Financial Freedom UK | How to be Financially Free in 2019

Hello, my name’s Samuel Leeds and in this
video, I just wanted to share a few things about financial freedom and how anyone can
become financially free, here in the UK. So, sometimes people think financially free means
being really, really rich. Actually that’s not the case at all. Financially free, simply
means, when you have enough money that’s coming in each and every month, regardless of whether
you work or not to cover your lifestyle. Which means that you don’t have to work. It
means you can do what you want, when you want, with who you want. Right now, I’m just in
the park with my family and my daughter and I’m not working, but while I’m doing this,
I’m still getting paid. So how does that work then. Well there’s a lot of different ways
to create passive income. Passive income is when you work once, or you do something once
and you get paid forever. Active income is when you work once and you get paid, once.
And we’re programmed as children to work for passive income. We’re programmed as children
to exchange our time for money. If you said to your parents, when you’re younger,
“Oh I want this new thing,” or “I want my new Play Station.” They’ll say go and get
a job. They don’t say go and get some passive income. So there’s a lot of different you
can get passive income. You can do it through business automated business. You can do it
through franchising, subscriptions, vending machines. Affiliate marketing. Network marketing.
There’s a whole bunch of ways that you can get passive ongoing residual income, which
means that you’re getting paid when you sleep. But I think, the best way is property. And, I mean, when if you look at the rich
list, everybody who’s super rich all invest in property and there’s a reason why they
do that. Because rich people are smart and rich people know that the best way to make
money is to do it while you sleep and the best format of doing that is to do it through
property. Here in the UK, it’s an absolutely fantastic place to invest in property, because
we’re a small island. We’ve got an overpopulation of people and we’ve got a limited space. Greenbelt
we’ve got a shortage of houses. So despite what’s going on with Brexit and the tax changes
and some of the people are a bit scared at the moment, property is still the best way
to create financial freedom. So I want to give you a definition of what
financial freedom is. A formula, for those of you that like formulas and like things
to be very neat and tidy and that is this; when your passive income is equal to or greater
than your living expenses. So if it cost you £3,000 a month, to live, then you need £3,000
a month in passive income to be financially free. And the fastest way to do that is to
simplify your expenditures as low as they can go. And then to get that figure, set it
in your brain and set out to earn that impassive income and you can do that through property.
You don’t even have to earn the property, you can control the property. You can use
contracts like rent to rent where you rent a property, but then you sub-rent it out as
serves to accommodation or as an HMO, so there’s … You can do lease option agreement where
you buy a property now, but you pay for it later. And I believe that anybody can achieve financial
freedom and the best and fastest way to do it is property. I’d love to know what you
think. I’d love to know your thoughts, so comment below. If you’ve got any experience
in property. If you’ve got any different strategies to financial freedom, I’d love to hear your
thoughts. So, comment below. This YouTube channel by the way, we’ve got a lot of content
around property and how to make money in property so be sure to subscribe to the channel. Smash
the like button and I hope to see you on another video. God bless.

38 thoughts on “Financial Freedom UK | How to be Financially Free in 2019

  • Thanks Sam, the simplicity of your message has helped me a lot. Though there's more skin required in the game, your videos and seminars prove that it is possible. Thanks!!!!

  • Hey samuel I'm 16 and am really interested in property and passive income! Any tips you could give me that I could implement when I turn 18 and any ideas !

  • Loves your videos
    I have a question ? Do you give any courses in the US ? Or online for beginners and Is the US a good place to invest in properties?

  • If you like what you are hearing fallow this man. He knows what he is talking about and you will grow as a person just by listening to his knowledge. A true teacher of wisdom.

  • 20 years old have money in stock market and commodities next target is property my gatherings from investments are

    Gold and silver – is an long term investment which is good for retirement will never make you rich at this very moment and in the long term gold would always go up and it does not need much education just an good storage place

    Stocks – requires alot of education and strong will will never get rich overnight it is very good for building wealth and increasing your saving but you will never earn enough to live on but better to put money in stocks then an savings account

    Property – Best investment needs alot of education. Creates passive income to give financial freedom. Creates money for retirement. Get paid twice from capital appreciation and rental income.

    Education – Superior investment you can lose all your assessts but education will allow you to get it back. Always fund your educations books youtube videos seminars

    I am still an big believer of diversification and these are the main places to invest in

    Cant wait to start my property investment in 2019 and hopefully it will lead to my financial freedom in the next couple years

    Thanks Samuel Leeds

  • En route to getting my first R2R, and it's all thanks to you!!! Huge value in all your videos man, you are an absolute lengend! Keep them comingand god bless! 🙂

  • I bought my first property just as I turned 21. Fast forward to 28 years old and I paid off my second house in cash and both are rented out but for some reason I'm getting more and more dissatisfied with property development.

    Even though I've been having a decent income from property and I'm almost half way to my goal of being able to retire, I just think I'm already burned out and I find the whole process of buying a house fills me with dread and it makes me disillusioned to even learn about property development or even look at houses anymore.

    The goal of being able to retire early is almost all consuming but the dread of further property buys is a really odd contradiction that makes me feel so uneasy.

    Is there any way to actually take the stress off buying or is it really just inevitable when dealing with a real life game of monopoly?

  • Hey! I’m 16, currently at school trying to figure out possible areas in order to get the ball rolling at a young age with passive income, I hear you with property being a great place to start but due to my age I do not see how I can begin here at this point in time. My thoughts so far have been to continue saving my money until the age of 18 and begin trying to get onto the property ladder. Do you think this is what I should be doing?? Thank you for your brilliant videos also 🙂

  • My 1st 2 R2SA apartments are nearly ready to go live. Photogrpaher is coming tomorrow. Very nervous but very excited at the same time. You’ve played around a 80% part of this happening. Thank you.

  • Hi Sam

    I've signed up for the event in Birmingham (in June) and I am just starting my journey in investment. I have just finished the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and I am wondering if I need any more preparation prior to your conference? Basically what would your advice be to get the most out of this opportunity?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @propertyinvestment2day
    This is a new channel on telegram to share information and opinions about property business. Let's come all together under a new channel and we can improve idea, business and income.

  • Hay Samuel from australia I’m 17 just like you were when you got into the realestate game, and I love rent to rent and I ve been doing resherch on how to begin however I don’t know what all the expenses are to start in rent to rent I was wondering if you could tell me what they are if you could

    Anyone thanks for the videos keep on make I gotta them I watch every one thanks

  • Hey Sam I was wondering whether it was possible to get a mortgage when you've been ill off of work for a few years? Does it require a certain number of years work to qualify for one?

  • Hi Samuel
    How can I learn more from you? This is something I have wanted to get into for a while now but i guess i never had the balls,after viewing some of your content on here I now feel I want to do more than just think about it

  • What in you opinion would be the best way to earn a passive income in Germany? As their property market is completely different to the UK.

  • That was good apart from ‘rich people are smart,’ I just watched a Floyd Mayweather interview and it didn’t scream genius.

  • I only started looking into this about a week ago and now I’m a bit obsessed, I’ve listened and bought your book, watched nearly all your videos, booked your next crash course in Birmingham as well as another by a different entrepreneur, joined 3 property investment group on social media, sent emails out for a free valuation on my current 3 bed property that I live in alone, made accounts on Zoopla and Rightmove, and started looking at potential HMOs in an area about half an hour away from me! I’ve also done a decent amount of self education but I cannot wait to keep learning in what i think is my calling in life! Cannot wait for the crash course to learn new things and get networking! Your excitement and buzz on the videos is so motivating! See you in June 🙂

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