Find Out How Many Property Sold In A Suburb In The Last 12 Months (Ep230)

When researching a suburb that you’re considering
investing in, an important metric to look at is how many properties have actually sold
in that suburb in the last 12 months. Hey I’m Ryan from your daily
dose of property education and inspiration and today I’m answering one of your questions
and this question’s from Romeo and he asked, “Hello Ryan, when checking out the suburb
how do I find how many properties sold in that suburb in a year? Thanks.” Great question
Romeo and this is a great thing that a lot of people might want to know or look at.
There are two websites that I like to use to find out this information. The reason I
use two websites rather than just one is that sometimes the data is different and I don’t
like to rely just on one source case that source is wrong. So by having two different
sources that I use it allows me to get a more accurate result and I can ensure I’m not getting
misrepresentation of the area. The first website I recommend using is
or more specifically This is a website aimed specifically for people in
China researching the Australian market because if you type in you’ll see a website
come up with no English on it at all. We don’t want that one so the easiest way to find it
is to type ksou into Google, choose the first result which is We can see
here it’s called SoldPrice and there are all these options at the top and what we’re looking
for is Suburb Profile. When we click on Suburb Profile and then we type in our post codes.
So let’s go with what we’ve been using lately which is Burleigh Heads in Queensland 4220.
We then select Burleigh Heads and then it will show you here under sales data how many
properties have sold in the last 12 months. We can see a 124 houses and 294 units. So
that is one way to get the result. The other website I like to use is your investment
property mag. So just go to and then click this Top Suburbs icon in the
header. You then choose your state so in this case Queensland and you enter your post code
and choose the area of Burleigh Heads, Queens land and then click search. This will now
generate a Suburb Profile for us and we can see a lot more information than ksou gave
us. You can see medium prices, quarterly growth, 12 month growth, 3-year, 5-year growth. This
is all the stuff that you usually see in the back of real estate magazines so you can now
do it online and we can also see down here number of sales in the last 12 months, 95
houses and 345 units. Let’s compare that with ksou which says 124 houses and 294 units.
So this one is saying less houses and more units however we don’t know exactly what 12
months it is taking. So I’m not exactly sure how recent this data
is on each of those sites but you can see that it’s within range of each other and it
is fairly close to each other. So there are two different methods you can use to find
out how many properties were sold in the area in the last 12 months. It’s also good to look
at how many days on the market properties are. You can see that houses in Burleigh Heads
have about 60 days on the market and units have about 90 days on the market. Ksou doesn’t
give us that information so you’re going to have to get that from your investment property
magazine. So there you have it, I hoped this has helped
you Romeo, I hope this has helped everybody out there and if you have a question please
email me [email protected] and I’ll make you a video which will appear on the youtube
stream and appear in itunes for the podcasts and get its own blogpost as well and of you
want to get access to my free report of 10 real positive cash flow properties that I
have found go to So until tomorrow stay positive.

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