Financial Freedom Friday – The Freedom to Choose

Hey everyone. Welcome back to Financial
Freedom Friday. It’s Nate again I’m it’s great to be here. We’re going to talk about
tips and strategies to help you find Financial Freedom. We do this every other
week. So glad that you could be back with us. Today we’re gonna talk about
something called control and I don’t to be honest with you I don’t think it’s
talked about enough in the financial world but I was thinking just by the way
if you’re new to us we do this strategy called Infinite Banking that uses whole
life insurance to become our own banker and I’m sure you’d love it if you if you
looked into it. But I was wondering one time I mean just recently I was like
why do I find this so fascinating and why are more and more people being drawn
towards Infinite Banking? Myself included. Why do I just love it? I didn’t really
care what about other bills like why to me personally I’m sure this might be
well people do too and I found out really that Infinite Banking is all
about control. Who is in control? I was thinking so many of us are absolutely
out of control are not in control about anything that we’re doing financially. It
starts with spending. Many of us in America if you’re listening to this, we get
upset that we don’t control our spending. I don’t know what it is, but we just
there’s so much marketing there’s so many things being thrown at us that
we’re so desperate to go spend money. We find things to spend money and many of
us feel out of control just when it comes to spending money and then on top
of that many of us are walking around with a credit card debt or the student
loans or the mortgages the car loans the business debt and we feel like we’re
very much out of control because everyone else gets all of our money we
get very little of it because of all the debt that we’re in. They choose the terms
they choose you know they lock into the payment
there’s no flexibility. Somebody else is in control and then even we do start
saving money we’re told to put it into 401ks and IRAs. Which in reality you have
very little to no control over the success of those programs. I mean you
don’t have any control of what happens in the market most of it the time it’s
in the market mutual funds or things like that. We have no control over what
happens to the money there. Whether it goes up or down we don’t even know what
it’s invested in most of us, unfortunately. We also don’t control the
taxes that we’re gonna pull from it so in a 401k and IRA, we have a tax in the
future for on withdrawls that we don’t even know what it’s
gonna be in the future. We don’t know it’s whatever tax rates are at that
point in time. We also get penalized to try to gain control of it. If you start
to take money out before you’re 59 and a half you have penalties and if you don’t
take it out soon enough and you’re over 70 and a half then you have to start
paying penalties for not taking it. So the government is in control. Wall Street
is in control. The economy has lost control. So almost every one of us live
life out of control in various ways but that’s why I found that IBC, Infinite
Banking, Infinite Banking Concept, is so great because of control. You’re in total
control doing Infinite Banking. That’s what I’ve come down to why, the thing I do is the reason I do it above all else is I love to be in
control. There’s no penalties to access the money at any point in time 100% of
its available to you to work with all the time. There’s no taxation on the
growth and one of the best things is that it’s guaranteed to grow
contractually from the very beginning. We know that we’re gonna make money when we
do this which gives you this sense of control over the asset because you know
contractually you’re gonna make money know what it’s going to do so you get to
plan from a basis a foundation of control. And on top of that, the concept
itself apart from the policy that has benefit but the process itself puts us
in control because we can take over loans from other people. We can pay
ourselves back essentially on our own terms.
We’re the banker now we choose how to pay it back. We don’t have to worry about
things everyone else to worry about. It may not be the most sexy thing to do
financially. No, I probably think it is you just need to know how to work with
it. Which I do. It just takes some time to learn but once you learn how to work that can
be really cool and really fun but it may not seem the most sexy from the
outside but there’s something to be said about being in control. There really is.
There’s something freeing about it. So much of our lives almost everything
in our life is out of our control. Our life our death is out of control.
Taxes, our job, the economy, business so many things we don’t have very much
control over but financially speaking money, it doesn’t have to be that way
because with Infinite Banking you can at least control many things
with IBC so not everything has to be out of your control and there’s something
freeing there. Financial freedom itself starts with being in control. It’s very
hard to feel financially free if you are totally out of control of what’s going
on with your money. So gain some control. If you’re serious
by the way of gaining control of your money that’s a serious thing you feel
you’re out of control you don’t like not being in control and you’re serious
about it, then you really ought to reach out to us because that’s what I found to
be the most powerful thing financially speaking that you can do is gain control.
And if you’re not willing to build your own Financial Freedom, nobody will do it
for you so let’s get to work and we’ll see you guys in a couple of weeks.

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