FNN: Police chase in Dallas; Cypress incident in church parking lot; Pentagon MLK Day observance

this crash that happened on the I-10 look in the back up here this is just moments ago from sky fox happening at I. ten eastbound is close right there at milepost one eighty near casa Grande okay. Yeah yeah I mean — Bad accident sure could have been a lot worse because of the nature there’s the semi by the way — That was involved in this thing and rarely it crossed over the median were so fortunate it didn’t just plow into. Dozens of Charles coming the other direction. The problem of course is that this is basically one of the oldest roads — In the state of Arizona. And for years there’s been talk about to improving and upgrading the I-10. And they’re doing a pretty good job. Of improving most of I-10 hardl. The one stretch that’s the closest to the Phoenix metro area they’ve got it at six lanes now to this entire Phoenix metro area and the closer you get it squeezes down to two lanes. That did not play a role in it – However in terms of the impact that it’s having now there’s very little room for people to get by yeah that’s true in fact you see these guy Fawkes pictures from just a few minutes ago. Show you what’s going on the basically you’re able to just barely squeeze people by over on the rumble strip. You know it’s interesting because I remember when I moved here — Thirty seven years ago. At that time I thought this freeway was. A million there were million people live in the Phoenix metro area this is the main. East West free in southern Arizona. Kidding me this freeway is two lanes to get down to Tucson one now you’ve gone from one million people to for behave. Million people and it’s still just two lanes in each directio. Boy oh boy Mike it’s really something to really really isn’t really in at this point — No estimation from a dog just when this will be a re open at the stretch but now open for the very best there and like you said. We and we words yeah you the funny thing about it is — I mean I mean just funny in terms of the irony of it all is if you living castle Grande. You’re used to delays. Because and I really feel for the people of particularly of castle Grande and others who are just simply trying to access get up closer. To the Phoenix metro area I believe there I believe there is a long term plan that’s going to fix this issue and get this freeway up to multiple lanes and again. That didn’t play a role in this accident today. Doesn’t matter third been ten lanes in each direction the guy crossed the median. And it could have been so much worse but for future in terms of people being able to access points south of here it will be a vast improvement. When it was really and yeah you’re right about the they’re used to delays in this area think about when the monsoon comes up and? Hit those are those storms dole forgiveness. They really take up in that area that’s a good point in its unique — Although there are other areas that get dust storms I mean we in Arizona we have more mean than anywhere else. And some of the most dramatic take a look there as sky fox can isms in I just wonder Mike if the fact that back Colbert sits there the way it is and if that’s slowed that vehicle down. DJIA’s enough. To stop it before one of Chris crossed all those other line yeah that’ll be another thing I mean let’s hope when they do finally make all the necessary improvements to this busy busy interstate freeway. So not only will it go from two lane but hopefully they’ll be a strong concrete style median barrier. That would prevent — This type of thing hopefully from ever happening surely. Course we got the other top stories of the day welcome the news now my pager alongside around noon ET is. Thursday and we are still in a government shut down answering day twenty seven right now yeah well. You know it’s dragging on and we’re getting more stories you knew we would. Be the White House here — I saw report might this was very interesting to me for unemployment benefits I was not aware that they actually track. For federal employees. Who seek unemployment benefits? Has grown ten fold in the last few weeks and probably gonna grow from there so we’re starting to see the impacts that’s for sure. Yes we really really are and right now. We have a news or another news alert here for around we just don’t know. What’s going to happen next right. Fox ten news alert. Absolutely might take a look live pictures coming in we do have a police chase — In the Dallas fort worth. Metroplex and the this looks like there’s already been a lot of damage done to this car the crazy part about it is this if I’m seeing this right it looks like the hood has flipped up. Open Candace covering most. Of the driver’s window while this guy goes. Been down freeways in the Dallas fort worth — You’ll see here I think in just a moment as he swerved around traffic. There is a police officer who is in hot pursuit of them rights in that area not sure if there was an officer that tried to lay down the spike strips are in their it sort of looked like. Wow it’s really picking up now he is going faster it is difficult to estimate until he goes by somebody who’s operating in a normal highway speed but Mike you’ve got to believe he’s twenty thirty forty