Find out why 5G can kill you

Hi, I’m Marc Gielissen. If you like my
videos please don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell so you will receive a
message when I post a new video In this video, I will give you a very important
message so please bear with me until the end One of the most dangerous
technologies on our planet is being deployed as I speak. I will talk about 5G
and what the hidden agenda of this so-called wonderful technology really is
according to Wikipedia 5G is the latest generation of cellular mobile
communications it succeeds the 4G 3G and 2G systems, 5G performance target high
data rate, reduced latency, energy saving cost reduction, higher system capacity
and massive device connectivity It sounds very exciting and promising but
there is an important catch It might kill you. Let’s listen to what Michele
Greenstein of RT found out about it and have more in-depth analyzes by dr. Graham
Downing in his presentation about the truth of 5G A few days ago actually a
group of scientists doctors environmental organizers and concerned
citizens got together and they called for the urgent stop to the deployment of
5G they said that it’s been proven harmful to human bodies that this is an
experiment on humanity and that this should be called a crime under
international law let’s talk about today’s technology what we have going on
today your phone is constantly sending electro magnetic fields in and out
of each other whether or not you’re receiving a notification right now all
of our digital tech sends this data back and forth right using these invisible
microwave radiation signal signals aka radiofrequency radiation that’s today’s
tech we have every cell tower every router constantly pull
seeing with radiation whether or not you’re using it science shows that this
causes DNA damage cancer among other things but don’t take my word for it and
that’s just with 4G that’s just with today’s technology before we get the 5G
right now you’ve got some of it but exactly much let’s listen to what dr.
Sharon Goldberg has to say she’s a clinical researcher and an internal
medicine physician this is what she has to say about what we’re using today wireless radiation has biological effects period this is no longer a
subject for debate when you look at PubMed and the peer review literature
these effects are seen in all life forms plants animals insects microbes in
humans we have clear evidence of cancer now there is no question we have it
evidence of DNA damage cardiomyopathy which is the precursor of congestive
heart failure neuropsychiatric effects this is one woman’s experience of living
on the top floor under cell antennas for two months it started with my daughter
she initially got a rash on her leg that was sort of unexplainable and when she
was trying to explain to me what it felt like she kept saying it was kind of
funny because it wasn’t hurting inside or on the skin
she said it was hurting in the skin and then a few days later she got another
rash on her arm and then another small kind of strange rash and it was the same
thing and then one day in the kitchen she was holding something and she
dropped it because she said it felt like the blood in her hand went cold and in a
wave along her hand to her fingertips and then her hand stayed about and
stayed numb for about 15 minutes some more of the symptoms include a sort of
hissing in my ear in particularly when I’m in my apartment
but for about three days anywhere I went it would you sort of come in I kind of
felt like an antenna and I’d sort of kind of go like trying to find the place
where the the hissing or the buzzing stopped I’ve not slept in my apartment
since last Saturday so week ago now and the buzzing went away after about three
days and also the feeling of tingling all over my body
slowly started to go away but I have noticed that whenever I’m in other
buildings now or anywhere close to I don’t even know what because I was never
sensitive before I’m I’m no light I have I have computers I have all the stuff
that that you know most of us have and I’ve never been sensitive at all but now
when wherever I go I’m feeling the same as I felt in my apartment feeling dizzy
and nauseous and a sort of a metallic taste in my mouth
headache and pressure on my head and just feeling like I want to sort of
faint or throw up and that’s where ever I go now
so I found myself becoming increasingly sensitive to my own you know my own
computer and my own cell phone in ways that I never was before
so if 4G is already doing some of this and I imagine somebody walks around all
day with their phone next to their head for hours upon them they might be able
to they might be doing some damage to themselves but let’s get beyond 4G how
much more potentially dangerous will 5G be and why
well here’s what’s really dangerous about 5G I mean it’s being sold to us a
super-awesome you know your toaster can talk to your door lock it can talk to
your self-driving car like you have a thermostat in your home that knows when
you’re home you have these smart homes like it just really sold to us as being
awesome but the downside is that with this rollout it will be impossible to
exist in a city or to walk outside without being exposed there’s gonna be a
cell tower in front of every few houses and this means that your personal choice
is whether or not you personally use a cell phone or hold it 10 inches away
from your head that cannot escape you from your radiation exposure so let’s
listen to what dr. David carpenter another public health physician and
actually a signatory to this international appeal had to say I asked
him about the safety testing that’s been done with this 5G rollout okay There’s been no safety testing of 5G the reason I think that it’s dangerous is that
there isn’t any specific information to 5G but we know that radiofrequency
radiation of 3G and 4G are associated with the whole variety of different
human health effects everyone is going to be exposed to radiofrequency
radiation more continuously and at higher intensities and that’s going to
cause more human disease so if I was your big brother
or your dad and you’re being a little younger than me and probably have a
little more awareness of this stuff and I asked you so when you described 5G for
those in the audience that maybe don’t understand it
it’s it’s like this alexa thing that’s being sold to us it’s this thing in our
homes where our toasters talking to our phone and our phone is talking to the
internet of things right and if you go online and Google Internet of Things
it’s just like you told everything yeah sounds super amazing that’s what 5G will
eventually want hope to become exactly and you’re saying it’s too much it’s too
omnipresent well I’m saying I’m saying that there should at least be a public
debate about the health effects and the fact is the government is completely not
jumping on the ball I mean because of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which
