Financial Freedom Won’t Happen Unless You Take Action

Hey guys, Ryan here from [inaudible] and today
I’m joined by Ben Everingham, buys agent from pumped on property. We are in his pool. Renovation is done. Congratulations. My friend. She is to end of year and to a great 2018. What we want to talk about in this video while
we’re here in the sun is the fact that if you don’t take action, nothing happens. We’re just talking about it. If we can talk about property all day long,
we can educate you guys all day long on the market, on how to set strategy, how to invest. But at the end of the day, if you’re not taking
action, if you’re not saving a deposit, if you’re not buying property, then you’re not
moving closer to your goal. You’ve actually got to do something. And the raising this combo kicked up was because,
um, I was just saying, Ryan, I’ve been speaking to a lot of the people that I worked with
sort of three, four years ago for the first time in a little while. And they basically haven’t changed in a huge
way like some of those people have gone on to achieve exactly what they set out to achievement
of follow through on the plane, but other people have just sort of done nothing more
than what they had done and it means that they are closer to financial freedom because
they’ve got more equity, more cashflow, but they’re not. They haven’t taken the action and followed
through on what they need to do to actually get out of their job that they don’t like
and actually on with what they want to be doing well and they have so much opportunity
as well. You’re talking about clients who have had
over $100,000 in equity growth over the last few years, who had properties where they could
build granny flats the now in a position where the bank could lend them 100 percent that
won’t even have to put in any of their own money because of the growth that they’ve had
in their property. But haven’t built a granny flat. Yeah, it’s crazy high because we were just
saying like for 120 grand days people can get 300, 10 bucks a week in rent right now
and some la suburbs and it’s kind of, if you’re not putting any of your own cash down, like
why wouldn’t you consider doing it to me or you? It’s just an absolute no brainer. But then I’ll look at my own portfolio actually
pointing at myself and I have a property 10 k’s from brizzy that our board is a, uh, it’s,
it’s, it’s made me a hundred k of equity easily between the time I bought it now or add zero
fucking granny flat in the backyard. And in that suburb I know I could get 3:20
to 3:40 a week in rent. So you know, I should take some of my cake
and eat it too. You know what I mean? And that’s the thing. Looking at your portfolio and can get. Look, I went and looked at a finished grinding
flat with Simon and crystal the other day that span 135 building the granny flat. It’s going to rent for 3:15 per week, which
is over a 12 percent rental yield on that property, like on the granny flat builder
itself, not the entire property, but if you can do that, it’s almost like why wouldn’t
you? And it obviously takes effort and it takes
time to assess your portfolio and then speak to mortgage brokers. Make that happen. But if you’re in that position, like we understand
life gets in the way, stuff gets hard. You know, you’re busy paying the bills, raising
your kids, working in the job, you busy doing all that stuff. But if you don’t focus on property, if you
don’t take that action, you’re not going to achieve financial freedom. What do you consistently take action in this,
in this area of your life, Bro? Like what motivated? Why do you actually do it? I take action when I have goals that I’m aiming
towards and I know the steps that I need to take in order to get there. The last couple of years, because I had financial
freedom, I had no financial goals because I had achieved what I set out to achieve and
I probably should have been focused on building more wealth, but I was just enjoying life
and I went through a massive like self transformation in that period of discovering so much about
myself and my happiness and all of that sort of stuff, which was key. Excuse me, but not on the show, but yeah. Now getting back into it is having the goal
and having the daily action or the regular action that you take to get to that goal. Yeah, I understand that. Like it’s a funny thing. Like you can easily drift through a couple
of years, like we talked about in a couple of the other videos you’ve done without actually
getting any closer to where you ultimately want to be. And I think the longer you delay what it is
that you truly want, whether that’s choices or wealth or freedom or a new career or a
new job or a business or a property portfolio or time with your kids or your partner or
travel. Whatever it is you know, like it might just
feel like a week, a month, a year, five years, but the reality is that’s five years of your
life you’ve traded without actually getting any closer and closer to the things that are
actually going to bring you more happiness or more contentment at that time, and I’m
particularly having children, three of them. It’s connected the dots so, so rapidly for
me that every moment that I’m not with them, I realize I’m trading my loss and so I better
be trading my life for something that’s actually going to make my life better in the future
as opposed to just transactionally for money in the short term. But to be honest, I don’t know, like I feel
like we’re a different breed of human. Sometimes it goes. The reason both of us achieved our versions
of financial freedom before the age of 30 and I don’t know, we just, we, we looked at
the world differently. We took action differently than most people
do. The number one thing that we both do is we
identify what we want quickly and then we just immediately move on to the doing part
where a lot of people that I know, friends of mine, family members, think about it forever,
waste all of this emotional energy on that and then don’t execute properly or don’t know
how to execute well. I guess that’s something that I do is that
I have a goal that I set. I think how do I get there? I don’t know, but then I’ll take the next
action that I know will at least likely move me closer to that goal and so I’ll set a goal. I won’t be able to map it all out. I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to get
there, but I decided on a next step anyway and I do that next step anyway, and I think
the problem that it sounds like a lot of investors have is that the purchase of property and
now they don’t know what their next steps are and so they’re not naturally like I don’t
know what the next big goal is, whether it’s to build a granny flat, buy another property
and so then they haven’t worked that down to what’s the next step. Like go see a mortgage broker, see if you
can borrow for a granny flat. It’s so true man. Like one of the things that I constantly have
in my mind is just a constant awareness of what happens next. Like I don’t always know how I’m going to
connect all the dots, but I always know what I’m working towards long term loosely and
then exactly what I have to do next and are just. I have an obsessive personality around executing
on that exact next, that name. And I think for people to have a plan in place
