Flight 93 and Security at the Capitol following September 11, 2001: Paula Short

I had days where it was, you know, like I’m not sure I want, want to be here. Just, you know, just having people talk about things that could happen, you know, seeing all the extra security when, you know, when the President was around or one of the dignitaries that came, did a Joint Session. You know, sometimes things were tighter than other, other events and it just, there were just sometimes you just say “I’m not sure it’s worth it,” you know, so. Because one, one thing that Mr. Bonior’s staff kept saying was, you know, if it wasn’t for the people on Flight 93, you know, they might, they might not be here, the building might not be here and they might not be here because they were up on the third floor. So— and with no evacuation plan in place, you know. So then you just keep thinking of those things that, it’s true, there’s a very good, there was a very good possibility if it wasn’t for those people on that plane that that building would not be standing there right now. And with people on the third floor with no warning system you know. It’s kind of, it’s scary.

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