Financially Free by Watching YouTube Videos | Winners on a Wednesday #24

Samuel Leeds: What’s up? It’s Samuel Leeds
here, and this week Winners on a Wednesday, we have the new and improved version of Samuel
Leeds. Nathan Winch: Hi. Samuel Leeds: Dude, you’re killing it, bro. Nathan Winch: Thanks. Samuel Leeds: So this is Nathan Winch. Nathan,
you have done how many deals? Nathan Winch: I’ve done about eight deals. Samuel Leeds: Eight property deals. Nathan Winch: Yeah, yeah. Samuel Leeds: Mixture of deals? Nathan Winch: Yeah, a mixture of deals. Samuel Leeds: No money down? And how did you
get all the knowledge to do all these deals? Nathan Winch: So, essentially, it was just
from watching your videos, really. So I didn’t really do any of the courses or anything,
so- Samuel Leeds: That is crazy, dude. Nathan Winch: Yeah, yeah, exactly. So over
the past four months, I’ve done those deals, just from watching the YouTube videos, and
then I kind of then took it a stage further and- Samuel Leeds: That is so cool. So you’ve done,
what? I know you’ve packaged and sold some deals. Like, how much did you make last week? Nathan Winch: Last week? Last week, probably
about £3,500. Samuel Leeds: £3,500 last week. How about
the week before? Nathan Winch: Oh, you’ve put me on the spot.
Oh, the week before? About £13,500. Samuel Leeds: £13,500 in a week. High five,
or fist bump. Nathan Winch: Fist bump. Samuel Leeds: Lease option agreements, how
many of those have you done? Nathan Winch: I’ve done four of those. Samuel Leeds: So you’ve done four lease option
agreements. What is a lease option agreement? Nathan Winch: So it’s essentially where you
kind of take on a property the owners can’t really sell, they’ve got limited options,
you know, they might be in negative or something like that, so you kind of offer to pay their
mortgage and the bills and everything, take on the repairs, then you can let it out though
it’s your property. So you can benefit from the cashflow and the capital appreciation,
because, of course- Samuel Leeds: So you have all the perks of
buying a house without putting any money down. Nathan Winch: Any money down. Just legals. Samuel Leeds: Buy now, pay later. Nathan Winch: Yeah, essentially. Samuel Leeds: And you did that from watching
my YouTube videos? Nathan Winch: Just watching the YouTube videos,
yeah. Samuel Leeds: Dude, that’s impressive, that’s
impressive. And then you hunted me down, because you wanted to give me money. Nathan Winch: Yeah, essentially. Samuel Leeds: Yeah, you’re like, “Dude, I’ve
got all these houses, I made three and a half grand this week and I made £13,000 last week.
I did it from watching YouTube, I need to give this dude some money.” Kind of. Nathan Winch: Yeah, kind of, yeah. Samuel Leeds: You’ve now joined the academy. Nathan Winch: I have, yeah, in the last two
weeks. Samuel Leeds: And you’ve not even done the
crash course. Nathan Winch: No, I did the Peterborough one
as my first one. Samuel Leeds: Oh, you have, you just did it. Nathan Winch: That’s the first crash course,
yeah. Samuel Leeds: So you did the crash course
a few days ago, and how was that? Nathan Winch: It was absolutely insane. Really
intense, really engaging, and I really loved it. Samuel Leeds: Do you wish that you’d done
the crash course sooner? Nathan Winch: I do, actually. I wish I’d done
that first, because it’s kind of like a taster of everything, but, yeah, I’ve kind of done
things a little bit backwards, but it’s worked. Samuel Leeds: And now you’re on the academy
now. Nathan Winch: Yeah. Samuel Leeds: You should have done that a
long time ago. Nathan Winch: I know, I know. Samuel Leeds: But I’m glad that you’ve hunted
me down. I always say, if you become successful from reading my books, or watching my videos,
or attending the crash course, please hunt me down, because your success is my oxygen,
and the fact that you have, I really appreciate that. I really honour you for that, and looking
at the figures, I know we’ve gone over your figures and I know Alasdair’s sat with you
and stuff, and we’ve looked into what you’ve done. You’re killing it. I just thought why
not have you on Winners on a Wednesday, because it’d be such an inspiration, because people
watching this at home might be thinking, literally, where are people’s excuses? They’re watching
the same videos you were watching, and you’ve done this with no money, so why don’t you
just tell us a little bit about your story? Why did you start … How did you even find
