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got it used to this so beautiful out look at this just having the bestest time this week's gonna be all about getting bed prep happening I have to seed some new trays today do a couple little tinkering things on my trailer to get it ready to haul compost tomorrow and I might start marking out some beds sorry I stuffed in some lettuce seedlings of a variety that I planted in a tray so I'm going to do that quickly it feels really nice to be able to get outside like this it sounds nice and warm welcome to the grind please make sure you're subscribed to the channel so this is the exact type of task I try to avoid doing on my farm you want every single seed to make you money and by spending time money energy by planting too many seeds in the same tray this is a complete waste of time this is not going to make me any extra money but it's what has to happen because I put too many seeds in some of these trays when I was ham seeding my mere lettuce because I didn't buy a pelleted lettuce seed so so I made one error that has led to quite a bit more work for me to do which is not that fun but it is really I'm gonna sit here for a little bit work my way through some of these trays and make it so that there's only one lettuce in each of these [Applause] okay what I'm going to do is there's a couple beds of red Russian kale that are like half dead half gross I think I'm just gonna get my lawnmower and I'm because we have a mulching deck on it and I'm just going to quickly know everything then tomorrow I'm gonna go in the morning get my compost come back here and then over the next couple of days I will start to prep out my plot I think I'll probably pop plot out these couple of beds first but it's really interesting or I think it's interesting even these beds of arugula here just so it made it through the whole entire winter but then because we had such a late cold snap and snow everything has died off and it's pretty awesome Multi pretty gross and mucky now I'll just get the mower quickly mow all this and then I will plant my next set of seeds and that will be just about it for the day I'm you know I've been a lot more content lately with how much stuff I've been able to get done and when I was just working when I was working all the time I was never ever content I would I would say the past three years that was a feeling that I missed a lot was I never felt satisfied with how much I could accomplish but now I'm feeling really good about it all why buy a wine [Applause] I'm gonna be honest last year I mowed a couple of beds I didn't show it on video cuz I was kind of embarrassed by it but when a crop had gotten away from me I just used the mulcher and just mulch all in and then tilled but a little a little confessional [Applause] you [Applause] it's a full house in here now my view trays up here this is one of the trays that I just seated I put vermiculite on top same for this one here for Micky light so that should hopefully give me some better results as I wrap up for the day I was saying earlier how about how I'm starting to feel contented even today I don't have anything weighing me down anymore I always have the past couple years I've always felt very compelled like I always had more work to always have more to do and I still feel like I had more work to do but I just know that I'm going to work hard in the allotted time that I have assigned for it and I'm also gonna have breaks you know I think another reason why I'm feeling very content right now is because I've also been experiencing things outside of my farm life where the past couple years I was very focused just on my farm do my farm go to work that was pretty much it pretty much said no to mostly everything else but now I feel like that I'm having a much healthier balance of friends family exercise making sure that I'm going to the gym it threatens other people collaborating with other people creatively I just feel that I'm being a lot more well-rounded and so I think that that might be another factor into why maybe I'm feeling this contentedness but for the past couple years I've always felt very overwhelmed especially the beginning the season like that I was never gonna have enough time to do everything and this year I really really really don't feel like that at all I was just looking out there and it was one of those times where I just felt really nice to be outside and I was just thinking about getting my compost tomorrow and hopefully that goes okay and then it's kind of one of my only words right now is that something's gonna happen with that trailer when I get to compost but first it's just an irrational fear I'll just go and take my time and it's only about half an hour away so it should be fine we'll have an adventure okay well I'll see you tomorrow don't miss out on any future videos make sure you subscribe by hitting the farmer icon while you're at it why don't you give this video a thumbs up

15 thoughts on “Finding contentment in a workday | The Grind 409

  • Man, I have been feeling the same way the past couple of weeks. It's like my anxiety is getting more used to the work load, and thinking more realistically about potential problems.

  • No better use for a mulching mower! Love it! 👍🏻 Confession is good for the soil! LOL So glad you've found contentment in your job/life! It's how it should be! ❤️🧡💛Great planning makes for less pressure!

  • The simple pelleted seed mix up seems like the gift that keeps on giving….I'm pretty sure that I have already made several of those little mistakes getting started. Thanks for keeping it real!

  • also, i don't screen my compost for seed starts, do you notice a difference between screened vs. not screened?

  • Ha ha I like your confession that you didn’t show mowing down a crop last season. Thinking of all the times I’ve told myself, “gotta remember to edit out that part.” 😁

  • I find there is a certain zen in getting stuff done! Glad to see you using the vermiculite; it has helped us a lot. Keep on keeping on! ~ Kir in Tennessee

  • Don't worry man we had to jump on the tractor and mow the farm down last year, a couple beds is no biggie 😉

  • You need to see if you can get your channel sponsored by the new Top Gun movie…you're looking very Maverick lately. Keep up the good work!

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