Finding Contentment in a Socialist Society

you're such an asshole hi kids doing asshole consulting let's get this party started dear captain hope this email finds you well Ryan in hopes of utilizing your services that asshole consulting you get a little advice my current situation I've got where I am in life by listening to people who are more experienced than I am at determining for myself has said if and determining for myself as said advice will reasonably provide a net benefit in discard that which I don't and I expect your advice will prove to be the former more so than the latter I'd like to eat ice guys this is I charge this guy 75 bucks it could be way it could be a lot cheaper you guys to sanctify it well I could preface this email by saying that I live off the premise that everything is my fault that every consequence a determinant a detriment in my life is my own responsibility to mitigate and prepare for if something bad happens to me as a result of someone else it was my home fault for not taking preventative actions against the effect by the person perpetuating their front not 100 percent realistic since I can't play for everything but this mindset to serve me well so far yeah I I found that investing in insurance pays more dividends now than investing in things that grow us that's a sad state of the economy where you're more invested more interested in protecting what you got then um then going and creating new stuff results are all that matter at the end of the day and it doesn't matter who gets those it gets you those results or how they happen the blame game isn't something I play because of this it doesn't matter if it's someone else's fault I'm the one I love the cons I thought that 27 year old male working the oil field in Colorado excellent paying job with the 16-hour days that go with it on a 14 days on seven days off schedule why know that you advocate for a life of minimalism and living a quality life of working less hours by mitigating costs in bills such as rent I do have some standards of living that I won't go without at this current point in time I know that it's only putting more time on commuting my desired savings but it's a choice I've made with full understanding I may decent money but I'm working on getting my savings up as well as an insurance and both silver resorts for the client of the u.s. dollar and I refuse to go into debt for anything save a small Hospital in the middle of bumfuck nor Nebraska I would also throw in cryptocurrency I'm almost gold is almost too valuable to precious because you can't divide it up I'm very Pro silver and I'm very Pro cryptocurrency not a lot not a lot my saying it's valued at it's right price right now but you should have a little bit of it Oh everybody's investment portfolio but that's a general aim I have no delusions that such long-term plans are set in stone financially I got fourteen thousand net worth subjecting electronic investments 401k from arc when I'm counter considering Mike no Social Security check I add or trying to add a thousand of my savings every month at least precious metals investments dude you need two hundred ounces of silver that's it two hundred ounces of silver per person that's my usual rule of thumb usually more but life gets in the way you know how it is once I've got my goal of metal and start considering other investments my only involvement in the college scam was an EMT certification luckily I only took on about four thousand in debt and I have already paid it off with the only debt that currently happening my new cell phone why are you going to dev for a cell phone what really cell phone you don't even have time to use your smart phone I just get a flip phone or a tracfone or something at Walmart I no excuse for taking on the certification especially as a support masters only make about twelve dollars an hour story no this was my idiot idiocy for not looking into it beforehand but to be fair this was when I was fresh out of high school socially speaking out I have many friends man because I have little to no interest in cultivating and relationships dealing with people even my own parents who I love feels like a second job that I have to put up with let's say can maintain civility I don't know if it's Asperger's my general misanthropy or what probably could you talk too much you don't get to the point but wherever I'm around people I just want to leave it that could be you have a high IQ – that might be another Channel don't don't don't be so good I got a vowel disease Asperger's or autism now you know romantically speaking I've got no real interest there as I'm straight as an arrow but women and drama and effort I can do without I'll take the label of McDowell and be scorned for it but aside admiring beauty and the first five minutes of conversation I should enjoy with them the remaining time around female sex is nothing to me but irritation even the attractive ones to express romantic and sexual interest porn does the job just fine well plus you're working so much there's no way you could really have a relationship ha be wise I'm a homebody I detest going out with a passion fishing working food and miscellaneous dealings are the only reason I leave my townhome well the real hobbies are fighting with people on the internet over political issues playing holier-than-thou ISM with other libertarians listening to podcasts and videos by Liberty ask people while playing computer games the reading news articles an interesting psychological sociological pieces on what yeah you need to unplug from the internet that's not gnome you need to unplug the sad pathetic list of hobbies maybe yes yes