Flipping Houses – Watch Me Flip This House

and welcome to flipping houses and how to flip this house for those of you who want to flip
reale state and maybe are just getting started pay really close attention to the core
elements of this recent house that I flipped for profit i can’t stress this enough but one of
the top secrets in flipping houses for beginners and even advanced investors is to flip this house that only need cosmetic fixes so let’s take a look at a recent house
that i flipped and run through the examples of what went on now as a real estate investor there are
several reasons that you should jump all over this property right here flipping houses number one it’s attractive as you can
see it has curb appeal its got a good roof siding its got the the brick fasaud on the front it just been really nice property number two it’s located in a good
neighborhood so in your area you’ll know what’s good what’s bad in this particular property it was
really nice neighborhood and number three I’m going to show you in a minute this was a one hundred-percent easy fix and flip the cosmetic way just the way
you should do it flip this house. I’ll show you how inside take a look at
some of these pictures so this is the way the flipping should be let’s take a look on the inside of this pretty cosmetic
property the outside you just saw looked really really clean and good on the inside this was a one owner home you know forty fifty years old in the owner just like that the way it
was so as you can see there’s a really heavy wear pattern and then beautiful green carpet the walls are a little bit dingy and all
off-base uh… they were kind of during the other
rooms but uh… flipping houses is easy uh… in the light fixtures you can see
from some of these pictures the light fixtures are forty years old as well uh… other than that the bones of this
property really solid so uh… the cosmetic fix and flip on
this property was really simple it was putting the new carpet putting a
new light fixtures and uh… having a painter come paint and then the only other everything that
we did was we put updated door handles on the bedroom doors that was it let’s take a look at what how this
turned out so this was of the living room that you
just took a look at and what we did to change this and just
add the cosmetic fixes it really brought in brand new life to
this entry of this property uh… again is just flooring paint in
the lighting ins wallach you have a just a brand new property uh… let’s took take a look at the
lower level now the lower level it had darker darker paneling uh… they had some carpet laid halfway
through it wasn’t even attached it was just kind of laying on the tile floor and it had some paneling I dont know if you can see the picture but
it had wallpaper on it we started taking the wallpaper down before his picture
but it just kinda looks really dated right this is a perfect example of cosmetic
flipping houses won’t let me show you what we did it and what you could do to change this dramatically we’ve just
carpet paint and change in the light fixture so if you see in that picture it looks
like a brand new property it really sparkles and pazazzes the only thing is
that carpet was laid brand new it had footprints in it from being brand new just hadn’t been swept yet but other
than that uh… it was just see really just change the whole uh… being of this lower property here in number three kitchen let’s take a
look at why this was the perfect fix and flip for a kitchen it again you can see
some these cool delicious lights in here that we replace that you see this kitchen and i want to see show you the dramatic
changes we did to this kitchen are you ready all we did was clean the junk and debri off the top out the inside of the cabinets what had the cleaners come in and what
in that clean it out and wash it down real good and that’s it while I was flipping houses this house that’s all we did in the kitchen now
these are the houses that real excited about that are complete tear outs and new kitchens and that kind of thing that’s all we get to this kitchen so i bought this house right here for
seventy three thousand seven hundred dollars in about sixty days i had flip this house i sold it for one hundred and twenty-two
thousand dollars even and that gave me a gross profit before t
eight thousand three hundred dollars now results aren’t typical and I got to tell you
also that there was uh… about them uh… uh… eight or nine thousand
dollars a fix up out of that and there was also realtor commission so other than that that’s uh… net like
a pretty heavy profit for a quick easy cosmetic flipped by the
way just so you know that property took although about nine days to the in-and-out completely everything
redone that’s how quick that was done because it was a simple cosmetic fix so if you’re interested in flipping
houses for profit you can schedule eight thirty minute private coaching session
with me and just go to micoformula.com schedule a time that works best
for you in the house the one you’re thirty
minute private setting go there now micoformula.com and register for your thirty minute
private coaching session on flipping houses and watch me flip this house.

