First Time Home Buyers Real Estate Tips & Advice

hey friends welcome to freedom in a
budget I’m Kelly and my channel is all about living life well on a budget and
because of our budget and being frugal and being debt-free and all of that we
are able to buy our dream house we are so excited to be buying our first home
and honestly guys it’s like when they remodeled the house they looked at my
Pinterest board and just did all of the upgrades and everything to my liking the
only thing I would change is like the kitchen counter which will change in
like five years but I am so excited so we are moving into our first house in
two weeks which is crazy crazy crazy that we will be there in two weeks so I
have a lot of packing a lot of stuff but I wanted to give you guys some house
hunting tips we have done a lot of house hunting and a lot of different things we
have learned so much through this process this was our first house that we
have ever purchased both my husband and I I’ve rented for 12 years now and he
has rented for two years now so it’s been a crazy experience and so
interesting so I wanted to kind of just go through that like first time home
buying process give you some house hunting tips what you need to look for
and it’s gonna be fun so tip number one is make sure you have all of your cash
saved I almost fell into this my husband did a little bit he started looking at
houses about a year ago on Zillow and was sending me properties you know
multiple properties every single day to look at and he was kind of pricing out
the market kind of seeing what was in our price range what we could afford
also different styles of what you like what he likes I like the like coastal
farmhouse rustic feel he likes the modern feel so just kind of finding a
balance in between those two and we call our style modern coastal farmhouse so I
don’t know if that’s possible but we have done it it’s crazy and as more and
more pieces are coming into the market with like a little modern and coastal
feel to us which is cool so number one obviously is make sure you have all your
cash saved so we did not go out and look at houses until we were ready to buy
until we made sure we had enough in our savings account we keep everything in
Capital One 360 and which is like a 2% high-yield interest evenings count too
awesome and we kept everything in there and we did not go until we were able to
start looking this is the same exact thing I did when I was buying my Jeep I
didn’t want to start looking at cars I didn’t want to test-drive cars until I
had the cash in hand because I didn’t want to get my hopes up in my heart
crushed and everything where I find the perfect car I find the perfect house but
I can’t do it because I don’t have the cash so just make sure that you’re not
looking in person especially before you are ready to buy before you have that
cash that is huge number two is find an experienced
realtor an experienced one this was hard for us because we have so many friends
that are Realtors now you know side hustle is real you guys know I love me
some side hustle and we have a lot of friends that have made being a realtor
their side hustle which I love that I love that they you know are going out
and getting you know additional income and everything but I need someone that’s
experienced and it breaks my heart that we had to say no to so many friends but
as we went through the process I realized how thankful we were that we
did have someone that was that was so familiar with everything and so just on
top of it so she’s been a realtor for over 20 years and yeah she’s a good
family friend of us ours but she has so much experience and her experience
really showed in this and her negotiation skills really showed in this
and I’m so thankful that we chose her to go with because of her experience and
you know knowing the market and knowing how things work knowing what we need to
negotiate in different things like the house we got I was ready to just pay
cash short and she’s like no we need to look at the comps we need to look at
this we had to look at everything and I was like oh we can get lower than this
and she was like yeah and just knowing how to work with the realtor knowing
what to say and how to get them to lower the price and everything which is huge
next tip is something that we did not do and I want you guys to learn from our
mistakes so is getting pre-approval before you go and look at properties we
do not do that we went out and we found our house the first time that we went
out and looked at houses which actually more people than you would think do that
and we didn’t think we would be able to find her you know our house and the
first day we went out for like six hours we had a list of properties that were
going to look at and the second-to-last house was the house that we chose and I
liked it impair it too like wedding-dress shopping and stay with me
Brides you know when you are trying on wedding dresses and you find your dress
it’s d1 and you know it’s the one because you’re comparing all the other
houses to that one it is like you just know there’s just like that feeling I
started tearing up when we walked into our house like it was it was amazing and
I’ll never forget the feeling I just tearing up because I just knew that this
was it and honestly I thought that was out of our price range it was within our
price range but you know I didn’t know what was gonna happen with a bit more
different things and so you know our realtor was like no no we can talk them
down trust me we’re not paying full asking price for this morning we ended
paying almost sixty thousand dollars under asking price original asking price
so you can do some negotiations but anyway it’s back to pre-approval you
need to make sure that if you fall in love with that house you can put an
offer in that day we didn’t do that we found the house on a Saturday and we
didn’t get pre-approval to Monday so that is three days that someone else
could have come in and put offers on and the day that we finally did get
pre-approval was Monday we didn’t put her offer until 9:00 p.m. Monday night
someone else had seen the house twice and went for a second showing and saw
the house twice in that time frame so it could have very easily turned into a
bidding war and honestly the sellers were hoping that they were waiting for
that other offer to come in because they wanted that bidding war to happen next
up is make a list of all of your must-haves this is very important of
your must-haves and your wants you need to know what is non-negotiable for
instance some of our non-negotiable things was a two-car wide driveway a lot
of the houses that we looked at were only one car garages which you know
obviously prefer to car which ours is but we were ok with a one car garage as
long as it was two-car wide we knew I have to do a whole thing let me pull
up my car so you can get your car and I’ll park behind you and can we switch
cars and all that we didn’t want to have to deal with that I knew I had to do a
street parking we wanted to make sure it was to car wide we wanted to make sure
it was at least three or four bedrooms preferably four because I’m gonna have a
