Flashback: Celebrating marketing freedom for farmers

Mr. Speaker, today is a great day for
Western Canadian farmers. This afternoon, bill C-18, the Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act, will be voted on at third
reading in this house. For many of the MPs on this side of the chamber, the
fight for freedom has gone on for years. But for farmers in Western Canada, their
quest has gone on for decades. Mr. Speaker, more than 60 farmers have paid
their own way to Ottawa to witness today’s vote. They can’t wait for the day
when they can finally market their own grain. They are here because they believe
in freedom. To them we say thank you. To those farmers who went to jail because
they believe in freedom, we say thank you. To the thousands of farmers across
Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and BC who have fought season after season after
season because they believe in freedom, we say thank you.
To the young farmers who are so enthused about the freedom in their future, we say
thank you. And to farmers like Art Mainil, Art Walde and Lionel Byrd, who
believed in freedom but who never lived to see this day, we say thank you. It is
their commitment to freedom that gives us the determination to bring real
choice to Western Canadian farmers.

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