100 thoughts on “Finding Peace In Pain – Digital Ummah *LIFE CHANGING VIDEO*

  • Dear Brother Nouman, Alsslamualaikum!
    I want to listen to your talks. I want to learn from you, but I find that it’s sometimes almost impossible to understand you. Please take my message as a suggestion, not a criticism. Far be it for me to criticize so learned a Muslim brother.
    For years, I taught Public Speaking at a University and so it’s with this background that I recommend you take a few lessons in how to reach your audience.
    Remember three things inherent in a good delivery …subject, audience, purpose.
    You know your subject, without a doubt.
    If your audience includes internet viewers then you have to account for your delivery to make it clear and comprehensible otherwise your purpose will not be achieved. If your audience includes children, seniors, hearing impaired then you have a duty to them as well to give clear delivery.
    You run your words into each other like a train out of control. Please consider these ….pronunciation, enunciation, tone, stress, juncture, pauses, rhythm. I’m not going into the notion of body language here.
    Take your time. Give each word, each syllable it’s value. These will make your speech clearer and a joy to listen to. Better to say a few sentences that are well delivered than many which are incomprehensible.
    Ma’a Salaama

  • Brothers and sisters I beg you all to pray for my mother, she was diagnosed with c… i'm even scared to name it. you all have mothers and you know how hard it is! Please pray for her cure / shifaa as she is your own mother. May Allah give long life to your own parents! Please!

  • the Anglican view on Allah or god is that he still helps his in our short comings and that his answer isn't always the best for our situation.

  • Amazing! I am actually from Pakistan. I have a question that what if you are being patient from so long for a good thing to happen in your life, and when it happens someone amongst you just because of ego not want this to happen and you are still returning to that place from where you started your struggle, and this person is someone really close to you and elder than you. And people are all laughing at you. But you are just having firm belief on Allah swt that every thing will be fine. I am actually so sad at this kind of people that in spite of being Muslims they are doing this stuff.

  • I am in extremly pain.my health is not ok.i am just 22.i am facing too much difficulty.Alhamdulillla i recovered my sickness aftr 6 years.but still thr r some complctions nd it will be needing more time to get full recovery.Now i can read my 5 daily prayers.j also hv anxiety.Something hppnd recently which is making me anxious .i cannot get rid of stress.
    the thing whch i wanna knw is if i pray tahhajjud nd thn if i cannot pray my all of the 5 mendatory prayings…will allah accept my dua in tahhajjud?

  • My experience being an addict, and now alhamdulilah being off them, left me with a big void.
    I felt a void that no amount of drugs would numb, no time with friends could occupy, no amount of food would fill. Nothing could come close to fill this void as islam does, and having faith in allah gives me so much contempt that NO amount of drugs could ever come close to, even if they did give me some extent of contempt, nothing lasts as long as the feeling contempt with islam. Alhamdulilah rab alaimeen. Alhamdulilah may allah help those who derail from his path.

  • dear brothers and sisters, i beg you to help me make dua for my father. he has lung cancer since june 2017 and is the strongest person i know. he already survived a lot of things, not everybody would have survived.
    alhamdullilah i know that allah can help him again. i keep praying and asking allah to cure him or sooth his pain and suffering. honestly i am not losing my faith, i am just so sad and powerless and hopeless that i can’t do much right now except ask others to help me with that.
    i don’t know anything anymore. i just don’t want him to be suffering all the time. it hurts me so much, i can’t even imagine what he must be going through all this time.

    i am so incredibly thankful for every second i get to spend with my dad. to me, he is the most perfect father allah could have ever given me. i just can’t let go of him yet.

    please pray with me, his name is ali and he is still a fighter. he can barely talk right now, but would always call out to allah, even in his worst times.

    i love him so much and to all the people who see their loved ones suffer: i’m praying for you, too. i know that everything happens for a reason and times will get better again. i just need more strength from allah, and my dad does, too.