filming studio in my new one and we wanted to make sure good schools we want
to make sure open concept number one was big schools like that was huge for me
there was only two areas and like a 30-mile radius that we were able to find
good schools across the board elementary middle and high school which was really
really hard and we’re we’re having to pay extra because of the school zone in
the school’s district so but that’s important to us you know education and
kids and everything we’re looking to have kids the next year or two so that’s
really really important to us so make that list of what are your
non-negotiables what is something you cannot live without screened-in patio
that was one of our wants because of the cats they love the screen and patio this
apartment doesn’t have it and I really wish it did but that was not a necessity
that was only a want for us so make sure you understand the difference and you
make a list of necessities I cannot budge on this and Juan’s Nexus this one
may seem like a no-brainer but get past the things that are fixable get past
pink colors there were some houses that we walked in and it was but ugly the
decor so it’s like it was just Nick knickknacks everywhere too much
furniture bad pink color skip has all that you know get past to where it’s
gonna look when you have your your colors our house is great which it was
actually the pink color that I’m going I would be painting the house but get past
that and Jimmy even questioned me at one point he was like is this really the
house or do you just like it because it’s already gray walls and everything
and I was like no no trust me everything else it’s on our list he was like okay
good but just make sure you can get past those those fixable items you want to
make sure that you know people don’t realize how inexpensive just putting up
a couple coats of paint can be and how much it transforms a house next two days
it take notes as you go so if you are like us you’re gonna go out on a day or
multiple days and see multiple properties property after property after
property take notes as you go I had all the MLS
listings printed out and I would write on them as we went like on this one I
bro upgraded house I would write you know needs new kitchen but everything
else is good or too high of a shoe away or weird floor plan or pretty absurd
bedrooms or something like that so you that way you know when you’re going back
you can remember each one in that you can remember the
things that you liked and the things that you didn’t like so when you’re
fully laying it out what are we going with which one’s next up is go with your
gut so this is back to the wedding-dress analogy of when you know you know like
it is just it’s crazy and there was houses that I definitely knew that was
not for us that you know they put in fake bedrooms and you know things that
they could just did just that were a little sketchy or different thing not up
to code making sure that you’re really looking at all of those and just really
knowing what’s good what’s bad you your gut will tell you you know your gut will
tell you when it’s absolutely the house like this is the one you know it in your
soul it’s the one and you will fight for it but you’ll also know when it’s not
and you don’t want to force if it’s not next up is one that I’m gonna tell you
to do as I say not as I do because I did not do it and that is get emotionally
attached I definitely fell into this trap of getting too emotionally attached
and I was you know obviously I love this house guys you guys know that and you
guys have seen the house tour right if you haven’t seen the house tour I’ll
have it linked at the end of the video and down below but I made sure that I
made a list I wrote out a list of all the pros of the house all the cons of
the house I wanted to know on paper what were the pros and cons in the cons could
I live with them are they fixable we have electrical issues in our new house
is it fixable yeah we can pay an electrician a couple thousand dollars to
come in and make sure everything sound change our GFI plugs and do all of that
that is something that is fixable another kind of wood backsplash in the
bathroom that’s weird but you know will that rot yeah is that fixable yeah okay
another con and what was it I don’t even there was just a couple a
couple little things Oh something with the screened-in patio needs some
upgrades and stuff and some trees need to be trimmed those are all fixable
things and they’re all things that we can work through and you know at the end
of the day is it still the pros outweigh the cons yes okay then you know that
you’ve made a good decision but you don’t want to get too emotionally
attached to overlook all the cons and ones that are that you cannot live with
you know once that you know have leaks in the roof and this and that and you
know rooms are caving in and stuff like that or bad bad mold or different things
like that you need to make sure that you can outlive the the cons and last one is
that be ready to wait and stress there’s so much of this house buying process
that it’s like the 9/11 one we need this right now right now right now okay we
get it okay now we wait I renegotiate and we
wait for them okay now I don’t know what we need this right now
okay now we have to wait 48 hours for their response and more offers may come
in and turn into a bidding war and your stress level comes up and they’re
wanting more offers to come in and you negotiated and then they put it back on
the market to try and get a bidding war there’s there’s so much that can happen
there’s so much that is stressful and you really have to trust your realtor
you really have to just you know trust God that it’s all gonna work out if it’s
meant to work out and that’s easier said than done I had so many co-workers say
if it’s not the house for you you’ll find another one and this and that and
yeah I know that was true but it’s so tearing it you know I don’t want to hear
that and but honestly guys it’s true it all worked out
you know I fully believe that this is the house that God wants us in there’s
so many different reasons that I believe that you know it’s right close to our
church it’s in such a great area it’s in a great neighborhood in a good community
we have friends up there there’s so many reasons why I believe that this is a
house for us and it all worked out so that is my house hunting tips I hope
this helped you and let me know if there’s any additional tips that you
I left out let me know if you have any like house hunting horror stories or you
know your first house was a crazy disaster or anything like that I would
love to hear those stories down below in the comments please leave them if you
know anyone that is buying a house please share this video with them I hope
that would help them as well and leave the secret emoji down below in the
comments if you made it to the end here my social media handles in Balad please
go check that out if you haven’t already subscribed and hit the bell notification
and go check out the vlog of the house you guys can see the house that I’ve
been talking about this whole time I will leave the vlog at the end of the
video alright guys I’ll talk to later bye