my videos on YouTube? Nathan Winch: So I think it was a friend of
mine that told me about you and I didn’t think much of it, and then I came across one of
your videos on YouTube and I started watching it, and I thought, “Wow, this is great,” because
… Can I tell you a little bit my background and stuff? Is that all right? Samuel Leeds: Absolutely, man. Nathan Winch: So, yeah, I’ve kind of always
been an entrepreneurial type, so been self employed since the age of 20, 21. Ran a small
medical business working with the NHS, and then sold that in, I think it was March 2017.
Bought a couple of properties, didn’t really know what I was doing and had those for a
while, and then in the past five months, four or five months, been watching your videos,
realised I’ve done everything wrong, you know, not making a great return on those properties
or anything, and then started implementing from, literally, the YouTube videos, so lease
options, things like that, and then realised that, well, you can make a much better return,
and refinanced one of the buy to lets and did something interesting stuff, and- Samuel Leeds: So you did some stuff in business,
you bought how many properties before you started watching my channel? Nathan Winch: Two. Samuel Leeds: So you bought two buy to let
properties, but you’re saying they were quite bad properties? Nathan Winch: Yeah, when I ran the numbers
based on the ROI we know how to work out now, they were quite low, yeah, so- Samuel Leeds: So you bought the properties,
I know you bought a nice car and things like that, you know, bit of a spender. Nathan Winch: Yeah, yeah. Samuel Leeds: Then you watched my YouTube
videos about four months ago, and you were like, “Oh, man, I got it all wrong.” So then
you refinanced the properties and then you thought, “I’m going to start over,” but then
the weird thing is, the property deals that you’ve been doing recently, they haven’t even
involved any of your money, have they? Nathan Winch: No. Samuel Leeds: So you’ve still got money sat
ready to invest? Nathan Winch: So I’ve still got money sat
ready to invest, and I think that’s really interesting, because even if you’ve got money,
you still want to try and do the best sort of deal you can, don’t you? Samuel Leeds: Yeah. Nathan Winch: You don’t want to spend money
if you don’t need to, so, yeah, so I’ve just been doing lease options really actively for
the past few months, and those have worked really well, and just the lease options alone
have made me financially free, so that’s fantastic. Samuel Leeds: Dude, that’s incredible, man. Nathan Winch: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Samuel Leeds: So, all right, talk me through,
if you don’t mind, the figures of the lease options, because I find it really interesting.
There’s a guy who came on the show called Ian Patterson. Nathan Winch: Yeah. Samuel Leeds: He had money. Do you know his
story? Nathan Winch: I know him, yeah, yeah. Samuel Leeds: You know him? How do you know
Ian? Nathan Winch: So I watched, I think it was
the very first Winners on a Wednesday, wasn’t it? Samuel Leeds: It was. Nathan Winch: Something like that. So I watched
his videos, and then I went to a property networking event where he was giving a talk,
and literally just to sit down with the guy and pick his brains really, took him out for
a carvery, I think it was. Samuel Leeds: Did you now? Nathan Winch: Yeah, yeah. And he’s fabulous.
He’s absolutely killing it, yeah. Samuel Leeds: I didn’t even know that. It’s
a small world. Nathan Winch: Yeah. Samuel Leeds: But then it is if you’re in
the right places, like my YouTube channel. Nathan Winch: Oh, exactly, yeah, yeah. Samuel Leeds: So Ian Patterson, same sort
of thing though, isn’t it? Nathan Winch: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Samuel Leeds: Ian Pattison, he was working
a corporate job. He had money, but he chose to do lease option agreements, because in
his mind he’s thinking, “Why would I use my money when I don’t have to?” Nathan Winch: Exactly, yeah. Samuel Leeds: “If I can buy a house for free,
I’m not going to buy a house and pay money for it necessarily.” So that’s really cool.
What did you learn from Ian? Nathan Winch: I think to try and do chunks
of deals all in one, because I think he does whole portfolios of lease options, so- Samuel Leeds: Yeah, he does. He does now. Nathan Winch: And it’s the same effort doing
