Financial Freedom For Just $67

How To Obtain Financial Freedom $67 Whats good folks its yah boy DeVaughn
back again with another video and today we are talking about financial freedom
and how to obtain it with just $67. Lets go!! Ok so what is financial freedom anyway? Its the ability to make money without having
to punch into a clock or deal with some annoying ass boss. There are a few ways to obtain financial freedom
there is a long way and there is a short way. The long way usally is a real estate, stocks
and things like that which are all good but we are going to focus
on the short way which in my opinion is Affiliate marketing. I’m going to give you the three easy steps
I did to gain financial freedom it took me some time but its the shortest
road to aquire the freedom of passive income and it only took me $67 to start! The first thing I did was find out what my
financial goal was monthly. I look at all my expenses and then figured
out how much I needed to live comfortably The amount was $5,000 a month This was the easiest thing to do and gave
me the most inspiration. because it gave me a goal. The goal is what gives you focus. Since I was broke at the time I needed a cheap
way to do this. I had a job but my job was barely covering
my bills so I turned to youtube. I created a Youtube channel and focused on
a niche that I could talk about all the time. Next thing was I focused on giving good content
and on a consistent basis. This required constant research. I used this formula Read, Learn, and Teach
and this has brought me the most success Now the next thing I did was find a product
or service I could sell through Youtube. See youtube and google adsense is a great
thing to have but it takes a while to grow to the income of financial freedom status. So I focused on selling a service to help
people with there problem. Just like Jim Rohn says your income equates
to how many people you can help. This step is the big one. I found a system that helped me sell the service
on autopilot. All I had to do was make a video and get people
to click the link in my description put there informtation in
and then have the system do all the selling and
telling for me this was all I focused on then and this all
I focus on now. Making informative videos… Getting people to watch the videos… Getting people to click the link in the description
and getting people to sign up to the system… Thats it nothing else. And this became my financial freedom to the
tunes $5,500 per month on Autopilot passive income. Now with that being said it took a lil while
to increase my income to this status but I didn’t focus on time because the time
would pass anyway. I focused on my goal of atleast $5,000 a month
to live comfortably You can do
the same… all you have to do is click the link in the description
and get started on your road to financial freedom. Plus once you get started I will give my marketing
training thats so you can use Youtube, instagram and
facebook to build a six figure business all online. So with that being said its yah boy DeVaughn
Signing off for How To Obtain Financial Freedom With $67
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