FINANCES 101 | How we budget, save, & travel for free! ✨

Hello friends it’s Allison and my special
guest Brandon my husband I hope you’re having a super happy date so far today
we are filming the video all about our finances which is really exciting
because no we are not professionals by any means but we have done our homework
and as a newly married couple we really have found that have you control and
clarity with your finances is so important and even even though we do
have a good financial plan and we’re really adamant about it I feel like it’s
still the biggest thing that we like but hints about so it’s just super important
and it’ll really raise your quality of life when you get your finances under
control so today we’re gonna give you our best tips and share how we budget
how we set financial goals and how we use cutter cards to travel for free so
let’s do it okay so the first thing you really need to do is pay off your debts
whether you have student loans credit card debt what other kind of that is
there cars cars yes yes yes house will mortgage it’s like if you have a house
already that’s one of the only okay debts because it’s such a huge purchase
obviously but that’s the number one and one person who we really recommend to
listen to to get advice so paying off debts is Dave Ramsey he is full of
wisdom we do disagree with him on a couple of things um like credit cards
but he does have so much wisdom he has a great podcast and they listen to almost
every decade while I’m making dinner I just love it he’s super funny too
so definitely recommend him and that’s the first thing you need to handle and
need to tackle well I would say the first thing after a little emergency
time okay a little buffer of safety in case something happened so that’s
another big tip is to establish your emergency fine and and it’ll depend per
person how much money you want to put in that emergency fund but I would say
starting out like a thousand dollars is a good goal just so that if your car
breaks down and you need to get it fixed or if you’re afraid or if you’re a
trader breaks or something crazy happens it’s so comforting to have that little
bucket of money that you can just refer to so probably the biggest thing up for
financial guidance and just freedom is to create a budget and I’m gonna brave
and kind of take this away I would say you’re kind of a budget nerd free obsess
all of the above he’s super into America gives a lot of joy out of it which I I
think it’s very apologizing to have like budgets are very very important
especially if you have those long term goals that you’re saving for and
appearing that like you need to put yourself on a budget so you can pay off
those debts but I would say you thrive but alone maybe but yeah I think no
matter where you are in their financial wall that if you’re not budgeting you’re
not generally going to be successful even if you’re a millionaire right yeah
yeah so the budgeting is helping you get out of debt and keep track of that and
then there’s kind of coasting and and kind of the
mental that’s helping you with all of your money so that you know where it’s
going and you know just kind of lose track of what’s happening with your
financial situation and then as also as you’re building wealth or just saving
for certain things that’s really helpful to get what’s called sinking funds where
you’re putting money into it every now and then as you’re waiting for an
expense they come up we say you want to travel one a year from now and it’s
going to cost $6,000 and you put $500 into it every month for example yeah and
adds that so that’s really rewarding about budgeting and some people asks me
what my frequently frequently asked questions is how do you budget and save
money on grocery shopping for instance because of course we gotta eat and food
can be so expensive and eating out is especially expensive so if you can find
ways to save money grocery shopping and cooking at home that is definitely ideal
so for us me like I love Trader Joe’s I love Whole Foods
I love Publix but we’ve found that Walmart is the cheapest for all of our
groceries so that helps a lot and they have good produce and everything so
that’s good and we love to eat organic and super healthy but we’ve learned that
you don’t have to buy every single thing you eat to be organic like bananas for
instance I don’t usually buy organic phoniness I mean no it’s not ideal but
it’s not as crucial I was like buying organic strawberries that’ll soak up the
fertilizers and whatnot so that’s a little tip and for us we cook at home
pretty much 98% of the time I would say ya know we only eat out like a couple
times a month really yeah maybe like three or four times at the
so what I do is I make meals and bulk so I’ll make a huge crock pot of vegetarian
chili or I’ll make black bean California burgers and we’ll eat that for four
nights in a row and so this really helps because you’re buying a lot of
ingredients but you’re gonna use them all at once and then it’s efficient too
because you’re not taking up the time to cook a big meal every single night so
that’s really been working for us and I would say our meals cost like $1 $2 each
when we eat at home for the most part so it’s very affordable to do that but I
can always talk more about that in another video so one of the tools that
we use for budgeting is this application called YNAB and you can did you – it
gives you know more about it but yeah so it’s an acronym for a you need a budget
and I use spreadsheets and pretty much spreadsheets when I was budgeting for
myself before we were married in the naturally before I started exploring
other things so I was finding that I was spending a lot of time kind of adding
features and stuff and keeping it up to date and it wasn’t always really easy to
do when you have to pull out your phone and open Google sheets as opposed to an
application that specifically designed for budgeting so then I came across this
after messing with a couple different budgeting apps and I like that a lot I
have a trial period for I believe it’s 34 days and then you can subscribe after
that you’re enjoying it yeah but it’s really good in the way how it handles
finances and what you makes changes within months and as money comes in you
kind of budget it out instead of just doing it upfront before the month starts
and saying you have this link to this but it gives you freedom if you’re over
funded and one area you have extra funds but you’re underfunded it’s been too
much and another you can transfer the funds to make your
all work out and play nicely together there’s just a lot of metrics that you
can look at and just understand your financial picture really well and you
add all of your accounts to it both are on the same account obviously even
though we have like a ton of different cards mm-hmm and you can link all there
do it manually by adding your expenses and incomes and transactions which we do
anyway because I think it’s best to know right away but then you can also link it
to your financial institutions whether your credit cards or bank accounts so
then it automatically imports as well after a day or three days or something
so we like it we’ll have the link to it down below if you want to check it out