a portfolio as it is trying to do one, so you may as well try and go for the bigger
ticket items. But, yeah, learnt from the guy. And he’s quite reserved as well, but he’s
a really shrewd business person. Samuel Leeds: He is. Nathan Winch: He’s fantastic. Samuel Leeds: He’s also on the Academy now. Nathan Winch: Is he? Samuel Leeds: Same as you though. He came
to the crash course. Just from the crash course, he went on and did all these deals, made all
this money. He’s now got like a £2.8 million portfolio. Nathan Winch: He has, yeah. I’ve read that,
yeah. Samuel Leeds: Off the back of the crash course.
His story made all newspapers and stuff after he came on Winner’s Wednesday, which yours
probably will as well, who knows? And then he was like, “Dude, can I join your academy?”
I’m like, “You can, but why didn’t you do it … You know, so same kind of story. Nathan Winch: Yeah, yeah. Samuel Leeds: So, yeah, very recently. So
that’s incredible. Okay, so you watched his story, you watched some of my other videos
about lease option agreements, why don’t you just tell anyone that’s watching that’s thinking,
“What on earth is a lease option agreement?” What is a lease option agreement? Nathan Winch: Yeah, so, essentially, a lease
option agreement is way of acquiring a property now and paying for it later. Samuel Leeds: Yes. Nathan Winch: So you kind of take over all
the nasty bits that the landlord doesn’t want, because normally it’s landlords that don’t
want to be a landlord, or they’re accidental, or it’s something to do with probate or whatever,
or they’re in negative equity, and you kind of take it on, pay for all the bills, the
mortgage, everything else, but you can rent it out and keep the returns, and, obviously,
because there’s a restriction on the sale to just you, you benefit from the capital
appreciation as well. Samuel Leeds: So, basically, you pay the owner
or the landlord enough to wash its face for them? Nathan Winch: Exactly. Samuel Leeds: So they’re not making money
from it each month, but they’re not losing money. If that’s a mortgage or whatever it
is, you pay them a small amount, which is negotiable, and then anything more than that
the property rents out for is yours to keep. Nathan Winch: Exactly, yeah. Samuel Leeds: But then, also, you have a option
to buy that property, usually within or after so many years. How long do you rent your lease
options for? Nathan Winch: They’re about 10 years. Samuel Leeds: Wow. Nice. Nathan Winch: So, yeah, plenty of time for
it to become- Samuel Leeds: You’ll be an old man by then. Nathan Winch: Exactly. Samuel Leeds: So, when you’re, what, you’re
28, so when you’re 38, you’ll have the option to buy them at a set price, but we all know
what happens to houses over time. Nathan Winch: We do. Samuel Leeds: They go up. Nathan Winch: They go up, yeah. Samuel Leeds: And especially over a 10 year
period. Nathan Winch: Yeah. Samuel Leeds: So the chances are that they
might even be double the value, in which case, you’ll have made so much money in capital
appreciation and you’re also financially free from the cashflow. Nathan Winch: Just from the cashflow, yeah. Samuel Leeds: It’s got to be the best strategy. Nathan Winch: I think it is, I think it is.
And especially for those that don’t have a lot of money, or bad credit or whatever, it’s
fantastic. Samuel Leeds: And we’ve got people that are
literally … We’ve had an illegal immigrant come on and doing lease option agreements.
It’s incredible how you can buy a house that way with no credit. I mean, I’m not endorsing
illegal immigrants, what I’m saying is, regardless of your situation, it’s incredible what you
can do when you have the power of options. Nathan Winch: Oh, yeah. Absolutely, yeah. Samuel Leeds: So where did you find … Was
your first lease option, was it one in four, or did you … How did it work? Nathan Winch: They’ve all been individual,
so- Samuel Leeds: Oh, you’ve done well. Nathan Winch: Yeah, so it’s just sending out
hundreds of letters, buying details from land registry, you know, the old send a coloured
envelope type thing. Samuel Leeds: So, basically, all the stuff
on my YouTube channel. Nathan Winch: Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. But
one of the lease option I did buy from a sourcer, so there’s that option as well, but, usually,
deal sourcers aren’t selling them, because you keep them, don’t you? If you find them,
you keep them. Samuel Leeds: If you find a free house, you
