Financial Freedom || Class 2 = Micro-Niche || Quit 9-5 & Build your Business around Passion

all right, what if I told you that people
will come looking for you and you no longer have to search for the clients
what if I told you that you can be the premium service provider in the industry
and you can position yourself as an authority now you must be wondering how
they how is it possible guess what I was able to do that within just 20 months
and I’m in this video you will learn exactly those step by step blueprint
some suggestions some tips some secrets that you can use and implement in your
business to position yourself as a premium service provider as an authority
in your business okay so coming up in this video go ahead and watch the entire
video to understand step by step on how you can position yourself as an
authority so go ahead and I will see you soon okay so you need to figure out how
can I be number one or I gotta be unique in my own micro niche and what is micro
niche will have next slide of the right and then second as various me only right
there are two analogies me too and me only which one would you want to be me
only right so how can you create me only with these
things your mission your micro niche is understanding what problems have you
solved yours for yourself this is the formula this is the formula how you can
you know drill down into your specific micronation so figure out how can I be
me only there’s nobody easy nearing I’m the only person who’s designed easy
nearing right me only right me you know They will concept will be similar but your
positioning is different right like are they’re not people teaching how to write
books in India yes are not people who are doing train-the-trainer yes some do
signal a long time what am i doing I’m bundling and positioning myself such a
way no there are people doing the same thing okay but my positioning is
different my packaging is different I’m just focusing on me only I’m the only
one who’s doing everything end to end all that thing and I’m hands-on guy
which I have done for myself so you need to think of those things how can I be me
only I what is a bold claim mine okay what about you yeah India’s only what is
that very good see these are the words that
you need to use that comes from the power source repeat your say with the
mic is there next to you India’s only take your digital was aimed
at passing your legacy on to your loved ones see not applause see don’t worry
you know there will be some weirdos who will question it okay but don’t worry
about it majority of them they just accept what
you have to say they don’t have time to go in Google and check in all that right
so don’t worry about all that thing there will be few haters let them hit
you create your own position the way you want you know let them dig you know you
don’t consider me me only it’s okay your job don’t do business if I hit but I
claim myself me only right I am the first Indian new fashion trainer
Menten let’s not go there to the micro niche now okay alright this thing
generic what’s this premium now this is where you will position yourself in
authority you will evolve like I am assuming that you understood your micro
niche you understood your positioning you are actually different and if you’re
different if you’re the only person doing what you’re doing
and of course you’re the charge premium right there is no
more objections like hey I can find this cheaper somewhere like you know nobody
in common tell me oh I’m getting the same passion printer mastermind program
somewhere cheaper I’m the only I’m right so I you know we I decide my price I
decide what is it is word and I decide my terms so you got to design and decide
your own and again I’m saying don’t get stuck that but Dave how do I
do it don’t worry about how right now you need
to start understanding these are the concepts which I’m telling you this is
the format is the formulas which you’re going to use and you to think in that
direction constantly and you will involve this did not happen for me
overnight it will be two years right so maybe to not take two years for you for
sure okay maybe you know few few days weeks or months but yeah be ready for
months this is the process you will evolve but ultimately this is should be
a goal that we want to reach premium this one is a generic its premium and
super premium right which is low price more commoditized easily accessible
easily available lots of competitors anybody can buy and you have to give
just most of the people operate in this they have no idea you know if you ask
them how are you different will just give you random jaz-o vvr you know we we
care for our customers all you mean to say others don’t all right so you know
they are in here they don’t know what is their differentiation right are they
premium or the general they mostly general and then you focus on you know
actually you’re actually different and you also high-priced the HTC clock
classic example right you think people have not been teaching sales he just
ages but HTC is his brand and he’s he who is branded as a himself as what he
you know high ticket sales you think somebody went into length so you are
king of high ticket sales No he branded himself and he positioned
himself and we call him King mo high ticket sales if you see his videos what