100 thoughts on “Flipping Houses – Watch Me Flip This House

  • commercial note for the 1st mortgage, then a private lender for the 2nd which tool care of the fix up cost.

  • theres no way it can be this simple if it was everyone would do it. So i live in wales in the uk and i am interested in this. so do i look for older dilapidated homes? do i buy more expensive homes and put and extention onto them? i hear thats very effective. Please respond.

  • Hi Tom,

    Anything worth-while takes hard work (or smart work). If you choose to do "What You Love" and apply your knowledge into action … it really is this easy! We work in the USA market and unfortunately I am not familiar with properties in the UK.

  • Hi Andrea, this is the average or median price range in our market.  Depending on where you live, your median price range could be $60K all the way up to $500K.  We focus on median price ranges and below!

  • Very nicely done. I would've done a little more with the cabinetry and flooring but this seemed very simple for a NICE profit!

  • Hi it's really hard for me to find cosmetic flips like you reccommend most of them theyr'e asking too much especially the bank,how do you find them

  • what I like about flipping houses I do all the work inside but I cant do the inspection report cause I have a inspection license when I was working for a real estate company and they wanted me to pass the test to I can do the inspections for them but when I sell or buy a fixer upper to sell I need to pay to have another guy come out to inspect the property weird cause I could save my self 1000 bucks

  • I don't have the funds to buy houses to flip but want to get into it! I've always been really interested in that kind of stuff. Would it be outrageous to take out a loan from bank and once it sells just pay off the loan and the rest is my profit at the end? Thank You!

  • If you barely change anything then I think the only thing you did was charge a higher amount 2 months later… if it was worth 120k after doing just a couple basic things then it was worth 120k before. You just charged more, or the originals charged less

  • A family member has offered to help me in house flipping if I want to pursue it. They will provide the money to fix the first one, then I would go on my own after. Would it be a bad idea to do this at 18? Am I too young?

  • In my area a find like this is akin to finding a unicorn grazing in your back yard.  Houses that are priced low for the neighborhood typically have issues that go beyond the cosmetic.  With the popularity of flipping, good buys are increasingly hard to find.  I've looked at several houses lately at a good price, but encountered weird layouts, cracked foundations, rotting floor joists, and other expensive problems to fix.    I bet that in many markets (mine included) a 40k profit to paint, and redo the flooring is very unrealistic.

  • Thanks for sharing. It's cool to see your before & after pictures and hear about what you did to flip this property for the profit you made. I love it when people inspire others to invest by showing the process as really down to earth & do-able.

  • Good neighborhood / good location and cosmetic fixes are what you should look for in choosing a house to flip as a good rule but curious if one buys a house at an auction or foreclosure process which is in a good location and only requires cosmetic fixes…. how long does it typically take to flip or resell because if you cann't resell it your screwed or if it takes to long to sell then your utility costs or time put in costs will be to high to even make a profit

  • Also whats a good percentage back profit you should figure for i have seen a few videos on 20% profit back on a 100,000 dollar conservative market value price for the house.

  • Question. How much added value do you place on top of items you fix? Say for instance you completely re-do the kitchen and it costs you $20k, how much value do you add the to overall price of the home for that update?

  • So with commission, remodeling, and closing cost. You made around 30k +/- not bad for a quick fix. Have you ever took out a hard money loan? I was considering doing that in order to start flipping.

  • I trying to understand how to sell a house using a real estate attorney.  When can a real estate attorney consummate the sell of a house versus an real estate agent.  I assume if the property is listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) then  one needs an real estate agent to buy or sell the property.  If it's not listed in the MLS, "For Sale by Owner" (FSBO)for example,  then a real estate attorney can consummate the sell.  How true is this notion?