ain’t selling it. Nathan Winch: Exactly. Samuel Leeds: Unless, usually, it’s got something
wrong with it, you know. So, okay, you’ve done four, all individually, you found them
on your own, apart from the one, but you’ve done four by following the strategies, sending
letters. Basically, you need to just put yourself out there, right? Nathan Winch: Yeah, exactly. Samuel Leeds: And talk to people. Nathan Winch: Yeah. Samuel Leeds: Okay. So give us an example
of the most latest lease option agreement that you did. Give us the figures. Nathan Winch: I think it was a four bed in
Newcastle. The option to buy is £100,000. I think the mortgage that I pay on the … I
got the seller to change to an interest only mortgage as well. Samuel Leeds: Very cool, very cool. Nathan Winch: So I think- Samuel Leeds: So let me just explain that.
So the seller was on a repayment mortgage, but it’ll be more simple … Why did you change
it to interest only? Nathan Winch: For cashflow. So that was really
the only payment I’d have to make, because it was a single let, so the mortgage is really
the only payment I make, so I try and get that as low as possible. Samuel Leeds: So how much is that now? Nathan Winch: So I think it’s about £98 a
month, something like that. Samuel Leeds: So £98 a month to the mortgage,
four bed HMO, how much are you renting that out for? Nathan Winch: Well, it’s not HMO, it’s a single
let. Samuel Leeds: My bad. Nathan Winch: So it’s to a family. But it’s
£450 a month. Samuel Leeds: Okay, so you’re making a few
hundred pound on that. And then the others, if you add them all up together, how much
cashflow are you making? Nathan Winch: So I don’t know the lease options
on their own, but all the properties together, it’s about £3,000 a month, and I think the
net on that is about £1,700 – 1,800 a month. Samuel Leeds: That’s great, that’s great.
So £1,700 – £1,800 pound a month, that is your average salary. Nathan Winch: Exactly, yeah. Samuel Leeds: That is like your average salary.
So you’re now making your average salary in passive income. On top of that, you’re sourcing
properties and passing them on. You made £13,000 in a day. In a day. Nathan Winch: In a day. Samuel Leeds: That was after … Let me just
say, this is the difference, you were doing YouTube videos and you were doing really well,
but you then came on one of our advanced trainings. Nathan Winch: I did, yeah. Samuel Leeds: And how was that? Nathan Winch: That was fantastic. So that
was the one day Deal Selling Masterclass with Alasdair. Samuel Leeds: And that’s when things blew
up. Nathan Winch: That’s when things blew up,
and I thought the more I do these things, the more I get involved, the more successful
I am, so I kind of- Samuel Leeds: How much did you make after
going on that … Was it a direct result of that programme when you made your 13 grand? Nathan Winch: It was a direct result of that
programme. Samuel Leeds: Yeah. Nathan Winch: So we were given a little booklet,
and I implemented the booklet exactly as it said, and, yeah, that was it. I think it was
I became compliant on the Friday and did that deal on the Monday, so … Because it takes
quite a while to become compliant, and then sent the deals out to the list and they sold
in about four or five hours of sending them out. Samuel Leeds: And the £13,000, that’s in
your bank right now? Nathan Winch: That is, yeah, and I think the
terms have expired on that, so that’s mine, yeah. Samuel Leeds: Your money, man. Nathan Winch: Yeah. Samuel Leeds: That’s incredible, bro. High
five. That is so cool. And I think that’s the power. The thing is, when you invest in
yourself, you will always see a return. Nathan Winch: Oh, yeah, absolutely. Samuel Leeds: You can invest in property and
make a 20% or a 50% return, but that money that you invested in yourself, you’ve probably
already made 100% return, probably more. Well, you have. Nathan Winch: Yeah. Samuel Leeds: That’s incredible, buddy, that’s
incredible. So what would you advise yourself, if you were talking to the 12 month younger
version of yourself, what would you say? Nathan Winch: Education, I think. Education. Samuel Leeds: Yeah. Nathan Winch: Get into some education, whether
it’s paid or whatever, read some books, read more books, watch your YouTube videos, of
course, and, yeah, just teach yourself, because, although I was already kind of in property,
I was doing it all wrong and the returns were abysmal. I’d probably need 100 of those houses
