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[music and indistinct
conversation] [Calvin] What appealed
to me about this career was being my own boss. I feel like I’m an
entrepreneurial personality, and running my own practice was something that
really appealed to me. Yes, I’m still
working with a team but in the end whatever
I put into this career is what I’m going to get back. [Ryan]One thing I’d
change about my career,I’d like to speed up
the first three months coming into the industry. It’s a challenging
first three months, but once you get your feet wet you really see what
the future can be. It’s a great, exciting career
filled with limitless potential. It’s all on you and
what you make of it, but if you put in the work there’s the education
there to help support you and the staff there to help
guide you along the way and it’s a great
position to be in. [Lyndsey] What I love most
about being an advisor is how I connect with
people every day, and when I see the results of
what work I’ve done with them and I get a handshake, or especially when I get a
hug at the end of the day, it’s a really nice feeling to
know that I’ve connected and that I’ve made a
difference in someone’s life. [laughter and indistinct
conversation] [Abbie] If you’re
looking for a career that gives you the freedom
to set your own schedule, push your limits and make a real difference
in people’s lives, check us out. ♪

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