"Financial Stewardship & Prosperity" Andrew Wommack Charis Bible College Chapel 12/13/18

good morning how's everyone do you like the snow anybody say no this was a nice snow it didn't affect the driving and stuff it was beautiful it doesn't look exactly like what they got on the screens up here a man we need to start coordinating our background with what's happening outside that would be awesome it was eight below in floor symptoms this morning yeah pretty cool but is about eight above when I got here so that's pretty good all right I've been teaching on prosperity and I've covered a lot of things the last couple of times I've been in second Corinthians chapter eight and then last time I got all the way into 2nd Corinthians chapter 9 and verse 6 so I just want to continue there let me just say that back in chapter 8 he talked about these people were poor and yet they were liberal and they rejoiced and they begged him to let them become a part of relieving the needs of the poor Saints in Jerusalem and so I was teaching a number of things about that that you don't have to be rich to be a giver now of course if you become a real giver and if you operate in faith you will become rich because second Corinthians 8:9 says part of the atonement was that Jesus became poor so that we through his poverty might be made rich and so this is part of what Jesus provided for us it's not an add-on it's not just for a few people those who are the super Saints Jesus has provided prosperity for every single one of us it's not automatic it doesn't come instantly it's a progressive thing but it is provided for us and we talked about a lot of things in these verses about how he told you not to give what you don't have just it's accepted according to that that you do have some people always want to give huge amounts God doesn't want you to give more than what you he just wants you to be faithful as steward with what you have and if you will do that and do it over a long period of time if you receive more than you spend and you do that over a long period of time you will be prosperous one of the problems is that some people even though they have a lot of money come to them they they overspend they go into debt when you go into debt you pay for things two and three times what they're worth and man you ought to avoid that if all possible so anyway we talked about all these things then how he talked about how that he prayed that Titus would work the same grace here in these Corinthians and down in verse six that's where I ended he said but this I say he was so esperen li shall reap also sparingly and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully again this is so simple you think anybody would know this if you sow one kernel of corn you are gonna get a maximum of one stock and with three curt with three ears on it and 700 and some kernels on each ear that's the maximum you can get out of sowing one kernel of corn if you want a whole field of corn you're gonna have to plan a lot in order to get a lot everybody understands that in the natural but when it comes to spiritual things there are people who are believing God for big things and yet you give little little amounts of money if you sow a little you get a little you sow a lot you get a lot that ought to go without saying but it's amazing how many people miss that in verse seven it says every man according as he purposeth in his heart so let him give not grudgingly or of necessity for God loveth a cheerful Giver you know this is the New Testament motivation for giving you ought to give as you purpose in your heart cheerfully under the Old Covenant you gave grudgingly if you didn't give you were cursed with the curse God was going to smite you Malachi chapter three verses 8 through 10 I'll deal with this in more detail later in the year when we talk about the tithe but the tithe is not just Old Covenant it was in effect in the fort chapter of the book of Genesis before the law was given Abraham paid tithes so tithing is a biblical principle it did not pass away with the law but the motivation in Malachi chapter 3 verse 10 where you're cursed if you don't give that is an Old Testament law of mentality and under the New Covenant we are supposed to give as we purpose in our heart so the debt the obligation the fear motivation for giving has changed and the Lord tells you to give as you purpose in your heart again I believe that the tithe is something that we're supposed to do even in the new Co actually I believe that the tithe is a beginning place and that we ought to give much more than a tithe if you look at things in the Old Covenant I had a friend of mine they tried to figure out all of the first fruits all frames you had to give an offering every time you had a child you had to redeem them you had to do all of these things and he figured out that ties a and offerings amounted to around 33% of what a person got I don't know that to be accurate but I know it's much more than 10% so I think 10% is a beginning place and I believe that that still exists for us today but I will say this that if you haven't been giving and if you're struggling financially and if giving 10% just terrifies you and you just are you know afraid to do it and you can't do it in faith you'd be better to get 5% you'd be better to give what you can give cheerfully and willingly now I wouldn't encourage you to stay there because again if you so little you'll reap a little you saw a lot you'll reap a lot so I believe we need to increase our giving but God will minister to you and meet you where you are and you need to give as you purpose in your heart you know I've got a number of a request before me right now people asking for things and so instead you know sometimes they'll they'll put pictures of babies on there with swollen bellies and they'll try and do all kinds of things to motivate you and make you feel guilty and do everything and so I just sit there and look at things and I think about it