  • I don't think some people thought working down there that building would ever fall. God bless

  • He was being obnoxious and rude to the dispatcher. Yelling at her. Telling them to come faster to save him because he can't breath. They're doing the Best they can! You screaming at them just makes you look like an asshole.

  • honestly one of the scariest videos i have ever seen. This is awful. This day forever change things and shaped my generation.

  • Register your protest against this sniveling coward and his family of inbred leeches with a personal bowel movement deftly deposited on his headstone, seal the deal by taking a piss on it too, finally spray the words "HOAX" all over the headstone. Let this CLASSIC 9/11 COWARD KNOW WHERE HE RIP's

  • This is the global capitalist snuff video that gets better and better with each playing. Jerking to that bitch's screams are the multiple orgasm that keeps on giving 😄

  • Jesus fucking Christ that was gut-wrenching. May Kevin Cosgrove and all of the others who were trapped on the tops of the Twin Towers rest in peace forever.

  • Kevin Cosgrove
    We know where you RIP coward.
    That pathetic cowardly bitch's girly scream will live on in infamy, his family must pay with eternal shame for his spineless performance. Die coward die, pulverized into coward goo. Despatched to oblivion along with all the other puny sniveling traitors.

  • No offence but the guy was really rude during his last 5 minutes… it’s not like they could put a ladder up there and personally rescue him… however I always wondered why didn’t they have helicopters fly nearby and somehow save the ones at the very top… there was an ocean nearby and they could’ve dropped them off there?

  • I remember this day so vividly, in my last class of the day (English), a teacher came in looking ashen faced and told my teacher that the twin towers had been attacked. I was only 13 and had no idea what the WTC's were. Finished school and got the bus into town to meet my police officer dad at his station as he was due to finish his shift. Every shop in town with a TV in the window had people gathered around it watching in horror. I went to the police station and sat with my dad and his colleagues in shock watching the footage. Impossible to comprehend the heartbreak for so many people that day. RIP to all who were killed, you will never be forgotten. From Scotland.

  • Rand Paul is a piece of shit for single-handedly stalling financial compensation for first-responders. If I had one wish, it would be to Quantum Leap Rand Paul into the body of this man, so that Rand Paul died 18 years ago and this man was still with his family. "How are we going to pay for it?" Easy asshole, slash spending for the Department of Perpetual War. No more prisons, no more drone-bombing innocent civilians, no more corporate-welfare, and no more ICE raids. Republicans never seem to have a problem finding money to end people's lives. They find it very difficult to allocate money to help people. #RepublicansAreDogShit #FuckTheGOP

  • I really don't think he died right away. From what I hear he's facing the world financial center. That means he's facing away from the start of the collapse. He probably felt the building falling backward and heard it coming apart. Probably didn't die for a couple aof seconds, probably five or ten. Probably when parts of the core penetrated the part of the building he was in. The phone only cut early do to the wire being severed. Still would have been a quick death. Though those last few seconds must have been hell

  • when did u think he died? just after the collaspsed or during the fall or when his body hit the rubble on the ground?

  • Guys, why the fuck didnt they bring rescue helicopters to the buildings? Seriously. Could have saved hundreds, and its not like they would have went down in the collapse.

  • Yet we have Ilhan Omar in congress talking about Alqaeda. When all these unfortunate events happened in our great country. Sad.

  • Man imagine being in the second tower calling your wife saying that you are fine and leaving the building then the second plane hits the tower. Then the tower collapses and you die. Very scary
    RIP to all that died in that horrific day.

  • I keep listening to the end over and over and I don’t even know why but his oh God and scream is chilling to the bone.

  • I couldn’t imagine the terror. Fuck Islam. These innocent folk died because of Islam. As long as it exists, peace cannot be achieved and god good men like these will continue to die.

  • This is the creepy part . It looks like he counted down the seconds, look:
    *3* people here
    *2* broken windows
    *1* OOH GOD OH! Silence.

  • Corporate whores begging to be saved and squealing like piglets at the end, then getting squashed flat as a pancake and turned into coward goo by a falling 110 floor building…. WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE? OF COURSE GIVE IT A THUMBS-UP! lolololol

  • I feel so awful for anyone who was a 911 dispatcher in the NY, NJ, or PA area that day. To hear such monumental suffering and have no real way to help must be nothing short of soul-crushing. Yes, 911 operators are trained to handle volatile situations but the sheer scale of this tragedy was beyond belief.

  • Globalist pussies whining & begging for their lives right before they burn crispy black cinders or are crushed to Jello, are symphonic poetic justice to my ears. Cosgrove. … that one was a huge masturbation thrill. Jerking to that bitch's screams was an orgasmical high unlike no other. Superb jerking soundtrack. I jizzed & jizzed. The disaster porn flick that keeps on giving.

  • The dispatcher was stoic. I hate the way they talk condescendingly because they know there's not a damned thing they can do to help.

  • просто представь себе что этот человек увидел и почувствовал, когда все стены и потолки вокруг начали разрушаться… жаль его, он не был виноват…просто рабочий в офисе

  • If I was the operator then I would tell him that there is nothing any one can do for him to save him that he’s definitely going to die. And I’ll say I have to get off the phone now because I can’t stand being on the phone with a dying loser. Then I would tell him that’s why am here safe and sound and you’re up there on the top floor about the die so I can sit on the phone and tease you because you’re fucked and it’s funny: I would laugh with the other operators so he can hear us and then hang up on him. I would call him back and say that I forgot to tell you something and it might help you a great deal. Don’t let the ceiling hit you on your way falling down bitch! (Click!)

  • Lately I’ve been seeing videos of the 9/11 Tragedy and i cherish life and my family more and more . May the powers illuminate their souls .

  • Why have people made excuses for the way this man spoke to the dispatcher?  He was very nasty to her not realizing that he was only minutes from death.

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