else other claims he has do you remember Danny Danny not seriously when when you
see Dan log he comes in walking his hands remember that we goes video is
that and and her and do you remember what also tagline king of our ticket
sales what else you media celebrity what else I know where highest paid
consultant did you pay attention to it yeah he planted that seed in your head
without you even knowing it how do you know whether he’s hired fate or not
these are the things this is this is the positioning this is the branding this is
the beauty of you positioning yourself nobody’s going to come and tell you and
you’re the highest-paid uncertain right exactly so you need to understand and
you know this will get this is a puzzle which will get solved over a period of
time but until you don’t find solve this puzzle you will be lost and you will
keep you know getting in front of people and getting beaten because of the fries
and negotiation and all that this is the puzzle bigger puzzle that you need to
keep solving at the same time don’t stop don’t think you know tomorrow that oh I
have not identified my micro niche are not be create content don’t do that
don’t do that don’t get stuck this is not an excuse
for you not to create content in fact you should create more so that you have
more clarity that will evolve in fact you should create more so that this will
evolve if you don’t create this will not evolved it’s not gonna be like oh once I
get the clarity then I will start no you do more then keep refining keep refining
keep refining all right that’s why I send you my old videos if you remember
like my messaging my positioning everything has evolved right and there’s a process right – just to
tell you how I have evolved when I started I was more like a motivational
speaker two years ago like August July August 2016
I want the motivational speaker I was not a speaker for somebody who was
mindset you know motivation I was just sharing my videos around that right
generate right that’s how I started right so why because I did not know
anything else so wherever I was whatever I was doing I was just sharing it and
whatever topic comes to mind whatever helps me I just share this took some
time you know because I was not the one who was the best yet so I was just
sharing whatever I was then it evolved then I became sales because I was in
sales I said okay nobody’s doing long sales I was like it’s constantly
thinking how can I be different how can I be different okay I have seen skills I
don’t think that a lot of people teaching sales in India I hear a lot of
other people so let me be sales expert I even print take my visiting cards with
sales and social media expert right that is again I was trying to position myself
as sales and social media expert then I gained evolve again evolve and I said
okay I’m going to talk about sales is just one aspect I want to be the
business area you know export back in k2 to company as a whole and you know
served if I said okay okay then I started using my tagline sales at sales
social media and business expert my messaging involved again then I again
position as a coach DG like how can I stay french it myself
and I would be quite BG so all stupid things see the thing is your core
courses will evolve you have to keep experimenting keep experimenting and
something will resonate more and something you say wow okay this is
something nice right hahaha logical yeah plus coach Gianni I
was following coach from Grant Cardone those one appeared marketing investment
I made three point five lakh for Jionni right Giancarlo Barraza he was coaching
Gianni I said see I was trying you know I’m learning from whatever I could you
know I could increase I could not find the formula at that time but then I Walt
then slowly slowly then throw from Coach D G then I became entrepreneurs so I was
become an entrepreneur right then I said like Oh snorted now passion paneer
sounds good alright because I am passionate about something I’m trying to
build my business by that time I had some income coming in from here and
there so again this took like one year or so involve evolution so till then I
do not stop creating content whatever I knew I just kept sharing capturing kept
sharing then finally I said okay it’s maybe punch not yet and I learned that
you need to be the past or be the number one now I say okay what can I do again
to further have more impact then I decided this game the final one and this
got stuck with everyone it resonated I got even more LinkedIn requests after he
did this you know when I put founder CEO entrepreneur I didn’t get so many
requests coming in but moment awkward India’s force passion trainer menthol or
lots of comments you know lots of you know moment I comment somewhere they see
oh we just for special minute he’s sounds like some important guy let me
connect with him you would figure that out yourself by over a plate of art yes
okay this again same thing right you see the messaging some of the 12 to you if
you have to have a positioning there’s some messaging this has to be congruent
right when I say congruent similar to what your image right once you have that
team like all much these are my messaging and I repeat this every now
and then I built six hundred a week I’m a passion prayer and I’m a passionate