and do I want to do this I don't give just where I'm needed to give or where I'm begged to give do I desire to do it I follow this principle right here you know it'll be given back unto you according to the way you give Luke chapter 6 verse 38 says given it shall be given unto you good measure pressed down and shaken together and running over shall men give into your bosom for with the same measure that you meet with all it shall be measured to you again so if you give grudgingly if you give under duress if you give you know you don't want to do it but you feel obligated to do it that's the way it'll come back to you but when you're a cheerful Giver that's the way it'll come back to you and it says that God loves a cheerful Giver some of the translations say a prompt to do it Giver you know God looks at your attitude more than he does your amount it says in 1st Corinthians chapter 13 verse 3 it says if you give all of your goods to feed the poor or even if you sacrifice your body give your body to be burned and don't do it motivated by love God kind of love it profits you nothing that's a big Scripture right there look at it this way the scripture says in mark chapter 10 I believe it's around verse 30 29 and 30 it says that there is no man that hath left house father mother brother sister lambs for my sake but what he shall receive a hundredfold in this life with persecutions and in the world to come everlasting life God promised a hundredfold return on everything you give in this life now there's going to be benefits in heaven but in this life 100 times back what you give so think of it this way how much have you given in a lifetime have you gotten 100 times back the amount of money that you've given and you know there's a lot of people that have to say no why not because first Corinthians 13 3 if you with the wrong motivation not motivated by love it profits you nothing the motivation behind your giving is more important than your giving more important than the amount if all it was is just like a slot machine you just put the money in pull the handle and out comes God a hundred times if that was automatic I guarantee there's a lot of people in here that would have a lot more money than what you've got right now but your attitude can void your giving it'll profit you nothing so if you are giving out of what is commonly caught and taught an Old Testament mentality where you give our God's gonna curse you God's gonna get you again that's exactly what Malachi chapter three is saying but we have been redeemed from the curse of the law that is one of the curses of the Old Testament law and under the New Testament you're supposed to give as your purpose in your own heart not grudgingly or of necessity that means because you have to do it anytime you give because you're obligated to do it you have to do it and if that's your attitude you void your giving you would be better off to give one percent with a good attitude than to give ten percent with a bad attitude now again you need to remember verse six that if you're so little you'll get a little so ultimately we want to increase our giving and I think that if the Old Testament law was 10% and then there were offerings above that made me on up to 30 something percent I think that we ought to at least do that but I'm saying that you would be better off to give what you can with a pure heart than you would to give grudgingly and then in verse eight it says and God is able to make all grace abound toward you that you always having all sufficiency in all things may abound to every good work the immediate thought of most people when you start talking about giving as you purpose in your heart and stuff they they just think but if I was to just start giving like this man I'd have nothing you know I heard a man one time when he was receiving the offer and he says alright everybody stand up and reach into the pocket of the person in front of you and get their wallet or reach into their purse and get their billfold and and take their money and then give like you always wanted to you know if it wasn't your money if it was my money if you came up here and got my billfold and we received an offering many of you would be more generous because you know you'd think well no skin off my back aim him if you didn't have any restraints if you weren't worried about your needs being supplied many of you would be more generous but we let fear of lack limit us in giving but he goes on right after he says give as you purpose in your what do you want to do I don't have so many people come and say man I'd love to give you millions of dollars I'm gonna write you a million dollar check and that's great but then you go look at their giving and they aren't giving anything now well I need everything I've got if you aren't faithful with the little you'll never be faithful for the Lord if you aren't giving now well then I guarantee when you got a million dollars you wouldn't get it so you need to give as you purpose in your hearts you need to just God what do you want me to do instead of God what can I afford to do what would you really want to do what do you purpose in your heart and again the media thought is well if I did that I'd have nothing then the next verse says God is able to make all grace abound toward you that you always having all sufficiency in all things may abound unto every good work there is no lack on God's part there is no inability on God's part to supply your need but it needs faith on our part it needs obedience on our part we have to respond to God God said in that verse I quoted earlier to Luke 6:38 that with what measure you meet give it shall be given unto you God is limited by how you believe and belief isn't just a emotion or a feeling or something inside faith that that works is dead true faith has action associated with it so a person who says oh I want to give and God I really am trusting you and you believe in you but if you aren't giving you can say what