First Comes Love Then Comes Everything Else | Quicken Loans

we fell in love with this house the moment we saw it the white picket fence the cobblestone pathway the red door it was like is this a
real house or what I had never expected to buy a house before getting engaged in fact I said it
ten times thinking that would just speed up the engagement we wanted to move in together
and we realized at the time that you know mortgage payments weren’t far off from
rent we decided to look at some open houses you know no pressure just for fun and
what happened was we walked into this house and we loved it and so we had to make a decision and it
was it was a little scary I mean my parents told us not to do it it was
scary because we were gonna have to use our savings but what else was it doing what is it for what’s that money for it’s for now it’s for making our lives amazing now it took a little longer than expected but
eventually I did propose to Alison we were in the backyard and it just kind of hit us and we were like you know what let’s just have a wedding back here we had already gone out of order we already bought the house and then got engaged so it was ok to flip the script of the wedding a little bit too so after we were engaged we got some more good news we were able to refinance our mortgage so we saved a bunch of
money and it was great cause then we can use this money and put it into the wedding which
essentially was putting into our home ya my dad looked at that concrete outside and said we could build a deck here and let’s build a BBQ island and he sort of took me under his
wing and showed me the ropes and we built this wonderful deck you know sometimes I’ll go outside and it’s funny cause I’ll be like I did that we don’t regret buying a home for one minute we have a wonderful son Luke who’s a year old and sure it’s a little scary but you know we’ve been leaping into all of these other things and they’ve been turning out great so why not just keep going since we’ve had the home
it’s really opened up my eyes to what we can do one of the things that’s so fun
about having a home you’re never finished you know there’s always projects open projects new stuff is always scary but if you don’t try it then you’ll never know how much fun it can be

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