definitely but I find them the most interesting and tolerable take them or we're going to the bar club hey alright yeah they are better than that but you need to go outside and see people my question you know is despite appearing even more cynical than I am you do seem to have found some form of contentedness in your life how what is it that you've done where you've woken up at least in some on some days and look forward to how it would play out where you've honestly wanted the next day to come and despite all your disgust towards the world enjoy it thank you for your time airiness email look forward to hearing back from you sign I won't mention your name um okay the contentedness my contentedness has been achieved by drastically lowering my expectations out of life the people the career the happiness the dating that your everything your soul Dax and the world is only capable of delivering why and the sooner you realize that this is the absolute best you can get ahead of things could get a lot worse then your content alright and that's how that's that's what when I when I realized no I'm not gonna make my quarter million a year no I'm not gonna be a financial joy I am a financial genius gonna pay me for it once I realized what the world is capable of delivering I stopped trying to get this cuz that was just wasting my time I said oh okay I'm not no one unless your mouth is this big and you can deep throat a cock that's eight inches long and that wide you're not gonna make it and you're not gonna achieve that goal in fine isn't it once I realized that oh you know what a girl who's a 9.5 and is a stem major and it can support my back and covers our own and is independent minded that doesn't exist oh but there's a seven who's an accountant that will um once I realized oh you know working hard and my passion for economics and that was not fun but going out and hiking right motorcycles look then I did them well and then also when I realized that when life is telling you hey we're gonna throw money at you first night I taught dance class I was making three output yeah three hundred fifty an hour now of course that was rigged because so many people would signed up what's that realize that you know people want you to teach dance people want to write books people on you to podcast once I realized that and I went that way you know I wanted to do this know you're gonna do this which isn't necessarily less it's just getting rid of your expectations and not hoping another thing which are currently wrestle with now is finding friends that can go out and keep up and I got to keep telling myself frankly nobody could keep up with me nobody they don't have the perfect trifecta they don't have enough money they don't have enough time and they don't have the stamina or the energy very few three people have that very few and I thought yeah no I don't know anyone that can keep up with me quite true I don't know anyone that can keep up with me because I don't have a lot of money but you know a lot of this is also that I you know bomb free lodge as a huge is a bum free lodging off of people and motorcycles are pretty easy to maintain you can get very good fuel efficiency but can't find anyone that can keep up with me hiking I can't find anyone that has the freedom and the time that I do and a lot of that has to do with me being able to do work on air sell consulting I can't find people oh yeah they might have the money they might have the time but they're old and retired they can't write they might have the time they might have the stamina but they ain't got the money there's always one missing lower your standards lower your standards lower your expectations cuz you're gonna ruin your life with this expectation because life is not capable of delivering they're capable of delivering here once those are insane thinking then then you let go it's depressing and sad you give up your dreams I mean right now I'm in Rapid City it's been a dream of mine to own property on the hill and I've been running around looking and doing a market analysis and all that and the fact is it's cheap if you look at taxes and HOAs which I don't know why they're out here it's cheaper for me just to rent a very Schwank place for three months out of the year very Swank and pay a quarter of what I would actually owning a piece of property so it's it's always lowering their expectations lower your expectations look at how pathetic and sad and an unimpressive most of society is and then say what are they capable of delivering what are these morons these these conform ease these normies these in fear what are they capable of delivering you're on a highway your car might your motorcycle might be capable of 200 miles an hour well it's too bad that some from Nebraska and someone from IO are going side by side at 45 miles an hour just do bad so that's one thing um another thing contentedness is accepting when I do and do not control I don't pay attention to politics anymore I don't control it I really don't and I'm not gonna waste my time worrying about it hey did you get the social justice warriors did this and that and the economy's been – the Society's going to crap and we're losing the freedom of speech yeah I heard I don't care I really don't care hey do you know that you might get deep platform and this and that and then yeah I might happen again investing in in insurance this is why we have the older brother back up the USS older brother yeah I might have a bond I could work us out of my control what are you doing dog so also accepting what I do and do not control is a big thing and that's how I and then another thing I do is I remind myself probably