you want to but you are not trusting God because God is able to make all grace abound towards you so that you always get these that get these powerful words that are used always having all sufficiency in all things may abound unto every good work man this isn't presenting something that you're only able to give once in a while and just give a little bit this is talking about an abundance as a matter of fact this is basically a New Testament definition of prosperity prosperity isn't gauged by how big your house is how big your car is how fancy your clothes are how much jewelry you have the retirement that you have that's not what prosperity is you know what prosperity is it's having an abundance so you can abound unto every good work it doesn't matter what you've got I've had people before that lived in million-dollar homes drove fancy cars and did all of these things but they had no cash everything was leveraged everything was mortgaged up to the hilt and they couldn't give if they want to do they're a poor person I don't care if you live in a two million dollar house prosperity isn't measured by what you have prosperity is measured by how much you give you know this friend of mine Dean Melton who I've mentioned before he's the one that God used to really give me a revelation on prosperity this guy lives in a house that he bought in the 1950s for twenty five hundred dollars seven hundred square feet now he has remodeled it it didn't have a bathroom in it when he bought it it had an outhouse he's put a bathroom in the house but he lives in a 700 square foot house he has never driven a new car I've bought him cars I've given him cars he won't drive a new car he drives used cars he owns probably 20 or 30 rental properties and that's where he gets his income from he has a tire store that he works and they do retreads and stuff in Charlotte North Carolina but anyway the guy by most people's standards would be poor but you know while he gives away 90% and lives on 10% and he's done this for 30-something years and in my estimation he's one of the most prosperous man I've ever met prosper it's not prosperity for him he doesn't use it for himself but he's a giver and I believe that that's the way that God looks at things God's definition of prosperity is having always all sufficiency in all things so that you can abound to every good work if there are things that God places on your heart that you want to do and you can't do it you aren't prosperous or you aren't prosperous as you need to be prosperity is being able to abound unto every good work it's not measured by what you have it's measured by how much you can give that's true prosperity I believe that that's the way that God looks at it and notice it God is able to make all grace you know grace isn't just unmerited unearned undeserved favor I often use that and that's true about grace but grace is everything that God is it's his ability it's everything that he has available on an unearned undeserved basis grace has a name Jesus this is saying that Jesus is able to prosper you Jesus is able to give you everything that you need and I'll deal with this in more detail in a later teaching but the the goal your heart has to be right in this if the reason you want to prosper is so that you can have bigger and bigger and bigger and more and better stuff then that the and corrupts and pollutes the motivation if God can get it through you will be better of fact let me just jump down to verse 10 right here it says now he he that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food and multiply your seed sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness notice that God gives seed to source this isn't talking about physical seed it's using money it's using seed to illustrate money and it's a great comparison because just as seed multiplies money multiplies when you sow it not when you keep it every seed that you keep does not grow but every see that you give and plant grows all of the money you give grows and multiplies and it comes back to you 100 times in this life but all of the money that you keep it doesn't grow putting money in a savings account isn't gonna grow according to man it might grow I just saw a thing in the paper today that they said that they're paying two point one percent you know interest on things and stuff like that and even if you got 10 percent or 20 percent some people look at that as it's growing man that is Fitness that is pitiful compared to what God does God does a hundredfold all of the money that you keep even if you get a good interest rate or whatever basically that money doesn't grow but man when you plant a seed when you give it grows exponentially and this says that God gives seed our money to givers to people who sow not people who keep God doesn't multiply the money you keep he multiplies the seed that you sow I could say it this way if you are short of seed if it seems like you have more month than you have money you know what God doesn't see you as a giver if God saw you as a giver he would multiply he gives seed to sow her he gives money to people who are givers he will enable you to give he will make all grace abound towards you so that you always having all sufficiency in all things can abound unto every good work if God can get the money through you he will get it to you but the problem is most people they are trusting God and believing God and building a dam and building a reservoir so that Oh God give me all of his money so that I can have all of these things and did you know that the moment you dam up the flow and you start using it all for yourself you stop the flow if you can become a river and just let it flow through you there is an endless supply of money God will bless you supernaturally one hand to receive in one hand to give and as the money flows through there's plenty for you it just sticks to you you become a money magnet amen you know Sunday I get away all the money just about all the money that I