    i hope you have a great day and stay blessed

  • Allahu, this topic really what I need at this tough times..maybe from your Lecture Allah wanted me to have faith on him..Please pray for me that all my problems will solve easely and Allah SWT open the door of success for us BTW currently I'm a student but I tried to challengw myself to be active at College but I felt so down due to alot of work and the stress that I got, I do hope that Allah SWT will help me to be cool and do the work properly..in Shaa Allah and aamiin pray for me pleaseee

  • In every pain I find comfort when I bow down my head in earth for sujood Subhan Allah . 🙏🏻I really love when I pray and I feel so much relief and comfort Alhamdullilah Jazāk Allāhu Khayran🙏🏻😊

  • I am one of those muslim who have some of this problems. Up until now Allah has given me many advantages (wealth) but then I have problems to make spouse because my habit is to hard to change when I am adult now. I also want to have beautiful spouse so that I could be happy. But I focused so much on one thing in the past and neglecting the others. Now, I dont have many friends and I am strugglinh to find a spouse. I am soon to reach 25 years.

  • Actually, there are three options: 1) complain to Allah about taking the good times away, 2) develop a greater closeness to Allah, or 3) realise that everything is transient and there will always be suffering eventually. Why posit the existence of a mythical being who egocentrically demands your worship? Instead, simply understand and accept the nature of life with courage rather than seeking a psychological crutch….

  • alhamdulillah. truly this video helped me a lot. these days i felt really stressed. i never felt doing anything . i felt lost , everyplace i was was like hell. alhamdulillah ALLAH ( S.W) did bring the light that was lost. jazaka llah for sharing

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  • This Made me realy cry😢so true And i swear i got parelized on my whole right sight And alhamdoulilah allah gave me everything back i could not walk or talk or do anything by my own but he blessed me again never loose faith!

  • استغفر الله العلي العظيم
    يا رب ارزقنا زكاة الروح و نقاءها
    اللهم اغفر لنا وارحمنا واعفو عنا

  • I love that: the next feeding was from the same mother because he wouldn't drink from anyone else musa aleyhi salam. Is one of my fav prophets masha Allah

  • I have a question, If Allah made a house for every human being in ferdous than why Allah made other jannah?

    If our ultimate destination is jannatul ferdous than making only one jannah would be logical?

  • I have unknown undiagnosed disease (even the doctors don't know what it is) causing me a lot of mental and physical distress……… I don't know where I am headed in life.
    Please pray that Allah eases my affairs.


    Allah tells us in the Quran that if there is one thing you can get in this life which will be more valuable than anything that can be achieved on the face of this Earth: it is closeness to Allah and truly developing a bond with Him. Everything will be alright if we are able to hold onto this.

    Our problem lies in the fact that when life is good, we get distracted. Allah moves out of the picture, and in comes a new focus that we  entertain 24/7. However, when the tides turn against us, and the usual grievances of "why is this happening to me?" start to creep up and push us towards the edge of the cliff..we have two options left to choose from.

    We can either be of those people who turn their faces away, and end up incurring the worst loss known to mankind, by loosing out on this world and also the next…or we can be of those people who can earn the most beautiful of treasures and that is mastering the art of Tawakul and Taqwa which will bring us closer to Allah.

    In Surah Muminoon Allah mentions that the believers will inherit Paradise:
    “That is Paradise, which We give as inheritance to those of Our servants who were fearing of Allah.” [Quran, 19:63] inheritance is something that is handed down to you by virtue of family ownership.

    The word "inheritance" sounds a bit odd because in other places in the Quran, Allah says that the believers will "enter paradise". The understanding of this verse can be studied further in light of another Hadith in which the Prophet SAWS said that Allah has made a house in Jannat ul Firdaus for every-single-human being. Not just exclusively for every muslim believer, but for every single human being created on the face of this Earth.

    When some people were tried and tested, they were the ones who fell off the cliff. Allah had everything laid out for them. They were destined to reach the highest ranks of paradise, but they just didnt want to go. So when believers go there, and find so many empty homes of people who just wernt able to make it.. they will be the ones who will "inherit" the homes and be the people Allah talks about in Surah Muminoon.