three times a day not intentionally something like I got a young you know on alarm that reminds me of it but I remind myself that I'm finite I'm going to die and I'm going to spend my time having fun doing what I want yesterday I went for it gosh for our motorcycle ride hey hey stop making noise see they do it they know not to make noise with it what you want to come up come on what let's go get help with the show does that make your noise alright alright sit sit good dog and stay there anyway packing it in and having as much fun as possible like yesterday I did a motorcycle ride from Rapid City out to land bully or wanly because when I check out a beaut that was out there that I saw before I did some fossil hunting and egg and hunting along the way looped up into Kotoka came back over on the interstate had a wonderful right today I'm gonna go right up the Spearfish see a fan of mine I'm gonna have lunch gonna be great I would probably go for a walk and hit the gym after this in Rapid City um I make sure that I have fun my life is not geared towards work I put fun living life first and foremost not my career my career if you could call it that it is too fond my fun in my life and so that's how I have this content I don't give a shit um right now I'm already spoken for but another huge thing and I gave this up like – twelve years ago is girls I am totally sympathetic with the original make town movement not the weirdos sex doll fucking you know creepers that they become now but that's a that's a huge thing where you don't control like hey here's the bait if any fish bite fine but the the BS the dramatics the the psychological toll I can totally understand and as you guys get old you're gonna say how much time did I waste chasing these pains in the asses I might know done done you retire you get out you go live your life because you again you you you can control it in to a certain extent it's it's a two-sided equation you control half you don't control the other half and when you're successful you're like wow this is success listen get to drama and pains in the asses and everything this is success No so you're you've got you're kind of more monk though I'm gonna say with all this video games stuff you gotta knock that shit off and porn no I'm not gonna now I know you them the Neo big towel where I'm just picturing a fat ugly guy jerking off the porn alright no you're not going out and hiking and doing anything so you're not adventuring in life and that's gonna pass you by well what did you do I looked at a lot of porn why in between working on an oil rig yeh alright so that's you need to go out and enjoy life that way but that's how I've gotten contentedness is just letting go of things I didn't control and not caring about the future boys and it's easy for me to do that because I didn't have any kids oh my god heaven help you people that had kids and actually give a shit about the future of the country that's hilarious I always laugh I love it when white liberals breed and then they send their kids to the diversity school it's like yeah this is gonna be fun you tell them how much they suck because they're white yep you tell them you you tell them how privileged they are but I could be very flippant about it cuz I don't have kids I have no skin in the game literal genetic skin in the game I don't care matter of fact is time to lose on I cheer on demise of Western civilization cuz I look and it's like all the good people are dying off or they're a very small minority I can't wait you guys deserve the Venezuela you want so I uh that's how I find contentedness and that's another there's maybe another thing I've learned to look at how miserable the enemy is yes the left is winning but have you seen a happy leftist the the left is winning in that they've managed to tax themselves enslave themselves to getting master's degrees and not being able to truly work until they're 30 having to beg for government handouts their entire lives so they're made up fo careers um and they're getting so bad some of them come up with entirely made up genders so they can feel special people are tattooing themselves shaving their heads so they're all special when it's all work avoidant imagine the not ok you know they may be or you know we get someone you see someone writing an article and some leftist you know like god dang it how does that person at that job that person is not getting paid that person lives in New York is struggling to make ends meet XO Jane is a perk look at all their writers or what's the other feminist when Jezebel all the writers fine yeah you know that rah-rah feminism you go girl we have absolutely great strides of being made women again a ton of unfair advantages through affirmative action and the amount of praise they get an encouragement they get compared to boys or men and it is is insane do they seem happy have you have you met them with their fur babies and then their student loan debts and oh it's all front of a side and so I enjoy if you if you poke through the facade and you look them up on LinkedIn you look at their background these are miserable unsuccessful people miserable because they traded in family and love and their fellow human being for a government check for leftist politics so that's another thing where I really enjoy it I really enjoy watching people get what they deserve it's it's a wonderful thing and and they're getting success but at the cost of their life so that's another thing where I more content but it really is a a let go don't care enjoy the decline type of thing what is it that you've done where you've woken up at least on some days and look forward to how it