had at church and then I got a haircut on I think it was Monday or something and I the lady has been cutting my hair has done it for 20 years or something comes and cuts my hair and she never charges me anything and so anyway I usually give her something at Christmas and I was just about broke on Monday so I gave her what I had and did you know by Monday afternoon I had hundreds of dollars I just can't do anything I just everywhere I go people give me money I am a money magnet money comes to me and today I got enough money if she's in here my hairdresser or hair whatever you call that barber she comes here sometimes I don't know if she's here today but if you're here come see me I got the rest of it amen I can give you the rest of it today praise God I'm blessed I just have money come to me amen well I wish that would happen to me well I don't do it for me and if you were wishing that that would happen so that you could just dam it up and keep it man I wished I could have stuff well then that's the reason that's not happening to you God gives seed to source God gives money to people who will use it to bless other people if he can get it through you he'll get it to you he is looking for people it says in second chronicles chapter 16 verse 9 that the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth seeking to show himself strong in behalf of those who are perfect in his sight most people have the attitude that God is off somewhere he's not paying attention you got a scream you got a yell you got a beg you got to get his attention o God please bless me it's just the opposite God is here today the eyes of the Lord are in this place God is looking is there anybody who would receive one andrew saying is there anybody who had received these things that would get to where you leave to give and it's more you enjoy give me more than you enjoy getting the only reason you enjoy getting is because it enables you to give then you don't give to get but you give knowing that if you give with the right heart you'll get and that enables you to give so it's not giving to get it's giving to get so you can give as long as the emphasis is always on the giving part as long as you are more excited about giving than you are about receiving just as what Jesus said it's more blessed to give than it is to receive all of us have heard that but there's not a lot of people that really live that way most people are more excited when somebody gives you a million dollars man you're excited you know what I had the very first million dollars I ever had given to me the thing that excited me the most was I had this man who we went through poverty together we had to swap things so that we could have Paulette paper I we were out of toilet paper and they had other stuff so anyway we swapped so we could survive we live together and I said if I ever ever ever get somebody to give me a million dollars this man's getting the tires off of it and the moment that that person gave me a million dollars the first thing I did was drive to Albuquerque and give this man a hundred thousand dollar check and you know it turned out that this was an Obama who was in office you know Obama had just put restrictions on things and you couldn't do stuff like that you couldn't tithe off of a million dollars it was against the law and so when I got back our accountants jumped on my case and you know what I had to do I had to take that hundred thousand dollars I had to have the ministry give me a hundred thousand dollars and then I had to pay this person and I had to pay taxes on it so I wound up paying twenty five thousand dollars on the hundred thousand dollar gift that I gave all because of Obama but anyway I still enjoyed it I just loved it I tell you this is what makes me tick is is being a blessing to people when you get to where you are a sower God will give seed to soar and multiply the seed that you have sung if you're short of seed if you're short of money it's because God doesn't see you as a sword he sees you as a taker did you know all sores have to eat and so God will never give you just enough to so he will always give you more so that there's some for you but as long as the focus is on you you'll be limited as long as the focus is on God helped me to be a blessing help me to give then it'll be unlimited God will make all grace abound towards you you know I went to dance tall bottoms Church in Merritt Island Florida for many years I went there sometimes twice a year and when we were building out our building in Colorado Springs I needed 3.2 million dollars to do that debt-free and back at that time our income was so much less than in the natural at the way we had been going it would have taken me close to a hundred years to come up with 3.2 million dollars so it was a huge step of faith for me to do this and anyway when I went to Dan stall Bob's Church he got up and took this exact verse second Corinthians chapter 9 and verse 10 god gives seed to the sower and he told the church there was about three to four hundred people in his church and I'd been going there for many years and many of them are partners with us and they appreciated my ministry so anyway he got up and he says God has told me that we're supposed to give me Andrew $50,000 for that church for that building now out of a church of three or four hundred people that's a big offering that's a huge offer and but he says that's what God impressed on me and he says I know some of you think that we just can't afford to do that but he said he turned over to these verses and he says God said he would give seed to the sower and multiply the that you saw and he says so I'm not wanting anybody to give money that you already have but if you he says here's what I want you to do I want you to say that God if you'll give me $1,000 this week extra then I'll sew it into Andrews deal and he says I want 50 people to pledge it if God gives you a thousand extra dollars this week that you will sew it into