First Lieutenant; Amjad al-Hameed, Defects from the Syrian Army

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful I am Amjad Muhammad al-Hameed. Bedouin; from al-Hadeediyeen tribe. I am a First Lieutenant in the 13 brigade,air force-defense. I declare defecting
from the army, & here is my military ID The reason for defecting: When I visited home 28 of May 2011. I found al-Rastan city surrounded by more than 300 army tanks, BMB vans, and security buses loaded with weapons and munitions. I saw how al-Rastan city was being bombarded by army-tanks’cannons & by machineguns, for 3 days, indiscriminately. I saw the displacement of children, women, & the elderly to farms, while water, electricity, and communication lines were cut off. Water tanks were shelled, In addition to
indiscriminately killing of civilians. So as a result of seeing what I saw during these calamities; after security forces and the army entered the city,
vandalizing stores, homes, & destroying them with bullets. I did return (to be deployed) as my cousin; Abed al-Hameed al-Hameed died in the 1st assault on al-Rastan
by security forces and the army. I was summoned for investigation, and there were the deputy director of the department; Major General Mahmud Airouta,
Major General’ Hasan al-Duraibi, and some elements of the intelligence agency. He (M. G. Mahmud) asked me: “What are you visiting so to participate in Friday prayer in Thursdays and Fridays?” this is the dogmatic army. Since the first demonstration, they (Authorities) deployed Captain Bassam Tamer Dardar and Sergeant-Major Badr Kharma to work with security to crackdown on the protestors; as we saw in Jisr al-Shoghour, Daraa, Talbisa, & Ma’arat al-Numan and the lying media which they use to mislead the army and their reports claiming the existence of armed gangs I, in my turn, join the Brigade of Free Officers and appeal to the Syrian army, which took an oath to protect the homeland and the people. I appeal to Warrant Officers, Officers, and privates to join the people in the peaceful demonstrations which are demanding freedom. Long live Syria, free and independent May Peace, and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.

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