to be financially free, they were that bad. So, yeah, a little bit of education and, yeah,
you’ve got to teach yourself, because it is the most important investment by far. Samuel Leeds: Yeah. Oh, I totally believe
that. What would you have thought four months ago when you first started watching me on
YouTube if you’d have known that fast forward four months you’d be sat here with me on Winners
Wednesday completely financially free, able to make £13,000 in a day? What would you
have thought? Nathan Winch: I’d have said, “Mm, no, that’s
… I would have been a bit sceptical. I would have been a bit sceptical. Samuel Leeds: Yeah. Nathan Winch: I would have said, “Well, how
can you make that money if you’re starting with not a lot,” but it’s possible, it’s possible. Samuel Leeds: Yeah. That’s so great. So what
are your next steps? Nathan Winch: I want to double the property
portfolio by the end of the year, which it’s not a massive goal. I mean, it’s doable. Samuel Leeds: Very. Well, you’re on the academy
now, so you should be able to do that in- Nathan Winch: I’m on the Academy now, so you’ll
hold me to account. Samuel Leeds: Three months you should be able
to do that if you’re on the Academy. Nathan Winch: Yeah. So don’t hold me to that,
but, yeah, it’s great. So, yeah, to get more property, whether that’s lease options or
whatever, doesn’t have to be, do more deals. I think I’m averaging one to two deals a week,
so I think the overall income, including the properties is about £10,000 a month, something
like that, which is massive from just four months ago, and I’ve only just joined the
academy as well, so expecting big things, yeah. Samuel Leeds: Yeah. Okay, that’s so good.
Talk to me, Nathan, about mindset, because it sounds so easy. You could watch this interview
and you could think, “Oh, that’s easy. He just bought a house for no money,” isn’t it?
But so many people fail. Most people that watch my YouTube channel … You’re in the
top 1%. Not only have you taken the action and invested in yourself, which most people
won’t do, but you’ve also sent the letters, made the calls. There must have been down
days. There must have been days when you thought, “Am I wasting my time here?” There must have
been times when people told you you were stupid. No? Yes? Nathan Winch: Yes. Oh, absolutely, yeah. I
mean, it’s, as with anything in life, isn’t it, when you try and aim higher, people try
and pull you down, so you’ve got to … I think mindset is 90% of it, actually, and
10% of it actually doing the deals and knowing the stuff. I think the mindset is incredibly
important. But, like I say, I’ve always been sort of an implementer, and if I decide I
want to do something, I’m going to do it, so, yeah, that’s helped. But, yeah, no, I
agree, I think mindset’s probably the most important thing that you’ve got to have first,
and then education. Put the two together and good things happen. Samuel Leeds: And the advantage of when you
started is that, number one, you’ve been successful in business, so you’ve got that business mindset. Nathan Winch: Yeah, yeah. Samuel Leeds: And you understand what makes
a good deal. Number two, although you’d bought a couple of properties and they weren’t particularly
good house, you understood the process. I think that’s maybe one of the reasons why
you’ve skyrocketed so fast. Not to give anybody an excuse, but, I mean, jeez, £13,000 in
a day, like that’s … Straight after training, bang. That’s incredible. Nathan Winch: Yeah, I didn’t really know anything
about sourcing, you know, so, until I started reading … Well, I didn’t even know anything
about lease options. I thought they were only for commercial property, and there I’ve sat
watching your videos and I thought, “Well, why I am not doing this?” And then I start
writing the letters, start sending them out. Yeah, no, I agree. Samuel Leeds: What’s your background? Have
you got like a everything you touch turns to gold life? Nathan Winch: Well, I hope so, yeah. I’m just
an implementer. I take risks, and I go out there and tell everybody what I’m doing and
that sort of thing, and say yes now and worry about what to do later I think is the most
important thing. Samuel Leeds: But all the stuff you’re saying
now, that’s the real stuff that you know. You can talk about lease options, but the
real … People could understand these options all day long, but unless they’re this stuff,
prepared to take action, prepared to take a risk, prepared to look silly, prepared to