master my adequate nine to five build with another passion these are my native
words my messages huh individual keywords
this will be the messaging which I have used so that people
me as India’s most passionate mastermind and these are them no messages all my
messages will be around back because I finally have arrived at some point that
I know okay this is has everything is micro niche is different there’s high
demand people are ready to pay for it right
all these things are met for you all so you will realize as you keep gradually
working towards it but the point is create more content every day and keep
thinking in that direction right and pay attention pay attention what kind of
audience is responding which kind of you know no messages are resonating and then
you will keep evolving all right okay guys and girls people already we
discussed in the break don’t don’t say it okay what is this what is this mouth
trishna okay what else whatevs the mouth spray okay what is my position what is the tagline of this no it’s not
the tagline what is the tagline the company wants you to hear no no no
exactly what is on the ad no have you seen the ad of dream it
yeah hunter Plaza field be is ready beak is ready they’re not selling mouth spray
they’re selling kisses you get it that is positioning that is positioning and
only very few people are expert in branding and positioning understand this
now branding and positioning itself can become your own micro niche you can
become expert in that right and I gave one more example in the break Ferrari
when people are asked him what do you sell do you know what is his answer
no that is one of them is it status symbol yes do you know what what he answered
take a guess what are you selling if you are not selling cars you’re selling sex you heard that real story real story
he said you know why people buy Ferrari because they can hook up with girls to
impress girls you’re not selling cars she’s having sex that is the power of
positioning and they know what they are selling in order to watch business then
the status business they’re in the luxury business right when you buy the
watch you don’t buy the watch you buy the status you buy the confidence you
buy the introductions you bind the watch but watch gives you an introduction to
someone all right so there are three micro niches okay first health these are
the major non micronation these are the niches okay and then all the
subcategories my trenches will fall under this one is health second is well
third is all the businesses you see will be categorized under these me you know
mostly on all these three categories of it you saw that not slightly huh let’s
say both that we can segment health into different right so I cannot say I am
India’s first health expert right that will look stupid I cannot be forced
health expert of India right but what if I can say a weight loss okay that could
be one micro niche and then you can even further drill down to it okay so within
health could be weight loss could be for bodybuilding could be for marathon
runners look weight loss and body butters again is very vast and very
crowded you do not want to position yourself just for that I come a bit loss
expert oh yeah there’s so many weight loss expert right
I’m the body building expert are there so many body money ok so again you need
to segment yourself further and drill down further
marathon runners very few all right I am the health expert ooh only specializes
in medicine health experts right Oh Melton runners exhale expert right what
do we how to eat went to eight quantity how to you know nutritionist and all
four marathon runners thirty white men are very you know segmented and then
weight lifters only serve weight lifted I could be the person who could be
serving all I have capabilities of doing that but I do not want to position
myself as I can fit in all I can do all whatever you want you want to weight
loss I will do it you have medicine I will do it for you right that’s a very
bad way of positioning right when generate journalist nobody will
agree you know pay the train into that person let’s talk about wealth again
this could be multiple okay I’m not going into detail
you understand the crux of it well could be business coaching right again there
are too many too crowded very generate investment right I help people with
their investment again to generate and what else could be in wealth financial
planning tax planning wealth management real estate insurance all that portfolio
management real estate right it could be nope right good
what about social dating expert relationship expert again relationship
may be further you can drill down what else
image building right image consultant how you look how you position yourself
how you dress all that things image consultant what else public speaking
yeah absolutely public speaking whatever also branding yes again it comes to
social celebrity Orzel a bit just celebrity
what do you mean celebrity yeah what what about them
Rajnikant what about them personal branding you think personal branding how
to become a celebrity position essence everybodyís quoting somebody celebrity
branding celebratory branding okay now it makes sense
right image communication soft skills they all a part of it even even language
experts you know helping people in the language I don’t know if it’ll fall and