miles an hour over the speed limit as he travels right now. And that whole hood is gone past the crazy part of it is for the left open on him. Yeah you can pray in even tell you doesn’t have. Great vision there as far as the car there has to be some debris right in front of the two maybe yeah. We if the flipside here maybe if he turns around does any kind of a you turn will actually get a chance to see him because you would have to believe right now. The only way he’s even able to see what he’s doing is by leaning out the driver’s side window with [inaudible] Yeah. And you know so many times we see these police chase and like you were saying you know they got the the police helicopters above you got police right behind the individual so why do they keep going when they when they know eventually. They’re going to get caught in really is just I think it is Ryan and the lady. That. Their last moments of freedom really — I actually. Like in other look at this guy. Points difficult you know when you’re running these news helicopters you know because your obviously you can see right there there are power lines in the area. You’re busy flying over a busy area you’re trying to keep an eye on any other. Aerial traffic that might be in your region now we see to officers. Who are — Right up against this guy every department. Has the opportunity to set their own guidelines in terms of when you alternately decide the in the chase when you do a two minute yeah. Etcetera are you in an area where — It is safe are you do you is the officer feel there’s a direct threat — To others lives. What’s going to happen right no- This guy is just cruises so to a crime my whole. Grain one okay did. The UAE did the you in and we’re now look at this learning from our fox for us sister station there in Dallas this is a robbery suspect are you go that’s what I was going to say I mean I frequently. Somebody tried to pull a robber. How is he seeing where he’s going Mike that’s the part that I just don’t get yeah this is? Michael it he’s able to see what’s and now. It’s flipped up on top of them there. Somehow he still drive in — Someone wrote and then another all right everybody we get a better quality feed and we’re gonna take that right now so this. One is the better quality that we’re getting from — Fox four right now there in Dallas your taken just a really great view here of sky box. Really showing us this chase happening now and as you can see as he’s making no effort to try to stop right now yeah. All right so frequently it’s a stolen car or in some other type of crime the guy committed the guy thinks he can make you get away he realizes he can’t. Handle the smartest thing this guy could do right now would be to put the brakes on a get out of the vehicle put his hands up comply with officers commands and bring this whole thing to a conclusion. It looks like he’s got enough to the freeway off the in — Tarrant county and this could be more of an opportunity now for the police if they were. To have an opportunity to go ahead and try to get a pen. Maneuver I know you want to see that kind of you don’t want to do it on the highway that’s too easy yep. See it is the other chopper’s there as well — No doubt the police there are continuing to keep a track — From the aerials as well. All right so — Now he’s getting into these intersections. There yeah they sure do. You know especially Mike ever since we had our situation one year ago. Where a guy was driving a crazy speeds got off the two oh two on rural road across the Tempe town right in Tempe and then just plowed into this lady’s mini van anchor to kill so many people? The video was dramatic of the smash up that guy by the ways back in the news now is this court case folles. But here’s a guy who’s him to court and headed to prison. No doubt about it — I mean that is a she’s that could be fatal to him. Or to others — And this again is a police chase happening in the DFW area [inaudible] Interesting the that there will be no okay my interesting that is an California you know usually we get so many. Seems like the drag on and on in California where you can cover. Half of the metro area there of greater Los Angeles on this particular one we’re not seeing any real — Yeah landmark type buildings ye- That would identify specifically which part of the DFW area Dallas for when we’re talking about. But clearly you got millions and millions that’s that is actually when yet Dallas with for work it’s a larger metro area even than ours — Yeah I’m five million people — So they’ve got all even more folks — There in this Dallas area who are no doubt watching this you probably have heard about it. And frankly I I mean this guy he’s putting a lot of lives at risk really is and they’re so selfish of that part because not only are they putting the the root. Risking the lives of the officers with so many people happening and then it’s too late you’re an intersection the guy just plows right India. And if you’re just joining us everybody or watching a live chase in Dallas Texas so you’re robbery suspect right now leading the chase right now. And it’s been going on for the last five or six minutes so we’ve been covering it for you yep all right so — You would be very very rare or even here in the height of