say, “I’m a property investor,” when you haven’t actually got any properties, on the basis
that you’re speaking it out because you know it will happen, to be prepared to spend money
on programmes to invest in yourself in faith that it’ll pay off, because you know that
you’re going to implement. Nathan Winch: Exactly. 100%. Samuel Leeds: I mean, that’s the stuff that
makes you successful. Nathan Winch: Yeah, yeah. Course it is, yeah. Samuel Leeds: That’s the stuff. Tell me about
the crash course, what did you learn? Nathan Winch: I tell you something that I
learnt, which was really interesting, was the way you find the postcode of the property.
So when you were on Right Move, I’m like, “We don’t know the postcode of this property,”
and you click on the broadband finder, I was like, “The whole training course was worth
that one little thing.” That’s saved me so much time now, that is insane. But, no, it’s
just the whole thing was brilliant. It was really intense, but I guess it’s a test to
see … Because you kept us there till like 11 at night, like genuinely, and it was- Samuel Leeds: 14 hour day. Nathan Winch: 14 hour day, two of them. It
was brilliant. But, yeah, I think that’s … But you’ve got to be willing to do that to make
these deals happen, haven’t you? Samuel Leeds: Yeah. Nathan Winch: So you’ve got that. That’s every
day for someone doing this, so- Samuel Leeds: But it goes fast, I imagine. Nathan Winch: Oh, it goes fast, yeah, because
you’re engaged, and you’re up, and you’ve got us jumping up and down, and it’s brilliant.
It’s fantastic, yeah, it was great. Samuel Leeds: Yeah, and sometimes people say,
“14 hours?” What people have got to remember is, it’s not 14 hours of me on stage, because
a lot of the day you’re doing stuff. You’re making phone calls, you’re online, you’re
on Rightmove. Nathan Winch: Oh, yeah, yeah, interactive. Samuel Leeds: You’re doing stuff. So, no,
that’s really cool. Okay, what advice would you give to someone watching this who was
maybe a young guy, in their 20s or whatever, or anyone, but just someone that’s really
hungry? They haven’t got a lot of money to start with. What would be the best steps for
them to take right now as a result of this? Nathan Winch: Read a book and just do it.
Do it. Get your hands dirty and get in there. I mean, like I said before, sort of saying
yes and worrying about it later. Yeah, I’ve got burnt a few times, but, you know, I’m
now able to just take the day off to come here whenever I want. It’s not going to affect
me at all. Samuel Leeds: What have been the most influential
books that have helped you? Nathan Winch: Yourself, Buy Low, Rent High. Samuel Leeds: I appreciate that. Nathan Winch: And then I read Simon Zutshi’s
book, the Property Magic. Samuel Leeds: Great book. Nathan Winch: Great book, fantastic. Samuel Leeds: And he’s a great guy. Nathan Winch: Oh, he is, yeah. He’s brilliant,
yeah. Samuel Leeds: Yeah. Nathan Winch: And just watching the YouTube
videos, I guess. And I think your passion and energy is really, you know, it’s rubbed
off a little bit, because you’ve got to be active, haven’t you, and want to do it. Samuel Leeds: 100%, 100%. That’s so cool.
Well, listen, I really appreciate you coming on the show. Nathan Winch: Not a problem. Samuel Leeds: I hope to see you kill it. I’m
going to be holding you to account. Nathan Winch: I know you will. Samuel Leeds: If you don’t do anymore lease
option agreements in the next few months, you’re going to be punched in the mouth. No,
you’re going to be so successful, and I’m so glad that you joined the academy, and,
again, thank you for hunting me down, thank you for putting faith in yourself, but also
in our training, and I’m glad to see that’s paying off. Nathan Winch: Yeah, thanks so much. Samuel Leeds: Thanks, Nathan. Nathan Winch: Cheers, cheers. Samuel Leeds: My name’s Samuel Leeds. Thank
you for watching Winners on a Wednesday. Every single week we interview our success students
for your inspiration, and you can watch more right here on the playlist, there’s a whole
playlist of them, but what you’ll notice is, every single Winner on a Wednesday always
starts with them coming to my two day crash course. So, if you would like to be a Winner
on a Wednesday, literally come on my crash course and who knows, in three months time
you could be here in my offices on this show as a Winner on a Wednesday. So get yourself
booked on the crash course, watch more, have fun, I’ll see you next week.