would play out why make sure I have fun shit to do I'm not sitting there seven days a week playing video games jerking off to porn I'm there five days a week don't know just I don't I don't watch TV I rarely watch TV I got shit to do I go out running I go out hiking I go out golfing I go climbing I I go visit friends I ride my motorcycle round I i probably achieve more in one year of actually more fun in one year than most people do their lifetimes quite literally you know people go to my Instagram account go online I've been posting pictures because I don't feel like writing I just like here's pictures of me having fun whoa dude how do you do it I get it's fun I'm not you know again I've pointed out this before I had a lot of fun during the Obama administration yes it sucked that we're gonna vote in a socialist affirmative action president yes it sucks the season the demise of the United States but by god I had more fun during those administration than any other administration because I let go I let go and it's like I can get pissed off watching Fox News or CNN and Twitter and the Facebook that's another thing I don't I rarely do Facebook and Twitter anymore on that so I've unplugged for anyone watching like oh dude clear use the Turks me like yeah I did and and no offense nothing dude I just can't do it anymore I'll tweet out or Facebook something that I write more of a marketing platform maybe I'll say I drop in um but I'm not I don't even look at people's posts like Oh what happened nope nope don't care yep I'm sure it's some unjust thing and the parasites are going after Purdue I don't care don't care anymore um where you've honestly wanted the next day to come and despite all your disgust towards the world enjoy it well that's that's the other thing is this goes back to the finiteness what are you gonna do your option is you can either enjoy it or you can hate it what do you want to do are you gonna let the bastards get you down or even the biggest proverbial finger you can get the left is enjoying their life because they don't see the most successful Democrat mundo to take the two most successful Democrats you can think of are three let's go with three Maxine Waters Nancy Pelosi Hillary Clinton dude those women look happy to you do you want to be happy like or I know more than one couple where it's a traditional husband and wife they have their kids they live on one income and they're always smiling they're always having a good time ha I know another couple the guy just likes working on guns they go and shoot guns they got a nice dog too like Jarvis here and they just enjoy life they have loved they have friends they have family and they go out and they're not obsessed with power or control or making a change I challenge you go to any leftist publication XO gene and Jezebel being the two primont one because of feminists but take a Huffington Post CNN any or hear something go and look look at any college paper journalist look at their degree in background and imagine what the future lies it and look at what the writing about they're not writing anything new it's all racism sexism and socialism and feminists that's it regurgitate a regurgitated regurgitated dad has got to stagnate if not taxed and pain the brain so much where it's just the same slop over and over again no no I don't want that I don't want you go and you have fun you choose Oh what are we getting Swedish level taxi fine whatever that's the way I didn't control ie I bought a Republican I'm done I'm out I'm done and so that's I don't care about the future of the country I don't care about what I don't control and when I look at what the average American has become including Republicans including Republicans including libertarians you look at them you're like wow you know what you guys deserve exactly again there is justice there is poetic just there is a universal equilibrium that the university will will apply to people I mean I'm gonna bring it up again there's a perfect example famous radio show host co-host sent his daughter to big liberal arts college liberal arts college of does stupid liberal thing did you know and we're paying this bunch of tuition for this worthless degree oh my god it's like if I can't get you guys to get on my team and do the right thing then y'all deserve to go down all of you I mean maybe all the Democrats Azhar what they're gonna get all left is the social justice where they deserve what they're gonna get um and I'd say 75% of the Republicans deserve what they're going to get there's only maybe 25% of 45% of the population that's moral and just and we look at that as a whole it's good the United States is collapsing you find joy in the demise you find justice in the demise and like you're doing now you buy precious metals you get some guns and you hedge against that collapse but there is justice I think there is Venezuela collapse Sweden's getting run over by immigrants they're just literally raping them literally raping them let's go say financially rip us literally and financially raping them from oh it's an orchestra a show it's a movie where it's not the good guys are gonna lose it's the bad guys that could get what they wanted and that's the punishment but the bad guys are so full of themselves and so so proud and stupid and naive and ignorant they don't realize that they're voting a Venezuela upon themselves the feminists don't realize they're voting a life of misery and hatred and and and spinster ISM when they're in their 40s and 50s all right that's it you guys are question-and-answers blah blah blah absol how many what hit the gym get some food we'll see you guys all their doodles you