social or whatever but somewhere social media expert yes now again we going to
micro niche right it could not have an overlap also it’s no problem
yeah so now this is again there will be some it’s a mix of that right some
generic some specific okay but mostly they are all generated right this is
where 90% of the people operate right this is where we are different or we
will be different we will never position ourselves as a generalist we will only
talk about very specific for example weight loss only for diabetics I only
work with health expert I mean for people who are looking for weight loss
for diabetic now we will think that oh but my market will shrink but your
revenue will go up because you’re the only one you say India’s number one help
weight loss health expert specializes in diabetes or they have the diabetic page
that’s where you automatically position yourself and then you back that up with
what your content your IT products your books you have written a book which is
in weight loss how to how to lose weight when you have diabetes and then you say
you know they add value it write invalidate now I can claim first and
then I can you know keep building my book like for example India’s first
fashion trainer mentor all right I don’t have book to support me right now only
thing is mindset but now I’m writing content which is going to support my
positioning as well because now I have clarity so six in days a week right how
to build business around passion some tagline like that right so they will
associate me as a passion preneur I have book I have a best-selling book as an
authority already so you’ve got to have a different unique positioning they were
not questioned right when you have a best-selling book in the same subject in
your micro niche our the question you can can it be within the this very
specifics for pregnant women yes what else
handicaps right yeah yeah special child yeah what else pediatrician for children
right for kids yes yes weight loss yeah it can again further you know for kids
only specialize in girls what is stopping you from you know going like if
you think that you know children are less in India you think girl child or
less in India know this huge right it’s just that our narrow mindedness every
think that oh if I’d narrow down only to vulture I’ll restrict myself no in fact
you will uplift your positioning automatically by just being this and
then other person also is then let okay you’re the specialist and I have a girl
child I’m gonna do business with you right and you have a book as well as it
girls tell how to you know to weight loss as a team so people will do
business with you yeah young kids right again that can be
multiple so does the different layer so you have to lead to the deepest layer to
unique layer that you can reach and that’s where your sweet spot likes you
reach to the deepest level like in wealth business coaching could be for
difference right different different aspects different you know pick a
business where they’re different stages they’ll maybe startup established or big
growing or scaling up right or it could be just for the CEOs right you can be
just an expert CEOs I can see your consulting and coaches also available in
abundance right now for what about HR specialist be very careful and
understand this concept well there may be a lot of business coaches CEO coaches
but how many coaches are there who are specifically designed to work will be HR
heads only coaching HR heads on how to run HR or coaching HR heads how to be a
good leader or whatever right you can be a leadership coach
it’s again a generalist how about I’m a leadership coach only for HR nobody
nobody this is the unique positioning that you have there lot of layers
already no lot of layers it’s already there it’s just give your ideal if I
reach to that layer and position your server that high K in my land right
Christopher Columbus we know and right what was he going for and you found
something claim same thing you go and reach some destination some place you
clean that man like I claim I’m India’s first bachelor mentor I found it yes so
you will find it okay but your rudder has to be on you need to keywords
talking on it constantly and then everything will fall in place okay yeah
so you got the example I’m not going detail here okay this you have to glue
your own exercise you have to work on it but yeah don’t I will hold you
accountable for this and next watching I will ask you what are the tag lines or
what is the position that you’ve thought for yourself and we will bring strong
you have to work on it okay alright backstory I’m not going to
detail but everything that you’re doing your positioning has to be relevant to
your you’ve done something that you’ve solved right remember you you already
have lot of people think that but I am not yet there
I’m not keep the bill I don’t know if I’m gonna thority but if you look back
there are so many problems you might have solved for yourself already you’re
already sitting on the mountain of the value that you have it’s just that
you’re not paying attention to it right right or wrong you all have that much
knowledge you know all of you have so much of experience in you know your own
industry is on your niche you already have the value all you have to do is