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  • Why someone should agree with a lease option agreement with the risk that at the end of the agreement you please can pop out and don't buy the property? When he/she could sell it without any leasy option agreement?

  • I got one question. What happens when the prime rate changes and so the market interest rate as well. Isnt evybody who invested a lot in real estate fucked? Thats the only reason i am still not 100 % convinced.

  • Great content! What advice would you give an 18 year old who wants to go into property, is it possible to enter the market so young. Also how does the finders fee and ‘selling of deals’ work, because as I have no money or credit, it may be hard for me to invest in property, but I do have an eye for value (watch all your videos, have read various property books and have family who are investors) meaning I can find good deals, just not sure on how the process of finding other people who will be willing to buy the deal off me and pay a finders fee works. Leveraging my knowledge of my local area (West Midlands) and social media, I believe I would be a good property sourcer, just really unsure on how the process works. A video on this topic would be really great. Keep it up with the great content👍

  • What is going on now on online property world is crazy , people start in property couple of weeks and they pretend guru in property , they sell deals in the are they know pack them (i dont know in what ? paper ) ? i have seen student of Samuel after 3 months in property they start do mentorship program and charge 3k for it . Do you are FCA proved to sell deal ? how much experience you have to tell people which property are good or not .

  • Here's some important information about lease options. It concerns a man named Rick Otton, one of the UK's foremost trainers::

    Following having been found guilty of "deceptive conduct", the Australian Federal Court has imposed record penalties totalling $18 million against We Buy Houses Pty Ltd (We Buy Houses) and its sole director, Rick Otton, for making false or misleading representations about how people could create wealth through buying and selling real estate using lease options.

    The penalties of $12 million imposed against We Buy Houses, and $6 million imposed against Mr Otton personally, are the highest ever imposed for contraventions of the Australian Consumer Law by a corporation and an individual, respectively.

    The Federal Court also banned Mr Otton from managing corporations for 10 years in Australia and permanently restrained Mr Otton and We Buy Houses from further involvement in the supply or promotion of services or advice concerning real property transactions or investment.

    “We Buy Houses and Mr Otton peddled false hope to people simply looking to get a foothold in the housing market or invest money in real estate for their future,” said ACCC Chair, Rod Sims.

    "The record penalties imposed against both We Buy Houses and Mr Otton reflect their egregious conduct.”

    “They have also effectively been permanently banned from any further involvement in real estate in order to protect consumers,” Mr Sims said.

    “These record penalties demonstrate the determination of the ACCC to take strong and effective enforcement action against businesses and individuals who prey on consumers using the false hope of creating financial success. The judgment signals the Court’s condemnation of false and misleading property spruiking and get rich quick schemes.”

    Rick Otton was the mentor of Ben Rogers, who went bankrupt after borrowing over £2million from within various wealth creation networks including Property Investor Network and Gill Fielding's networks where he was a lease options coach/mentor.

    Despite the cloud over Mr Otton's head, he has allegedly recently been in the UK, being promoted within wealth creation networks and working on podcasts with another of his disgraced students, Ben Chislett.

    ‘”Rent-to-buy” and vendor finance are really black market schemes which promise the dream of home ownership but don’t deliver,’ said Gerard Brody, CEO of Consumer Action Law Centre.

    ‘The self-styled guru of these schemes couldn’t point to a single successful rent-to-buy deal he has done. None of his ex-students or ‘big kahunas’ gave any evidence of their success or otherwise. Unfortunately we know of many ‘rent-to-buy’ and other deals that have fallen over and taken a huge financial and personal toll on the people involved.’

    The Court found that applying Otton’s techniques ‘may give rise to a plethora of substantial financial risks’.

    ‘We have been calling on governments to ban ‘rent-to-buy’ and vendor finance schemes for many years. The ACCC should be congratulated for taking on this case. The court decision is a significant red flag about the legitimacy of these schemes, and we hope it prompts fast and effective action.’

    There are other trainers in the UK currently teaching lease options – from a quick google search these include Samuel Leeds, Gill Fielding, David France, Property Mastery Academy, Glenn Armstrong, Reena Malra, and Mark Jackson & Wendy Patton – some of them trained by Rick Otton – so be warned that this strategy may not be all that is claimed!

  • Samuel Leeds mate been a massive supporter of yours please contact me at [email protected]
    Have big motivation and a idea of how big the uni accommodation market is in Australia and how we could make a killing here.

  • Some additional information for people tempted into lease options training or lease options deals, which Nathan is now offering:

  • Is it true Nathan has been doing property since 2011? its wrong to mislead then you call yourself a Christian. Is they why you was kicked out of the church

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