Financial Freedom In 5 Years

Would you love to be able to achieve
true financial freedom in the next five years? Would you love to be able to fire
your boss and only have to work when you want to? My friend, it’s time for today’s
mentoring appointment. Come on in. Welcome to today’s mentoring appointment,
my friend. So you want to become financially free within the next five
years.. Fantastic, that’s an absolutely amazing goal. First, let’s define what
financial freedom is.. There are two main definitions to financial freedom, the
first one being that your money doesn’t govern you, you govern your money and it
primarily has to do with what’s in here. Let me give you an example. Be honest. How
many times have you gone to a restaurant and ordered based off what’s on the
right side of the menu or the price instead of what’s on the left side of
the menu or the actual entree? Come on, I know you’ve done this before, that is not
financial freedom, my friend. Again, one definition of financial freedom means
that you govern your money, your money doesn’t govern you. The other definition
is that you have more passive income than the expense of your desired
lifestyle. Wait a second, passive income? What does that mean? I thought I had to
go and work for my money? Well, it’s true, you may have to do some work
in the first place but passive income means you get paid every single month
regardless if you’re actively working or not and of course a classic example is
real estate. If you own several homes and you have reliable renters which are
paying for rent each month, which goes beyond the monthly mortgage then that
extra is going to put more money into your pocket passively every single month
and again to achieve this definition of financial freedom, you must have more
passive income coming in every month than the expense of your desired
lifestyle. Well, Eric, that sounds great but how do I
achieve it at five years? It’s simple, my friend. Step number one is you must learn
to make more money. Well Eric, that sounds easy for you to
say but how do I begin to make more money? If you’ve seen some of my other
videos, you know that I’m a huge proponent for taking your greatest
skills and meshing them with your greatest passions and putting them
together to form some sort of product or service that forms a need or a strong
desire. Let’s say for example that you are absolutely
the passionate about making food and you are really really skilled at making
amazing peanut butter, let’s say that there are people in your town that
absolutely love your peanut butter and you of course love making it and so you
think to yourself, I could start a business, I can go and get the right
permits, I can establish my business and I can then sell people peanut butter and
so you do. Yes, you must learn how to sell, you must learn how to get that peanut
butter in the hands of other people but the great thing about doing so is your
income is now unlimited, you get to control at least in part how many people
buy your peanut butter and so you start a business and the next step is scaling
it to at least six figures. Once you’re making at least six figures, you can then
turn around and invest some of the extras. Now is it possible to do so
without making six figures? Yeah, of course.
It’s just a lot easier if you are making six figures and so if given a choice, I
highly recommend making at least six figures because I mean, why not?
From there, it’s important to begin investing in those passive income
streams. Again, real estate is a classic example. You purchase a house, you borrow
money for the bank in the form of a mortgage, you get renters in there to
then pay for the mortgage as well as a little bit extra which then puts money
in your pocket, you then use that extra cash flow to purchase more and continue
to purchase more and every time you get additional income, you put it back into
purchasing more until the day finally comes which we like to call your freedom
day which means that your passive income has now exceeded the expenses of your
desired lifestyle. Congratulations, my friend,
you are now financially free. Great job in today’s mentoring appointment, my
friend. What did you learn? Tell us in the comments below and make
sure to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. My friend,
you truly can become financially free and of course, if you want to speed up
the process, make sure to join us at one of our next live events. I promise you
will absolutely love it and your life will thank you profusely.
We’ll see you there.

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