Final Fantasy 7 AC _ Cloud Strife _ Play Arts (Bootleg) Review UPDATED QUALITY

hello everyone welcome to the low-budget otaku and few new into my channel Cloud Strife with the first Tiki review I ever did but unfortunately the quality was not the best so below everyone welcome to my review of the play yarn final 10:37 Cloud Strife from the movie adventure yes my editing quality and lighting and to do performances amazing at a time with prime levels but still a lot of you guys supported that video gives me a lot of good feedback even though some people of course complain about the lighting so I decided to thank you guys for support on that video and because cloud is also one of my favorites to you especially now that I have FIFA I decided to do like an update to my review now this is not a full review guys it's just just an update just something to show you guys better picture quality more detail it's not a full review for the full review original just go to the annotation just doing my best while I wait for several to arrive so last once again take a look at what this figure comes with besides looking amazing and actually sending up pretty well for a boot like it comes of course with every sort that you can see me show you the single sword then you have two swords like this that as you know combined from the big sword it is equipped now they all look amazing but they do have like things in some parts all the swords but they are not that bad they are not distracting then you have the other sword that normally uses in a do hand with the main sword and the two small sorts that look really really good probably the two best-looking ones but still they have some but again they are not very visible and distracting at all then you have an extra arm without the sleeves so it means it see the motor where Cossacks already here's parallelize you have two fees hands look really good with the gloves you will have to hope and hands that again look very good but they do not fit as well in the ball packed as the other pairs of hands I don't really understand why but they don't look that bad then you have of course is bag that it's very detailed but be careful with these straps because they can get loose very easily so be careful when putting the swords in it can be a little bit of an asshole to put them in so just choose do you want to mean do you announce the mouth because it can take him so on you put them put them home hello taught me smile yeah as you can see I've come to top individual number you can make the food because imagine softly when you actually put the freaking things in come on and there oh ok one missing oh my god oh god yeah some of their house the hell and that's it it you have all of the swords in again I have a strap Theresa very loose because a mid boot but it's ok looks very nice then of course you have to be careful when removing the store from his hands because I loosen up the hands a little bit so the sword can fit a little bit easier you can do it with a dryer or for example with a ruler so it just loosen it up a little bit and they will fit really nicely but be careful not to put them to lose I gotta say in terms of possibility and just the amazing action poses that you can do with these guys are amazing big disadvantage unfortunately is that the combined sort and the principal sort are very heavy so they can be very big ass'll to pose correctly because it will put a lot of strain in the ball peg but then you boo this backpack on the back and mmm this figure looks amazing now it's the dimensions are so the head is in a bolt double wall peg so is the neck but the color limited bit the articulation but overall it is pretty good then you have a ball hinge in the shoulder through bicep then you have an ball hinge in the elbow and a ball hinge in the fist the other hinge initial the pad and the other arm is exactly the surface but with the Tigers swivel everything else very standard exactly the same as the other arm now you have a very deep crunching to ball back in the waist and in the belly now the very very tight side side especially because of that close that gets a little bit in the way but it looks good and natural is not bad at all beautiful spread some prove on the leg double inches knee and a ball hinge in the third allows front back and a pivot but pivot is a little bit stuck but overall the suit does have the capacity for great articulation that little bit tissue just gets in a way then you can remove this arm and replace it with the other arm that exact semi articulation that we've seen so far overall the articulation industry is amazing and the ability is actually really good for a bootleg faster overall side by side with Chifa you can barely tell that this is a boo second TVs original but there are small details that if you know them of course you can tell the difference still for the price I still think this is totally worth it left us all and sort of feeling low so after all this time I still give this year my low-budget otaku seal of approval and if you love cloud soccer Final Fantasy 7 if you enjoyed this video please leave a like subscribe this to heaven I will always have great deals for you guys always trying to find the best low-budget options for you collected in a low budget share the video if you can follow me on social media especially in Instagram it has the notification button to always know when the new video is up check my latest review of the Gundam model kit where in the end I'll give a hint about my some of my next reviews hope to see you guys in the next video until they take

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