but there’s a lot of different apps as well deep Ramsey has one too but this is
the one that we’ve liked the most and it has the most helpful features yeah
thanks unique it’s Monique like other ones that I’ve seen it I like it the
best version yeah he’s such a fan he’s like why now Suites me and another
great thing about budgeting is that when you buy Jake you’re able to budget for
generosity as well and that’s such an important part in like our finances is
being able to be generous and donate to our church and to other charities
because I’ve ended the day our money isn’t our money we want to use it to
steward and share God’s love and just bless other people with what he’s
blessed us with so that’s a huge rewarding part of finances and once
you’re able to do all this you will have you’ll be empowered to give more which
is one of the most rewarding aspects okay the next tip is something we’ve
been doing a lot recently because what is our big financial goal saving for a
house down payment for a house yeah our biggest things we see if we’re is like
house and travel I mean great and that’s just our priorities your priorities my
pages and you might be singing for college or
you might be singing for your wedding or you might be saving for a new car you
know it really just depends person-to-person but those are you know
really our big goals or financial goals um and so sometimes it’s hard because
your friends might want to go to the movies and you kind of like are iffy
because you could just watch a movie at home and then save that money for your
big goals but our biggest it is just to let your family in things know that
you’re speaking so that they’ll understand when you kind of say no to
those things or offer up other other alternative activities and it’ll just
help them understand more and making sure you on as well so I mentioned this
already but we are speaking for a house but a really big part of our finances I
feel like is setting those goals and visualizing them as well so I love to go
to open houses and look on Zillow and kind of drive around our dream
neighborhoods and that really gives us a motivation to keep singing and keep
working hard and keep being persistent and it really gives it more motivation
yeah and I think that that’s one way to visualize things turn people visualize
things differently or helps them differently one of the ways that I like
to visualize it is in our budget but you can set up goals really easily in that
okay so now we’re getting into the good stuff I mean that was all very helpful
hopefully but I will say I have recently become kind of obsessed with credit
cards not another healthy way though that’s the key like you have to make
sure you’re out of debt you have to make sure you have your budget and you’re
just really feeling comfortable financially before you apply for any
credit cards because they can be dangerous and that’s why I did grandpa
like that because you know they can really lead people down a dangerous road
but if you are financially responsible they really can be a blessing and a way
to enjoy life even more I mean we’ve been married for six months and we’ve
been to Savannah Washington DC and we just booked a trip to London in Paris
and we were able to pay for our hotel rooms all from credit card points so
it’s pretty amazing how much they can add up and how you can use them for your
enjoyment so we are such a big fan but again we don’t want to promote them to
people who aren’t might even them and not responsible but we do want to share
it because I feel like I didn’t know this before but once I kind of got into
it it’s been really exciting and just a really rewarding thing so I have three
credit cards personally and he has five so they all have different benefits and
different perks and that’s kind of the biggest thing you really have to do your
research and figure out which one works for you but I started with one health
and discovered it card and it was really cute it’s like light pink card I love it
and basically this one was just used for cash back so I didn’t use it on travel
or anything I think you can use your reward points for air B & Bs and stuff
but the main focus wasn’t really travel for the rewards but I used to pay my so
I would have my credit card bill and then I would have for example I would
have like $20 cash back and so I would just use that to get $20 off my credit
card bill so it’s really just free money essentially so that was exciting and
then now we’ve kind of focused more on the chase travel rewards because that’s
how we get those high at hotel stays yeah so we each have two cards let’s
chase that I have they’re one so we both have the freedom
unlimited and the freedom the freedom unlimited is 1.5% cash back on
everything and the freedom is similar to discover at card and that is 5% in
rotating categories so first corner it may be restaurant second quarter may be
gas stations and the last corner it’s often Amazon or things related to gift
purchasing for Christmas and those are good because good way to add up those
points and then the kind of the key piece to that if you’re in the chase
environment is one of the Sapphire cards and I have the Sapphire Preferred and
that allows you to book and transfer points that you have within Chase which
are called my rewards points to travel partners like Southwest Airlines or
Hyatt Hotels which viennese my line I’m pretty sure really they have their own
credit card too yeah I mean basically everything a
secret like every retailer uh-huh yeah so you can use me one of the Sapphire
card transfer points directly one-to-one ratio to those travel partners so if you
have 10,000 Ultimate Rewards points you can transfer them to Hyatt for example
and have 10,000 of those rewards points through Hyatt and then the nice thing
about those other chase cards like the freedom and freedom unlimited is if you
have the Sapphire card you can take your point set you get and cashback which is
all you could use that for essentially if you have freedom of freedom unlimited
and then instead of using them for cash back or a statement credit or purchases
through Amazon or whatever then you can move them to your Sapphire card as
Ultimate Rewards points and transfer those again to travel partners
so it kind of all works together and that’s how you’re gonna get the most
reward for your boys by your going through the travel partners as opposed
to just getting a statement credit yeah so it’s better than use the travel
points which like you don’t have to ask us twice that’s the biggest perk we love
to travel so it’s really great but we’ll have all the referral links to the cards
we have down below so you can kind of read about that and see what are the
requirements to apply but it’ll all be done below because I know even just us
talking about it it’s still probably a little confusing but you really like the
more you get in turn the more you read about it and more videos to watch the
more clarity you will have but if you have any questions feel free to comment
them down below and thank you for watching thank you for being in the
video he’s so wise full of wisdom self we had happen as a special guest but
thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you real soon

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