FMA: Brotherhood – Understanding Roy Mustang's Flame Alchemy

Colonel Roy Mustang also known as the flame Alchemist is a recurring character in The Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood series like his nickname States Road practices flame alchemy this flame alchemy that Roy has mastered makes him one of the strongest non homunculus characters that we see in the series Roy's alchemy begins with his gloves his gloves are made of pyro Tex or ignition cloth when raw rubs his fingers together the glows create a spark with the flame alchemy transmutation circle Brandon on the back of his glove Roy is able to manipulate the concentration of the oxygen in the air he then raises the density of the oxygen to the point that it becomes fire that we all see Roy limits the pathway of oxygen between himself and whoever he would like to attack to not burn himself or any allies the snapping sound that is heard is not actually Roy himself snapping but the speed that the gasses and sparks react together which creates the snapping sound it may sound like Roy Mustangs fire alchemy would be an easy feat to control and use but the real difficulty in the fire alchemy is controlling the flame for one row must be able to carefully direct the flame while under a poor conductor that is aired because airs molecules aren't in continuous contact like a solid row it has to manipulate that air from a reasonable distance away because if he's too close his own fire and burn him as well and the flame also has to be powerful and forceful enough to burn the opponent and if there were several opponents this would require more precision and difficulty because he has to create multiple pathways of oxygen it can also be noted that his two hands carry two different flame magnitudes and force his right carries a larger more explosive flame attack and the left has a smaller more precise when attacked Roy cannot use his flame alchemy on rainy days because the humidity renders the gloves useless as they cannot generate sparks as though with an outside source of ignition oftentimes we seem carry a lighter Road can create explosions with the transmutation circle that he creates on the back of his physical hand without the gloves Burt old Hawkeye father of Riza Hawkeye is the creator of flame alchemy rare Mustangs served as a protege of Burt old Hawkeye as we're told mastered flame alchemy he refused to pass it down to Roy but instead passed it to his daughter Frieza heat at tweeted on Teresa's back and this is the only copy of flame alchemy in existence she then entrusted Roy with the flame alchemy knowledge and he copied the transmutation symbol from her back onto his gloves afterwards she makes Roy burn the symbol to erase her burden of carrying your father's legacy Roy then modifies a symbol and it currently appears as a circle with inverted hexagrams and the flame at the top alongside a salamander at the bottom the saw manuals represented as the ancient Greek elemental of fire since Roy simplified the transmutation symbol and reason or longer carries the important details of that symbol flame alchemy would essentially have to be recreated from scratch

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  • He could have been OP if he would just make the oxygen density zero so his opponent would die of suffocation BUT I guess that prolly wouldn't work on homunculi so…

  • I just noticed but the lighter he has is a “Zippo Lighter” its an iconic american lighter popularized by WW2 american GI

  • Legit one of the coolest anime characters in the history of anime, flame alchemist just rolls off the tongue, feels good. Flame mage characters like fuckboii natsu or that fag from black clover literally have NOTHING on this man.

  • That makes his power ten times more impressive if he had to manage oxygen, it also make the show seem much more scientific

  • I thought the way his alchemy worked was by separating the O2 into free radicals (alone atoms of oxygen) before igniting them back together. The flame created would be similar in intensity. Though the part about control would still apply since you can't let it trail off like methane or you could blast something you didn't want to.

  • If Roy is worth analysis, why haven't you wrapped your mind around the man called King Bradley from FMA??? He is one of the most epic characters ever!

  • While controlling Flame Alchemy is one thing, I highly doubt that recreating Flame Alchemy from scratch would be difficult at all. All you really need is a basic idea of how flames work. Hell, Scar uses a rudimentary version of Flame Alchemy while escaping from Father's lair, and he has pretty much no formal training in alchemy. The type of Flame Alchemy Roy uses is also very basic as well, as most people could probably draw it from memory, and intermediate alchemists could make it from scratch with enough theory crafting. I'm not sure about Berthold Hawkeye's form of Flame Alchemy, since we don't understand the full use or potential of Hawkeye's Flame Alchemy since it was destroyed as you said.

  • So that's why charmander is based off of salamanders. Huh. I always wondered why there was a cute little lizard on Roy's gloves

  • So wait… Mustangs power is only the very very simplified version of flame alchemies potential? Holy cow. Why did he not take his time to accurately cope the entire thing? He would have been lit! Get it? Lit. Cause… flames and stuff. No but seriously. He was op already but that would probably have made him the strongest. Sure, for the series it may be better that he was not too op. But from his logical perspective he should have taken it to protect his beloved nation.

  • What is the source for knowing that the sound isn't from Roy snapping his fingers but instead from the igniting reaction? I'm asking because during the battle with Lust, when Mustang uses Havoc's lighter instead of his own gloves, we hear the sound of the lighter's flint being turned to generate a spark but not the usual sound of "ignition", which seems odd to me when you consider the original explanation.

  • I've always believed he replaces the oxygen in the air with a flammable gas, like hydrogen, using equivalent exchange and then creates the spark, lighting the gas on fire, thus creating the fire.

  • Yo how are u on only like 3k sub's this channel is acc for mad n I love ur pains philosophy vid u deserve more sub's n veiws man keep grinding

  • This is a good recapitulation of how the show describes flame alchemy. However, a high oxygen density and a spark are not enough to sustain a flame – – you still need some combustible material to fuel the explosions. The creators of the show seem to believe that oxygen is flammable, which isn't true. But since this is a fantasy world, one could propose a mechanism for flame alchemy that goes beyond chemical reactions and into the realm of nuclear reactions (where you somehow create hydrogen by decomposing nitrogen/oxygen) or something totally magical. EDIT: grammar and punctuation

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