says that no state or local government can regulate the placement of any cell
towers regardless of environmental effects that has really laid there it is
right there that is really laid the groundwork for this toxic infrastructure
what is that we’re looking at I mean I this is the Telecommunications Act of
1996 it’s long what why am i reading it this basically says that regardless of
health effects you cannot stop the deployment of 5g infrastructure and the
FCC you know which has no health expertise itself is completely captured
by the wireless industry it’s the same playbook that Big Oil used with climate
change or big tobacco with cigarettes you know they’re really deceiving the
public and selling this to us as something that doesn’t have a lot of
risks but you know who hasn’t been fooled the insurance companies they are
not selling any product liability policies that cover cellphone radiation
because they aren’t fooled by these studies and look when people like it is
when what usually like when you or I go online and find reports about wireless
tech to find that it’s harmless or that there’s no evidence of harm we’re
usually looking at industry sponsored studies yeah and it’s not a question
about whether we don’t want to move toward new technology we just want to
make sure that that new technology is tested before we put it out there so good stuff I know love I’m just a normal
works in the clinic with patients and I listen to the I agree in literature when
professors say this the new 5G wireless technology involves millimeter waves
which extremely high frequencies producing photons of much greater energy
that we’ve already heard about them 4G and allowing this technology to be used
without providing safety is reckless in Extreme as the millimeter waves are
known to have a profound effect on all parts of the human body they did studies
but this was actually a very good study it was controlled and they controlled
for heat and if you put Wi-Fi two inches away from a kind of water question if
you like garlic rice growing compared to one this even bit further way they’re
still using Wi-Fi just a further away you can see the difference this is an
anti-life technology there is absolutely no doubt about it this was released by
Muckrock which is the kind of online magazine and they gave a Freedom of
Information request to one of the American fusion centers which is a
government Center to do a security in terrorism they put in a basic freedom
request about something you know reasonably innocuous and they were sent
by mistake documentation and the documentation showed how towers and this
technology was going to be used to control the population now I thought I
very rarely will put stuff up like this unless I’ve got an official source and
this was official he went all through the details of how you affect the human
body even to the point of putting voices in their head okay now I’ve seen a
demonstration of that done with music which it can do now this is just I don’t
not going to go off on a tangent about it they knew about that since in 1974
for crying out loud so do you really want this stuff bombard you I don’t
think so okay so if anyone who says to you it doesn’t cause any damage and
there’s no studies that’s complete nonsense because there’s 11 research
separate research groups reporting nerve damage from this irradiation
another paper once again showing that it’s goes into the brain into the
hypothalamus and the hypothalamus or the areas of to do it memory to do with
sailing their children abuse these areas can be damaged and to how you fall
memory as well I’m going to show you now clip I played it before some of you may
see this guy you’re going to hear is Jordy Rose or gaudy rose he is the
developer with a company of quantum computers quantum computers are used by NASA his computers are used by NASA and Google and others to develop the AI technology
AI thing that’s going to be in this this new synth of buddies okay this kind of
consciousness these computers already connect outside of this dimension with
two to the five hundred power dimensions that’s from their white papers and their
literature too to the 500 power dimensions they connect and he’s talking
about using this intelligence from these dimensions in these machines to bring
them to life now this is actually for real which is not a joke and this is
with him speaking listen very carefully I don’t know if any of you are
turn-of-the-century weird fiction fans but there’s this guy named HP Lovecraft
who’s a very famous American weird fiction author and he exposed a view
which is called cosmicism and the essence of cosmicism is cosmic
indifference so he what he was saying is basically yes there are these massively
intelligent entities out there but they’re not good they’re not evil
they just don’t give a shit about you even in the slightest the same way you
don’t care about an ant is the same way they’re not gonna care about you and
these things that were summoning into the world now are not demons they’re not
evil but they’re more like the Lovecraftian great old ones there are
entities that are not necessarily going to be aligned with what we want so this
transition is really really massively important for our entire species to
navigate and going back to that thing that Sam Harris was saying nobody is
paying attention this thing is happening in the background while people bicker
about politics and what what’s going to be in the health care plan in the US and
underneath it all is this rising tsunami that if we’re not careful is going to
wipe us all out okay so 5G is a component of this this
is what you need to understand that’s the leading guy in the world
NASA has his computer Thank you for watching until the end, it’s a fact that
the purpose of the 5g deployment is not only for communication purposes,
but hidden technology for controlling humanity in many different ways, it’s
illegal and lethal. We need to act and act fast. Please let me know your
thoughts in the comments below I hope to have you back for my next video, bye
thanks for watching

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  • 5G "fifth generation" there is not a increase in power transmission, inside those antenna boxes there are 64 small active directive antennas, the most disturbing thing is the electronic part, a "Magnetron" generator equivalent to sonar/radar (highly harmful) heat ray cannons for crowds and also microwave ovens.. the emission "power" of 4g tec are equivalent of 5g, we are already in danger, new antennas just make the work more precisely! Without forgetting the lithium batteries, which emit small gamma photons to the delight of our DNA.. boiled frog technique!

  • I tried to get people in my community interested in this topic. They are indifferent, saying the government would never do anything to hurt us. It will be the end of us if we don’t stop the spread of this technology.

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