34 thoughts on “First Person Sourcing: Goodwill Outlet | How to Process a Weigh and Pay Store

  • Watch a lot of these videos for bin hauls but none with the cussing and you getting aggravated at people with kids in their cart and you said holding your kid and digging is issue too.Maybe those people are buying stuff for their families and not resell. Maybe they don’t have anyone to leave their kids with.Several of the other bin haulers show people in aisles with carts.. etc. hope your days get better . I’m sorry for comments and I will move on from your site. Which I’m sure will make you happy

  • I go to the Austin Outlet and tons of people take their carts down the aisles with them including me. I don’t know how you gathered that’s it’s an issue and pet peeve for everyone but it’s really not lol

  • shoes at the bins where I live are a source of entertainment for a few regulars to have fun while spending their day.got me once!when a super nice well branded shoe comes out they snatch em up and then shortly after place one in a bin on the top and watch someone dig and dig for the match all over the store.got me on a killer pair of sorel boots and I said never again. if I cant see both in my eyesight,then ill [email protected]!

  • We have too many Somalians that grab tons of shoes and they’ll take them out of your hands till there are no pairs left!

  • I understand that you flip but everyone does. I for one need a cart for support. I walk with a cane and it's hard to hold on stuff plus walking back now forth is very tiring

  • I have been going to the bins for about 6 months now. I wear rubberized work gloves because there is often broken glass as well as diry diapers, etc. in our bins. I haven't really tried to wait around to be first for new rows yet because people block the hole aisle with carts to the point where you can't even squeeze in. :/

  • I bring my cart with me down the aisle and kids are part of life. It's goodwill and the bins. Sorry cannot follow your channel bc of these things. Let people be themselves. Keep your rules for yourself

  • How did you manage to video…last time I was there they were not happy that I was videoing a 15 second bit, made me stop!

  • Thank you for the tips and advice. I love going to the stores and I'll like to resale in the future if I learn quick.

  • After 18 years selling ebay and 6 amazon, footwear: waste of time and money and space.
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  • Nice video. My wife and I stopped at the same Goodwill in Austin in January. We thought it was a really good experience. The first day while walking out, my wife found a cricket vinyl machine for $8 and sold it on Mercari for $106 in less then 12 hours.

  • Don't like the sped up music!! Too chaotic!! We're shopping after all. Well, trying vicariously through you…!

  • Ooohhhhhh…shoe bins you missed a really nice-looking pair of purple ankle Converse shoes for women. Used sell for $35.

  • Man, I remember how fuckin' chingon the GoodWills in Austin were. I would find so much shit that had barely seen any use and it was good shit too. I miss Austin. I NEVER let myself be blocked in by stupid, inconsiderate shit heads like that any where I go. Fuck that. I am a big time asshole. I just move the stupid fucking cart and if they say shit, I just give them a fucking stern look and keep walking. That always does the trick. You have to have a very mean or stern look on your face for it to work though.

  • Not being judgemental, but you couldn't pay me to route through those bins! Oh, I'll shop at Value Village or Goodwill, but definitely NOT those stinky bins.

  • I've never been to the bins before but from what I've heard from my area, if you want to be sure you will actually get what you've picked, you take your cart with you!

  • Much obliged for the info, video of inside and helpful tips. I had to skip past some of the speeded up parts, but that's OK. I love Texas people, y'all are so friendly and polite. Agree about people and personal space, it's the same in retail and grocery. Some people just don't get the etiquette.

  • oh I would hate that mad rush system. I bet they have fights all the time. I'm glad it's not that way at the Goodwill in my little town.

  • We take our carts with us… the only people that have carts against the walls are people with multiple full carts! Plus I'm not leaving my finds for other people to find! I've had people reach in my cart while pushing it so leaving it unattended is out!

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