  • #Malo Perverso +Miguel Rosales There was sheet rock already behind the paneling. We removed the paneling and painted the sheetrock. @sam111880

  • #Servando Jr Vasquez So with commission, remodeling, and closing cost. You made around 30k +/- not bad for a quick fix. Have you ever took out a hard money loan? I was considering doing that in order to start flipping. @BelovedBy God

  • lol, I mean cmon now man. This is the example your giving people on what real flipping is like? This is the best case scenario due to a great find from a great lead. All props to you on finding the deal of a lifetime, but you should call this how I flipped a house by giving it a new paint job. I would just feel bad if people think its this easy.

  • What about the bathrooms ? I'm sure a 40 to 50 year old house has worn out and out dated bathrooms if the living room was indicative of the the rest of the house !!

  • Character matters to many buyers…. you took out the paneling because it was "dated" but many of us want an original 1950s house with all its wallpaper and linoleum. Vintage is also beautiful. I want all flippers to know they for the most part ruin nice homes. It breaks my heart to see original victorians and craftsmans turned into sterile shoeboxes, all for the sake of profit and saving money on cheap materials. It should be illegal to deface historical homes!

  • That kitchen was in good shape but it was bit dated. I would've stained it and put a new granite counter top and sink in. Minor update but bigger value added to the house.

  • Anyone who adds boob lights -which are UGLY, CHEAP and disgusting, knows nothing about upgrading a house!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ok so when talking about the purchasing price, did yoh pay with your own money, the banks, or money that belongs to a private investor? These are the things that those who are interested need to know. What were the taxes that you paid and how much did repair cost?

  • With paneling like that, we used to always take it out. Now, we prime over it, keeping all of the grooving in tact on those larger pieces, paint it white, then put crown molding up in that room or at a minimum on that wall at the top. It really makes an aesthetically pleasing nautical or vintage feel to it. And it's also less waste and labor. Too many times I'm seeing buyers put in or want wainscoting or beadboard now so it's a hot cosmetic trait for selling. The dry and rough individual wood walls are a pain because you have to either rip them out, or bleach/milk wash them down to get them a less offensive neutral tone.

  • Dam 30 grand in 9 days do that a few times a year that's a good salary always have something to fall back on though

  • Need money for your first real-estate investment opportunity? Check out HardMoneyWorld.com to see if you qualify. We are Direct Lenders, NOT Brokers. Call us at 727.619.9690 to get funded today!

  • Fuck you guys flipping houses is the reason why I can find a good house for a good price you guys make these houses unaffordable fuck you

  • Very nice flip. I just got my real estate license. And I will start a business on this kind of strategies. Love the before and after pictures. God bless.

  • So, do you keep the remaining amount of money after taking put the retails and paying the loaners their cuts?

  • That's a reason that there is so difficult to find a good affordable house which you can yourself cosmetically update and live happily in it saving a bunch of money during its purchase. Sad, that you promote this type of flipping. If the house has a major problems like leaky roof, mold, rotted floor etc or it is totally gutted out than it is a good idea to buy it after the main work on it is done from the flippers/investors, but knowing that the real repair will cost $$$ which will drastically reduce their profit they prefer to go for an easy job and make a lot of money that way. What a shame.

  • If the lighting fixtures were 40 years old, one could only assume the wiring and panel would be 40+ years old as well. Would updating the wiring/panel be something you could do to increase value? Or would it destroy your profit?

  • I want to know what's the average housing price in that neighborhood. What is your return rate relative to other houses?Thanks

  • My fututer job is being a house flipper and house builder painter and interior house designer and house builder planer

  • You renovated it exactly how I would of done it, when you showed the before picture of the living room I was picturing it in neutral colours with white trim 😌

  • I need a house today. Have cash. Any area. Even out of state. Property on becomming a road. Non rebdo necessary. Buyer today for person. No fix up . Help. I need today.! Cash to day . Not a flipper. Just need a home. Today. I can pay cash today!

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