like back three or four years ago now, message was just you should invest in property. So we’re getting people to the point of buying
one property was great and that was moving them forward obviously towards a better financial
future. Whereas now I message is more around getting
to that point of financial freedom and the clear goal there is that to property, to financial
freedom strategy, were you buying two properties building to granny flats to get that baseline
financial freedom? Or if you don’t, you don’t have to do it exactly
that way. You might buy four properties and not build
granny flats to have all levels of income. You know, there’s so many different ways to
do it, but because we had that clear goal, now people know the next step. If they bought one property, the next steps,
buy a second property or their next steps, build a granny flat, but like they know that
they were. They need to end up which two properties to
granny flats. I feel like a lot more people will take action. I hope they will. I hope you guys do please like, you know,
just back to the whole not taking action thing. It’s just another thing that we’re both very
good at is connecting the daily activities into a longterm approach to the way that we
want to be and I think a lot of the time people don’t look at those little micro nuances or
those little things that you do daily, like the way that you habitually spend your life
as connecting to the future. You where I’m constantly aware of the things
that I’m doing today shape my tomorrow, shape, my destiny and so even on one of the money that we’re saving
today and cutting expenses out of our lives has a purpose. Has It like 15, 20 year purpose? Yeah. Like most people in real estate industry,
like the space that we’re wearing would be into cars and into holidays and into excessive
stuff and it’s just so far off my radar because it doesn’t make me happy. It doesn’t connect to my value system and
it just means nothing. Like I’m grateful to have a beautiful home
life and that is really, really important to me personally. But outside of that man, it’s just relationships
and experiences that make my life fulfilled and I think you know, the sooner what, what
the center we figured out like where you guys figure out what actually makes you happy and
what your values truly on not all the posturing that we do like the easier it is to connect
the dots and get what you really want and it takes, takes the time to figure that stuff
out. Like you and I have been searching hard for
that for 10 years, right? Yeah. But what I love about the two properties strategy
as well is that that’s something that you can reasonably achieve in a couple of years
is that you can buy two properties and then build to granny flats within probably a three
to four year period. And so for that three to four years, you’re
focused on your next steps, which is saving like a mad person, motherfucker. Yeah. And buying those properties, maybe renovating
those properties to manufacture that equities are. Then you can borrow to build the granny flat
or if you don’t have enough money, then saving to build a granny flat. I’m getting a partial line for it, but I liked
the fact that I think people can see enough over like a three year period to take the
action, but previously what we’ve talked about has always been like a 15, 20 year plan where
there’s no clear way to financial freedom. Whereas with the two properties to financial
freedom, it’s you buy a couple of properties within a few year period, build those granny
flats within, ideally within three to five years and then you’re done and you work hard
doing it well. Yeah. Yeah, but then everyone has their next steps
because they’re doing it in a short period of time. Then once they’re done, then they can go on
with their life rather than the people who have bought one property, haven’t built a
granny flat like that one property will help in retirement, but that’s not going to give
you financial freedom. It’s not going to be enough. So yeah, I think we’re getting there in ways
to communicate it. So it’s achievable for you guys out there
because that’s what we want. We want you to achieve financial freedom. We want you to feel secure in your finances,
to never have to be on the pension. It’s a beautiful feeling, not having to worry about money and
as someone that worries about lots of stuff, like it’s just, it’s just one last thing. You know what I mean? One less thing to worry about. Yeah. It’s just, it’s just a nice position to be
in to be able to make choices from a different place without fear around what it is that
you really want to be doing and how you want to be showing up in your life. And I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve
learned in the last 12 months is just, you know, it’s gonna take some time, right? Yeah. But most of the heavy lifting is done at the
front end and then it’s all going to be cool. You’ve just got to trust in the process and
be diligent from there. Yeah. Well then once you buy the properties, then
your focus shifts to paying them off all living your life and like, but the hard work’s done
because you purchased the properties. Now’s the fun time of, okay, how can I earn
extra money to pay these properties off faster than chief financial freedom foster? That’s, that’s where the funding is. I think that’s a fun because that’s the creative
side of doing like how many different ways can you pay off a property seriously, that’s
like start a side hustle or invest in another property, but you don’t have that fear looming
over you have or I might not be financially free, you know, you’ve got those foundational
properties that you will achieve financial freedom. So now it’s just fun of. Or Can I do this faster? I love it. Like, you know, for me it’s, it’s like it’s,
that’s where I am as an investor right now. Like it’s how quickly can I pay off the debt? That gets me super excited because that’s
how you build a granny flat on that property gets, oh, I’ve got the plans for it. I just haven’t pulled the trigger. Maybe 20, 19 and pulled the trigger on that
one and maybe in 2019 utilize or pull the trigger on the staff that you should be doing
but you haven’t been doing so take this video, a bit of a fun one here in the pool, but hopefully
it inspires you to go out there and to take action on your dreams and your goals. Don’t just be someone who has dreams and goals. Be someone who takes action on them and actually
achieved them and be moving every single year. Be moving a little bit closer towards your
goal. I love that man. And I think 2009 is one of those years that,
you know, there’s good opportunities around for smart people like there is every year
and I think, you know, I plan on taking massive action as to you and you know, continuing
to move in the direction of Adrian. Yup. So go ahead and check out the video that we
did on whether or not 20, 19 is a good time to invest in property. There’s obviously, you know, market sentiment
is down. There’s some things that are happening, but
that’s a really interesting video if you considering property messing in 2019, so check that out. Links will be in the description below and
until next time, as always, stay positive. Case studies again.

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