Finding Inner Peace – Guided Meditation

welcome to carries consciously in let's find some inner peace together go ahead and lay down in a comfortable position or you can meditate in a seated position whichever you prefer they're comfortable close your eyes and let go of the outside world go inside prepare to start to slow down allow your body just to kind of relax and soften into the darkness imagine you're going inside your own special world you're safe quiet sanctuary time to meditate start to follow your breath be aware of your breath in its normal regular pattern don't change it in it anyway just allow yourself to breathe normal watch as your breath goes in be an observer from the inside so imagine your breath in your mind as a visual thing imagine you can see your breath coming into your body going down into your lungs down into your abdomen and then watch your breath and observe as you breathe out and exhale imagine when you breathe in your sweep in the inside of your body clean starting to cleanse yourselves your blood your bones the muscles like a breath of fresh air that you're breathing into your body and when you breathe out imagine that you're just releasing all the dust and the dirt and the debris that you need to let go of imagine you're blowing it too out of your body you're using your breath to cleanse your system from the inside start to lengthen your breath make it longer and slower feel how your body responds to this type of breathing your mind sends signals to the rest of your body to start to slow down to relax and let go your muscles start to soften allow your bones to get heavy everything starts to become Mostel and quiet inside using your mind and your imagination imagine that rather than being way you are you're actually outside and you're standing facing a very tall mountain you have a backpack on your back with water and snacks if you need it and you're about to take an adventure you're about to go up this mountain you start to walk the trail to feel the earth underneath your feet crunching ground as you step forward the day is perfect there's a slight breeze in the air not too sunny not too cold you have an intention to climb in this mountain when you reach the top you're going to gain a whole new perspective a completely different frame of mind you can feel your legs starting to work harder imagine in your mind that the mountain is getting steeper just a little bit harder to climb but you keep going keep tracking up the mountain this beautiful wildflowers growing on the hillsides you can hear birds in the sky it's very peaceful and calm there's no one around it's like you're on your own personal journey a journey to find inner peace and a whole new perspective keep going higher and higher trekking higher up the mountain you notice your legs feeling tired the muscles will start to get heavier your feet feel heavier but you keep going slow down a little bit but you keep going going higher higher backpack feels just a little bit heavier at this point you stop and take a drink the water is refreshing cool to feel the water going down your throat and into your abdomen you keep tracking up the hill going higher and higher until eventually you get to the top you sit down and look at the view the view is worth every step of the journey you can see for miles and miles around it's like everything down below is miniature minuscule everything down below is real but yet it's not such a big deal just like your life from this viewpoint as you sit you can see all the different areas of your life family work intimate relationships friends you can see all the different areas the different areas that affect you on a daily basis and even if there's different things going on in each one of this areas from this viewpoint you get a sense that everything is going to work out just the way it's a power still whether that's good or bad you have a calm kind of resigned feeling inside that everything is going to be okay one way or another you take a nice big deep breath and feel the sensations of just being okay throughout your entire being if things are gonna happen it's okay if change is gonna take place it's okay if there's something that doesn't feel so good that you're facing right there in front of you it's gonna get more and more pressing it's okay you just have this deep and grained feeling that everything will turn out the way it's supposed to be and this gives you a really nice sense of freedom freedom to let go of all the worry freedom to loosen up the grip that you have on your life you feel like you could just put everything be you look around this beautiful for you from this higher perspective and it all makes sense the things currently happening in your life make sense even if at times your will seems like it's upside down it all makes sense feel comfortable with it like it's part of the plan part of the bigger picture seeing this from this higher perspective you feel a great sense of inner peace your heart is calm your shoulders are soft and relaxed your jaw is relaxed your whole body just feel safe and comfortable you can stay here and rest for as long as you want to stare now to these beautiful views allow your mind to show you clearly all of the different perspectives as you sit and meditate and appreciate this great sense of inner peace you you you you you you

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  • Hi Cory this is the first time I’ve ever commented on anything before but I just wanted to let you know that I have an AWSOME idea for a vid so it would be called Heidi, Cherry, Vaya, Tucker & Leo go on a trip to the carnival (or a shorter name) and the problem is that they all go on the Ferris wheel and some how manage to get stuck at the top of the ride (cuz the person controlling the Ferris wheel I guess broke the handle or something like that but I haven’t thought about the resolution yet…
    Anyway it would be amazing if u could do that for me thanks soooo much 🙂

  • 11th love u cory!!
    Edit) P.S. My sub goal is 15 I have 13 and I need 2 more make it happen peeps! Thank you everybody that subs.

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