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  • Maybe I missed it but what happened when the value of the house came in $10,000 less than you were paying.. did you pay that or did the owners come down?

  • One thing I would add for young couples is to know going in if they intend for this to be a forever home, or a stepping stone to a dream home. I realize some markets are so crazy with inflation, people really only have one shot for a family home. But here in the south and Midwest,most people will buy several houses in their lifetime. We are in our fourth home now in 13 years. When purchasing a “starter home”, our must have and need list shortened, and we considered other things like whether the house was in an an area of growth or depreciation, easy cheap updates we could make for resale (paint and carpet), a price that was at or lower than surrounding comps, etc. We have been blessed to upgrade every time we moved, but our first two houses were definitely “stepping stone” homes. Just my two cents. 😊

  • So excited for you and reaching your first time home buyer goal! You guys definitely did it the right way. 🙂

  • The first building I was under contract on there was intra-Family fighting, son was living in apartment 1 and didn’t want his mom to sell. Made the viewing, inspection etc a living hell- wouldn’t cooperate. We walked away and got another building.

  • Yay Congratulations!! I've been there, done that, Total Stress! Get lots of packing materials and be prepared to let some things go. I hope you and hubby are very happy. I can't find a silent emoji in any of my of my emojis but I did watch all of your video. Lol

  • Super great tips! We also saw about 7 houses in 1 day and the one we liked was like the second to last. Note taking is a must. And you need to be willing to walk away…. Thanks! 😀

  • It’s hard not to get caught up in the process but you’re right it’s important not to get attached! 🏡

  • 🏠 Good job. I’m so glad that I never had to go through what y’all did. But it worked out for y’all. I’m so happy that y’all got it.

  • I am doing such a happy dance for you right now Kelly! What a thrill! Seeing a mini tour of it again just makes me smile! You're right. You have to trust your realtor and their experience. You really planned well Kelly!

  • Congratulations on getting the house!
    Could you talk about the type of loan (VA loan?) you went with that allowed you to get lower down payment with no PMI? I'm trying to compare what you did to a doctors loan – they have no PMI and many actually don't even require a down payment based on your credit score (not that I think 0% down is a good idea, but the doctors loans are very happy to have only 5 or 10% down). Also, did not using credit cards affect your credit score? Dave always talks about how the credit score is dumb, but it seems like unless you are like him and just pay 100% cash for a house, that having a decent credit score is needed.

  • I wont be ready for a house for a few years, but these are great tips and I will definitely come back to this when I'm ready to buy a house!

  • Go with experience when buying or selling!! Even if it is a family member who assumes you will use them 😔 so important!!! 🏡

  • So glad you did this! These are all ideas I never considered or heard about in other videos. Gave me a lot to think on. We’re hopefully only 1 1/2 years away from starting the buying process so it’s helpful to start the planning now, but not get too ahead of ourselves. Can you clarify what you mean when you say “have all our cash ready”? What all did you save up (down payment and other funds). How long did that take you?

  • Congrats on the new house. So exciting. We are waiting for our new home to be built. I should do a video about selling a house. Wow, that's a whole thing too.

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