24 thoughts on “Flying Tortillas vs Soul Control | STRIFE.TV | Historic Footage | FREESTYLE SESSION

  • Some tracks from final battle Flying Tortillas vs Soul Control:
    1. Bootman – To The Hip
    2. Rude Rydims – George's Groove
    3. Chop Shop – Funkay
    4. Rude Rydims – Everybody Bounce
    5. Chop Shop – Jitta Bug
    6. ???
    7. ???
    8. Chop Shop – Demon Bitch
    9. Spoonie Gee – The Godfather (Instrumental)
    9. ???
    10. Big Daddy Kane – Raw (Dubapella)

  • Barmack the low key freshest dude in the battle. Not many 90s California bboys with footwork, basics, flow, and form like that.

  • The highlight of this tape, for me, was in one of the earlier rounds, when Ivan sprang up and down, first on one hand, then on his elbow, then on his chest! I'd never seen anything like it before at the time, and it blew my mind. I remember Alien Ness trying the same move, at the 2000 UK B-boy Champs, but it didn't look anywhere near as good. Does anyone know how old Ivan is now?

  • This was the first SUPER CREW in history. And #Soulcontrol were the underdogs. RIP #pablo watched this in 99 #vhs #TRUEBBOY

  • Much Respect! If it weren't for the old school breakers, We new school breakers wouldn't know about Bboying. As power move artist/ breakers we gotta give respect where credit is do. May the Lord be with our old school, and new school breakers! God Bless Hip Hop

  • damn I wish we had youtube back then..we had to do it the old school way..if someone had a breaking video..u borrow it and dub the video tape..some video were dub so much that by the time it go to u..u couldn't see anything..LOL..I know there's ppl out there, who know what I'm talking about..lol..

  • wow i was in the hospital with a broken ankle … i wish i was there to help out my crew … this is bboy spy-d … the maker of power move … i made up the revers         flares and the basketball combos and rollerblade combos and more … but yes i do wish i was there i wonder what  the out come would had been like with my move added to the table … let me no what you think … if you all remember me.. 🙂

  • I love this battle! Classic! Soul Control against these monsters – i think to myself back in the time.

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