Financial Freedom Friday #10 – How To Save Money – Manage Your Personal Finances

(light ambient music) – Good Money ya’ll, it’s
your girl Reka Darn B here coming back with a
Financial Freedom Friday video tip of the week. This week’s tip is to take that emergency fund money that we were talking
about in the last video and putting it into a separate
account from your checking as well as a separate bank
from your checking account, that way that you limit access to it. Also, try to make it so you don’t have any checks or debit card to that account to make sure that you aren’t
dipping into the funds. And if you can find one where they place limits on how much you can withdraw throughout the month,
as far as an amount, that would be great as
well. It’ll definitely help you to keep that money away and not to think of it
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and be a money rebel and have a good money day.

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