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  • I only found contentment in socialism once they took my house, all my stuff and destroyed my family with CPS through 3 generations. That pushed me to take an important decision, I am moving to Thailand and will be running a small hotel there until I get my Tech projects up and running. Socialism gave me a clear direction in life. When you have nothing left to lose, you are truely free.
    I now don't give a fuck what anyone thinks, I break any law I feel like, and when shit hits the fan in Europe, I am going back to hunt down the fuckers that signed their names to the papers which ruined me. You are not innocent if you work for the socialist government. There are politicians, police and CPS on my list. I will be back, and hell will follow in my footsteps.

  • One of your best videos. Thanks Aaron. I went bat shit crazy 'cause I didn't have a wise big brother like you when I was younger. 😀

  • I’m in the same predicament. None of my friends have neither the time or the disposable income to do what I do. I had to learn to travel alone and even online game by myself because my pc is too fast.

  • Pff, "Enjoy the Decline" just sounds like a ploy to keep people pacified so they won't rock the statist boat.
    Talk about a self fulfilling prophecy.

  • Aaron thanks for this. I find it very hard to not care. I keep wasting time and energy doing what I can to try to preserve a country that hates me. I often switch between trying to enjoy the decline and trying to save the republic. Both seem futile but videos like this really help, so thanks.

  • If socialism is so bad aaron why does the military, justice system, roads, hospitals, medicare, medicaid, nasa, police, fire , ui, banking system, etc all use the ideology???

  • The one thing cryptocurrency has over precious metals is that it is a hedge against seizure. The US already has a history of seizure by the state and if you're married the threat of divorce-rape always looms on the horizon.

  • This is really a great video with a lot of truth. I'm slowly starting to enjoy the decline too and just giving up caring what happens around me. Especially things i can't control. I live in europe and things are also falling apart fast here. /care

  • There are no shortages of people who use Autism / Aspergers as a cop out. Having said that, it IS a legitimate and physically proven condition. I have it and am doing quite well for myself and am a contributing member of society. Don't be a fucking punk ass in regards to people with those issues, Captain.

  • Not a big fan of his anti-videogame stance. You can be fit and do sports and shit while also liking videogames. IT's like claiming that because you program computers and wear glasses that automatically means you don't go to the gym at all. IT's a stereotype. Videogames are fine. Just everything in moderation. A guy that likes to drink isn't the same as an alcoholic. If what you do is ALL you do, then yeah you are missing out on variety and that can limit your potential. But majority of people are somewhere in between the couch potato who sits in front of screens and the atheletc guy who goes to the gym to look like he-man. Looking like He-man is a sickness of the mind because not everyone finds that ugly bulky look of a wrestler an appealing thing and prefer slim but lean muscle body like a boxer or martial artist where speed and stamina are just as important as raw physical strength. But sitting in front f tv with a beer gut or having skinny frail "Mr.Burns" style body type is just as bad. Everything in moderation. Games are not bad, YOU are bad if you only do that at the expense of other things you could be doing that is productive or useful to you and this is wy I cringe when people equate videogame players as the couch potato slob (homer simpson stereotype) when in reality videogames are mainstream form of entertainment now like listenin to music or watching movie or reading books. In fact there are thing videogames do better than books (like interaction within story) that make them superior form of storytelling. (it's just the latest scapegoat to pick on like dungeons and dragons in the 80s or rock n roll music in the 60s or heavy metal of the 70s whenever individual people do irresponsible shit so that the government can be used to regulate it or make new laws that nobody is going to follow because they are stupid to have)

  • I now love gold because I found this 22k gold arm bracelet in a parking lot at the local mall about a year ago. I decided to sell it last weekend….I was expecting MAYBE about $300….I got $860 in my pocket…..VERY happy camper!! True story.

  • Should I join the Marine Corps.
    I am uterrly bored with this world and not being able to to be come completely close to people on a friend level because of living in a hood rat ghetto culture environment in the city.

  • Good rant . Fuckem all.
    I didn't think it could be , but i had a 63 year old telling me and wifey he was going to get serious about his retirement plan this week . Thought of you brother !

  • Was hoping for some good advice about living in a socialist society since Florida is about to elect a hard-left governor.

  • I get a lot of satisfaction out of hiking from place to place, doing carpentry and restoring antiques as I go. Just finished the Appalachian Trail in fact, will be hitting the Continental Divide Trail in the spring. I hear the fossils out west far exceed what is to be found in the Appalachians.

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