Andrews ministry and so he had people stay in them and so I forget exactly how many stood up but there's like 20 or something you know he needed 50 but there was about 20 or 30 that says all right if God gives me $1,000 I'll saw it I was on Sunday morning by Sunday night there was already three are four people that Sunday afternoon God had given them $1,000 and every one of them didn't get only $1,000 but they would get $1200 or 1500 or 2000 and so they came back by Sunday night and they were giving testimonies and talking about how God had provided and then on Monday night there was a man that came and in his wife had $1,000 in their account but they were believing for $1,000 extra and they knew it was going to happen so they already rolled out their check on Monday morning and Monday night they were gonna put the thousand dollar check in the offering when he went to work on Monday his boss called him in and he says we're eliminating your department and we're laying off everybody he and I forget how many people there were 50 people or something that were being laid off and he says so you're being laid off today but we like you so much that we have decided to make you the head over another department because we want to keep you and he says we've increased your income four thousand dollars a month and giving you two weeks paid vacation so he came back on son on Monday night and gave that testimony and all of a sudden everybody was jumping up I'll give $1,000 and see because they most people looked at this as losing money if I if I pledged $1000 I'm gonna be without and they were seeing them being without but when they saw it working that God gives seed to sores if you become a sower and if you start giving you don't do without I don't know how it works but God will bless you more than you bless him God will never let any of you ever out give him you cannot outgive God it's impossible you know I'm a giver and when I don't know how many of you know Ashley and Carly Terre des but man that guy is a giver there's some there's some of my friends that we fight over who gets the bill and who pays and stuff and and I've actually physically fought with Ashley over a check before I remember my media buyer one time we were both trying to get the bill and stuff in the lady came and set this little you know container down on the table and Paul we both had it and we were standing up and pulling no I want to pay no he won't say and she looked at me she says it's the dessert menu we were fighting over the dessert menu a friend of mine you know they were going somewhere and his friend got out and ran around to put his credit card in and pay for the gas and the other guy knows I'm gonna put mine in and finally the one guy took the other guy's credit card and threw it way out in the middle of the street you find givers givers love to give and givers will not just sit there and always wait hoping that somebody else is gonna pick up the tap givers just love to give and I can see that in me and in my friends God is the biggest giver that has ever existed God so loved the world that He gave and when God can find somebody that is living to give not giving to live but they live to give when God finds that God just causes supernatural flow of money towards you you know this will be lost on many out it'll be wasted because you see me now and you see us prosperous and you see us doing things but you don't know where I came from Jamie and I were so poor we couldn't pay attention Jamie and I struggled for six years to ten years because of my own stupidity in my own ignorance of these things and when we bought this property we had no money we had to pay four million dollars for this property and we had 1 million dollars that we would say we put 1 million down and had to go in debt 3 million for this and we had nothing Zippo zilch nada left that was nine years ago and in nine years we've not only quadrupled our television outreach we spend about 1.3 million dollars a month just on television bills we have radio bills we have probably 1.5 1.6 million dollars a month salaries that I have to pay and then when you add to it all of the government stuff we we have to have around 4 to 5 million dollars a month just to pay our bills and on top of that we've spent 80 million dollars on buildings debt-free and some of you you just look at this and think well Andrews just got a lot of money it hadn't always been that way and I can guarantee you it is not because I've done something I have what I've done is believed God and I've given and I've sewn in many of you you come and see this and so you think well it's real simple you just believe God well you do believe God but you know what you have to start and you have to build up momentum and you have to so see I've got so many seeds out there you know we give away over a million downloads of my teaching per month free I remember when we started on the internet they came and they said now you aren't gonna give away all of the stuff on the internet free are you and I thought well I've been giving away everything free all of these years my ministry the internet it's cheaper that way than it is the other way why would I not give it away and so yeah we give away most everything there's a couple of things on there that we sell but most everything is by donation 53% of all of the people who contact us don't give a penny we'll say a suggested donation of this and most people don't give anything the majority and we send it to them anyway I've given away I don't know three four hundred million tapes books CDs DVDs and that doesn't even include the internet that we have over a million downloads of my teaching per month I've got millions millions maybe billions of seeds out there there's no telling how much stuff I've sown and so people see my harvest and they think well this is great I'm just gonna trust God well how much have you sewn your prosperity is proportional to your solid now God multiplies it back