Financial Freedom Challenge in a FOREIGN Country #FFchallenge

Okay guys massive, massive news and that is,
I’ve decided to just last night I’m gonna do the financial freedom challenge all over
again. In other words, I’m gonna become financially free again. I’m gonna start again. But this
time in a different country because I’m so tired of hearing excuses from people overseas. On the 18th of March, three weeks away from
today, I’m gonna walk up to an airport and I’m gonna go to a random country and do the
financial freedom challenge again. I might end up in Australia, Singapore, America, somewhere
in Europe, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland. I have no idea where I’m gonna go. But what
I want you to do is, I want you to comment below, tell me where you want me to go. Tell
me maybe your local country and I’ll go and I’m gonna do make some money in property with
no money starting from scratch. I’m so excited I’m so pumped. I’m a little
bit terrified but I’m prepared to do this. Put my neck on the line once again just to
demonstrate that the strategies that I teach, making money in property, it’s not just UK
based. People ask me all the time, “Does this work in America? Does this work in Australia?
Does this work in Holland?” The answer is, yes it does. It does work in your country.
There are some small changes, there’s not every strategy, like when I teach in the UK
not every strategy will work in every country but the principles are the same. The ability to be able to make money from
scratch through property is the same. I say that but I’m about to put I to the test. I’m
gonna put my neck on the line. So comment below with your country. I’ve also got a Facebook
group which is The Property Investors With Samuel Leeds, Facebook group. I’m gonna be
posting updates on the Facebook group so join that. In the description below on this video
is gonna be a link to the Facebook group. You can join that for free. Maybe I’m crazy.
I tell you what though, it’s gonna be a lot of fun. And because I’m already financially
free I have the time I can start doing this kind of thing. Pushing the boundaries, learning
myself, and demonstrating to you guys that this is possible for absolutely anybody no
matter where you are in the world. Peace out, subscribe, share this video. I’ll
see you next time.

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