Finding Financial Freedom

What comes to mind when you hear the term
financial freedom? Some immediately think about retiring early,
while others imagine a remote country utopia where they can create a life free from debt. I’m Scott Gordon, CEO of Open Mortgage and
to me financial freedom simply means being able to fund your priorities whatever those
may be for you. In our last video I discussed what it means
to set goals based on your financial reality. Today I’m asking you to go a little further
to think about what financial freedom would mean for you, and whether your current savings
and spending habits can get you there. So often we get caught up in our own world
trying to keep up with what neighbors, friends, or those around us deem important. It’s not a bad thing, but sometimes it keeps
us from focusing on what’s right for us as individuals. If you’re thinking responsibly about your
financial future, there will probably be trade offs you’ll have to make when it comes to
spending. But when you’re sure of your priorities you’ll
feel confident knowing you’re saving and spending for the right things. Your version of financial freedom probably
isn’t the same as your neighbors and that’s a good thing to remember when you see a new
car in your neighbor’s driveway. Live your plan, not your neighbors. Speak to you soon.

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