identify ok how can I use this how can I share with the others how can I have a
unique positioning in the same thing right you can leverage your HR X win
when they read on your sales experience for you I knew so it’s ok you guys will
evolve aha ok so you already have a lot of
values a lot of learnings that you have you need to leverage it okay but you
need to back it up you use the backbone so you all know my school’s right and
that is the most powerful way of connecting with audience and you keep
saying sharing your story again and again and again because why did I leave
I was able to convince you guys in my post workshop the case of my back story
you only was sold because often if there’s a guy who has the pass was done
at himself I trust it but that’s why you start from
where you have come and you leverage what you have so that you don’t come
across as a hollow person all right let’s take a snapshot of this or just
write it down but these are the questions that you need to answer for
yourself right 90% you will be able to make out
whether the person is an authority in a seal or is a KPI as in that book which
is not known keep of key person of influence as Daniel Priestley says that
moment you asking the question hey what do you do do you know whether the person
is the authority or not that itself is very powerful what do you do the person
doesn’t have any tag line micron edge or a mission he does not share his mission
that means is not worth investing time and then of course backing up with the
content validation whether in feature and some media have you written book
automatically and then even if you ask and most of the people you ask them that
question how are you different trust me they’ll be stumped or they’ll give you
weird answers or very generic answers they don’t know how they’re different we
all can relate to it right ask anybody how you different guarantee it they
never paid attention to it he’ll never pay attention to their positioning they
never paid attention to the micro niche and that’s why they keep struggling they
don’t make revenue people don’t pay attention and they keep wondering why a
second arrived why am I not able to generate revenue doing all the tick’s so
what do you do right what is your pitch when somebody asks
you what do you do what are you supposed to respond your mission
elevator pitch you talk about your mission don’t talk about your profession
talk about your mission and plop it with problems that you solve solve like what problems do you solve so if
anybody has to take a guess what problem am i solving for individuals building
business on our passion so what is the problem how to quit 9 to fire address is
the number one problem which I am solving for fashion projects what else
second problem finding passion is another problem right people don’t know
find apply what is the third one okay building the business or generating
the revenue right so three things that you can solve for this right when you’re
having in the first conversations you know I am so in so mission to know
change so-and-so and I solve this this this problem for me and it’s in a person
will get intrigued how do you do it like imagine if I’m saying I’m India’s first
fashion printer mentor I help people to quit their nine-to-five rat race I help
people to build their business around fashion so that they can live 600 a week
like that becomes more powerful right other than saying I am a trainer I’m a
coach consultant right and then I say I’m in a mission to transform 10 million
lives why because I was one of those guys average guys great so you reached
so far now time for some action here’s what I want you to do I want you to put
it in the comment box what is your bold claim what is it that
you’re claiming which is so big and unique about yourself number one number
two is what is your micro niche who do you support
right just put in that box and number three is answer the questionnaire that I
have shared with you guys the questions which will
more clarity put all three then in this comment box below and I will review some
of those come in Oh comments and I’ll see which one is the best one and I will
even share some suggestions from time to time we will also highlight some
important comments that you are made and if there is some more need required to
have more video in depth I will you pick some questions and suggestions from
there okay so go ahead and leave the comments and they were highlighted and
we leave them serve you better okay now before we say goodbye on on
this video I want to share one thing I am on a mission to transfer 1 billion
lives you probably one of them but I need your help and support to reach more
and more people so that they can also transform their life they can quit their
job and build their business around passion so I appreciate if you share
this video with as many people as you can in all the groups as you can as this
would really help us in our mission ok but if you’re watching this video for
the first time you’ve reached my channel for the first time I encourage you to
subscribe to the channel and hit the bell button so that you don’t miss the
future videos that I’m going to share all more more secrets traveler
yes this is game gonna be signing off for now I will see you on the next video
take care

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