    May Allah make us of those who inherit those homes in Jannah and not those whose homes remain empty. The house Allah built for you and me is already there. The expectation from Allah for you to enter the highest place in Jannah is already there. Dont mess it up. Dont fall off the edge, dont loose your faith in Allah. Just think of these tough times as Allah wanting to see what price you are willing to pay for that house. May Allah ease all of our difficulties and dispose off our affairs in the most beautiful way possible. Ameen.

  • Bro. Is a thank you enough? You are my favourite air traffic controller.. get me out of turbulent skies..and to a safe landing

  • Your lectures have become a routine of my everyday life. It is refreshing and peaceful and very relatable to every single instance in my life. Thank you for this. May Allah bless your soul!

  • such a lovely lecture BUT PLEASE don’t put some random guy humming because it is very disruptive. Thank You

  • Absolutely right ,excellent statement…no doubt every Muslim will be examined by the Allha………bcs Allha is saying in QURAAN….in chapter of Ankaboot… every that people who brought Imaan on Quraan In their life of course those people will be examined…….

  • May Allah bless him. There so many thing I've learned by watching his videos. Thanks very much Nouman Ali Khan. All the ummah love you

  • my friend is a Muslim but she is suffering lot of problems in her life she was sufferd by fits severely she was 26 and she refused to marry some guys she needs to be happy you know yesterday she was crying at me anf probably iam hindhu people and i dont know he god really exist or not be if he is from now this one last time i pary to him WHOEVER LISTENING JUST DO SOMETHING TO KEEP MY FRIEND HAPPY SHE NEEDS YOU EVEN TAKE ME TAKE MY EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE IAM READY TO SACRIFICE BUT MAKE HER HAPPY she is in lot of pain plz help her plz someone do praying kind of stuff or duo whatever it is just do that i beg behalf of everyone who seeing the comments plz help her

  • Dear brother Nouman..;
    I just ask about one subject and it means a life or death for all involved..
    Can you please bring the rightest tafseer about the state of the earth and the sun and the moon..Which one is stationary which one is in an orbit and revolving and around what..???
    You are my last resort for Ihave consulted so many so called reliable people and sources and they all are backing up the zionist perception which is still currently being taught in the education
    If you are really who you show you are you will not be influenced by the hoodwinkers and interpret those Ayahs in their true meanings..

  • Sometime I see my friend life and compare it to me, most of my friend are getting married, raising their beautiful child, have a permanent job, give money to their parents. While me still struggling to achieve what they have now. Failed on many job interview. Until I start to complain to Allah, why why??? I pray, I pray keep pray but still nothing. I start to recite Quran, but still feeling empty. I never get what I want. Then I realize, I have more than enough now, parent, lovely sister and brother, and good friends. I just need to be sincere in doing worship. Allah plan my life beautifully. I believe on that. InshaaAllah. Subscribe my acc pls.

  • Masha Allah very beautiful lecture. thank you Mr Nouman Ali khan. but before thanking you i would thank Allah(SWT) . Allah has showed me this video at a very good point or else i have done a very bad sin. sukar Alhamdulillah. THANK YOU ALLAH. LOVE YOU ALLAH.

  • Asalamu Alequm son.
    I listen to most of uour lectures dont know about others but it helps me alot and i post them to all my family and friends hoping it changes their life too.
    May Allah swt bless all your efforts and give you more enlighment and persuation to keep going sadqa e jaariya.hope fully we will change In Shaa Allah.
    We love you Alot son.May Allah bless you sith a long and healthy life.I hope you see this msg.😍😚

  • I was living a luxury life, wallah peace is in Islam only, my change in life started at ibn katheer, I was in tears when i started studying the Holy Quran, finally my hear is at peace now. Thank you my Lord.

  • May Allah bless you you really know what the youth are going Through nowadays and you exactly know what is happening in the minds of the youth it’s like you had similar experience with them I am really thankful that I saw this video it really helped me out .thank you God for this video I will forever be grateful.

  • Can someone please tell me what the name of the nasheed they play at the end is called? It starts at 8.10. Jazakallah!

  • If you enjoyed this lecture, then go the source.

    Read the Holy Quran, these lectures are just a trailer, read and understand the Holy Quran, much more is there to give you real knowledge about so many things that will give you our real peace.

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