a hundredfold but 100 times zero is zero you got to be a sower you need to be a giver you need to get to where you pray more about giving than you do about receiving if you sit down and set a budget instead of saying man I need a house payment I need a car payment I need food I need insurance I need this and you make that's what most people do is write down what their expenses are and they say god I need this much money you know the first thing you ought to do instead of looking at all of your expenses y'all to say god I gave ten thousand dollars last year this year I want to give twenty thousand dollars and that's what motivates you for your believing god I need I need a two hundred thousand dollar a year job so that I can give twenty thousand dollars or whatever that ought to be the way that you think and yet most people think about themselves they think about their needs and I'm not saying that those things don't exist but it's all about you're building a dam you're stopping the flow it's all about you God's supply my need when you get to where you are more concerned about other people's needs then you are about your needs it starts a supernatural flow of God's finances towards you and I am a living proof i we have had nothing I've been poorer than probably the vast majority of people sitting in this room I've had nothing for decades and yet God has blessed me and prospered me because I'm not using it for myself I Drive a very nice truck but it was given to me amen I don't spend all my money on cars I live in a house that I built for $60,000 and it's probably worth twice that I had the guy give it to me and cost but still there's most of you in here many of you in here that have a nicer house than I do I'm not against people having nice houses I've got Creflo Dollar has a two million dollar house that he lives in I've never seen it but I've heard about it and people sit there and say well our preacher shouldn't have that but Creflo has bought over a hundred houses for people and paid for it debt-free you know what if you sew houses you can't help but have a nice house you're gonna reap what you sow I've given away probably 15 cars I'm paying people's bills right now they buy cars and I pay merit their monthly payments and you know what I've had people give me cars I got it I got a pickup that's seventy thousand bucks that a guy gave me I can't help but be prosperous because that's what I do I give and it comes back to you don't ever criticize another person's harvest until you see how much seed they got in the ground you can sit there and say Creflo shouldn't live in a two million dollar house but you hadn't seen how many houses he's given away you just can't help but be blessed I'm telling you giving is awesome it's more blessed to give than it is to receive you can live to give and when you do that the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth looking for somebody with this attitude he's here today he's looking and is he saying is there anybody who will get beyond themself and will just using their faith for just their things and instead we'll start finding other people that have needs and say Oh God let me be the one who blesses them instead of just thinking about your tuition and I'm not saying you don't pay your tuition but I'm saying instead of just thinking about yourself you think God who can I help show me somebody in here that needs help with their tuition I want to be the blessing God I want to pay for them you know I hesitate to say this because there's some of you that are nothing but get takers you aren't givers and you'll latch onto this and use it in a bad way I can't help what your reaction is but you know there's been some years that I've just every person who was behind on their tuition I just go and pay it and make sure that they graduate and somebody old man I hope he does that for me you got the wrong attitude I'm saying you need to sit here and say father how could I help somebody else that's the way he didn't need to live and God is looking for people like that and when he finds somebody with the giving heart he will enable you to give and you don't have to have a lot of money to do this you start where you are God doesn't want you to give what you don't have but you give what you do have and you just start being faithful and men use what you have and you know the scripture says in Malachi chapter 3 verse 10 trust me try me prove me see if I won't open up the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing so that there is not room enough to receive it there's examples of Moses and Hezekiah receiving offerings and the people gave so much that they had to restrain the people from guinea they said we can't handle any more we can't take any more I'm still believing for that I'm believing that some day I just won't be able to handle I got more than I could ever use in the rest I hadn't arrived there yet but praise God I'm believing for it I want to encourage you to become a giver take these scriptures God is looking for people who he can bless so they can be a blessing so we're gonna receive an offering this morning we've got our Usher's here they'll pass out a novel offering an envelope this is for cash giving or if you want to use a credit card in order to you know just for convenience you pay it off we don't want you to get money you don't have but if you need an offering envelope if you'll hold your hand up our Usher's will get you an offering envelope and I encourage you today to give with this attitude it's not about what my need is this is an opportunity for you to put seed in the ground good ground and it'll produce you know it does matter where you give if you plant seeds on this carpet you aren't gonna get the same results as if you plant seed in fertile ground it doesn't matter where you're given this is just a fertile place this is a place that God is using to bless many people and if you will give with the right attitude I guarantee you you