Finding a Place to Grow Old | Quicken Loans

as an actor I never thought I would have
a home I actually thought I would always be in apartments and it wasn’t until I got
serious about having a marriage and family along with that came the feeling
that we would definitely want to have a home we were both taking a new step going back
to where we had grown up I had decided that I wanted to become a teacher I can put
down roots here I can be a part of the community and I continue to live in a
place where I teach we went back and forth for maybe a year or two looking at our
salaries at the time and thinking okay are we ready yet I was the one who would
easily fall in love with nearly every open house we went to but this one I just had
my heart set on it the house really seemed to have a lot of integrity and character a home to
me means a stable place for my family to grow there are things that will stay with
you for the rest of your life that gives that place a little bit of magic
after the house is paid off we’ll be able to take the money that we were paying
towards our housing costs and use it to pay for kids’ education every month when we make a payment I
know that I’m getting closer to my goal of having the freedom to go freelance I’ll
have more time to spend with two my children and my husband and also have time for
theater these are all huge decisions changing careers getting married buying
a house deciding to have a child and a second child they can be really scary
having the house makes me feel really optimistic we’re really looking forward
to spending our lives here raising our children here and a growing old here

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