will get a supernatural return on your giving praise the Lord man that's awesome it is more blessed to give than it is to receive thank you Jesus amen you spell million mi ll IOU amen thank you Jesus father we love you and we are so thankful for the things that you've given us in your word thank you for these truths that I was talking about today father thank you that you want us to give as we purpose in our heart not grudgingly our necessity that you love it when we are just cheerful about giving and father we believe that you are able to make all grace abound towards us so that we always having all sufficiency in all things abound unto every good work and father thank you that the eyes of the Lord are running to and fro throughout the whole earth looking for people then have this attitude that you give seed to the sower and bread to the eater and you multiply our seed song father we just thank you and we trust these things we trust them enough that we act on the word of God and we give it's not just in word only but father in actions we follow through and we give believing that you will multiply this back one hundredfold in this life and in the world to come will have everlasting life father we thank you and I just I pray that you touch people's hearts and help them to have this giving heart today that father we would move from just takers to being givers from being eaters to being source that father that would dominate us I just speak this grace over people in this room here today that father we will be givers and we trust that we will never out give you the father you will always multiply it back that you will always make us have enough so that we can abound on every good work and father we thank you for that we agree and receive it in the name of Jesus amen praise God you can receive the offering you know this example I was given about Merritt Island Florida where a pastor danced all bomb asked everybody to give you know and people to pledge mm they gave over 50,000 it was Iraq fifty three fifty four thousand dollars and every single person had supernatural money coming in that week and there was not a single one of them that just got one thousand dollars but it says God gives seed to the sower and bread to the eater God will never give you just enough to sow but he will always give more so that there's some for you to eat to he will always bless you you will be more blessed when you open your hand and give than when you keep your fist like this and hold on to things and I know that this doesn't make sense to the natural mind the natural mind thinks this can't work I've got a limited amount of money and if I take a portion and give it away I'm gonna have even less that is true in the natural if you don't factor God into the things if you're just looking at things carnally that's true but when you look at things spiritually God his eyes are looking and when he finds somebody who's giving with the riot heart he will just multiply it back to you I don't know how it happens it doesn't make sense you can't put this down on a piece of paper you can't prove it to people but somehow when God finds a person with the right heart he just supernaturally causes you to begin to prosper he will cause things to happen he will bring money to you he'll give you creative ideas he'll multiply what you set your hand into it's supernatural and if you understand this properly it's not just you working a job and you're providing all of this money you do that you work but God supernaturally multiplies it God causes what you do a multiplying effect God will give you promotions you know I've been in the ministry a long long time but I haven't always been in the ministry I have worked a few secular jobs and you know what God just causes me to prosper I remember when I was pouring concrete for a living you know I was raised I was really a pretty well-off kid I didn't know it because my payment family didn't look at it that way but I was really pretty well-off and I had thousands of the brand-new car when I was 16 years old out of my own personal money and when I was pouring concrete for a living my boss got in a bind and one of the people that owed him money didn't pay him and I gave him ten I paid my boss ten thousand dollars and gave it to him as a gift man I've been a giver for a long time I paid more to my boss than he paid me working for him and then when he got in trouble I worked for an import concrete which is a hard job for a year with no salary and just blessed him I've been giving giving giving and you know what it just comes back unto me on every ways I'm telling you you cannot outgive God and I know that doesn't make sense to people but just look what the Lord hath done it is marvelous in our eyes I'm telling you God keeps good records you'll never out give God it may take a while when you plant your seed it doesn't come up in the next 30 seconds it takes time but you give it time and if you don't back off your faith I guarantee you God will prosper you God will bless you supernaturally amen anybody in here looking for that amen well I believe if you gave it the riot hearts you got seed in the ground now you just need to give it time and keep trust in God and keep keep your heart right it's hard to keep from getting selfish and just thinking about your own needs but you you just keep your heart right and keep saying God I want to be a blessing the reason I want to prosper is not so I can be blessed but so that I could be a blessing and you get that attitude and you cultivate it and I guarantee you you will see God start a super natural flow of finances towards you it's provided it's part of the atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ it belongs to you this is what Jesus has provided and he's just looking for somebody who will let him prosper you so that you can be a blessing amen praise God all right I'll let you go 30 seconds early [Applause]

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