winter to see snow in Dallas but you can see the leaves are off a lot of the trees — As they are in some of their coldest weather there. And police have been in pursuit of this fellow for a while looking at just a little constructions of nursery the only one lane to get through take a look could this possibly be. Yeah. Know. About for a minute there might be an and more. Yeah that’s that was okay now yeah some traffic is gonna is gonna go over the median right now. Goes over the median now on to the wrong side of traffic then goes in Texas laughter Mary. Risky stuff that this — Suspect is doing we’ve been seeing on going in and out of lanes darting in and out right now the Ronnie is at least it’s during a time where it’s not like rush hour there. Is eleven o’clock eleven fifteen there in Dallas now so. Not too many people as it would be a rush hour situation yeah he just cross those railroad tracks of your job is joining us within the last about four five minute. He approached — One road where there was a big old freight train right in the middle road block and all the traffic and the next thing you know he does a quick U. turn. I mean he is at some points right now he appears to be above the speed limit but not as dramatically as he was a little while ago there were some moments there. Where I think if you had a radar gun on in my keep probably would have been in the? One ten one range it was just a how fast he was movement. Another thing to point out is I don’t know how he’s able to see so well. That windshield when it when that whole lot of food. It looks like it’s causing some major problems are focusing a right here. What happens here is the chopper tries again though — Location locked now from the address there but yeah we’ll take a look everyone does. It is completely gone or on the wind shield zoom. Yeah that’s the crazy part of this. Something like that yeah it just seems like the only way he would really know unless he’s uses some kind of G. P. S.. Home phone — Is the to be looking out the driver’s side window he has not ruled out window down. At last check right now looks like here okay is he going to b. There you go this question heavily advised everyone. Now they’re going through a wooded area here in the backyard of a looks like a residence in three people get out there on route right. And so you got one guy I don’t know how these guys think they can out run an officer. I mean if you see most police officers lot when I look at this guy [inaudible] Yeah. When the house you know? Two hundred yards in and before you call out or I see plenty of law enforcement officials at the gy. These guys are in very good shape and they take it personal out that they’re going to stay in very good shape. And these guys thought well maybe if we had often three different directions and one kitchen the about I got news for you you’re all going to get caught you’re all going to probably end up going to prison and ride it was like pacman but real life and they all. Got enough yes. Mike that’s exactly right take a look here another you’ve got now the tactical team. Seymour Ming into place that got the one guy down right in the driveway was this the neighborhood — Was there a specific reason they pulled into the neighborhood today no old people who might have been in one or two of these homes — Was this an area they were familiar with their took at random boys so fascinating to watch these guys fan and I mean you look at how quickly. Those — Swat team members are. On a cold January’s day there in the Dallas fort worth area and the of move they are really hard I mean look that they got the canine there they got the tactical resources as well and looks like they still just the that one more — Person outstanding at this moment — Yeah they definitely are moved across the scene across this. Year. Yeah I got walking him back right back to the squad car. You — Sir or are it’s gonna be awhile before you have any taste of freedom that’s for sure. As the book yeah cuff yeah they book yeah. And the next thing you know these guys are going to be facing the date front of a judg. And I would I would bet the the vast majority of the time — You know they’re not looking at any kind of a bail situation they’re gonna be held. Pending trial at least for a while all as a result putting the all those lives arrest all as a result. Of these three guys. You know that’s one of the great great reasons I love news now the around we were talking abou. Politics right before this and then this came up and we go right to it yeah that’s exactly right I mean — The the behind the scenes so you guys know that Mike is constantly monitoring all the different fees we got folks that work with us on our Simon Dastagir folks at fox. Take a look here they’re in a pretty good tight in the insurer on this guy right here. Has — They’ve got a soft. Sure they’re talking to him right now. I think it Aqib. Exactly and then these down on the ground — Right now is they make sure there’s no — Not a situation here where there could be additional weapons that they might not have been aware. Well that was a great four or the police there looks like nobody got injured there that we we saw during the chase so that’s the best. Case scenario for the police again the three bad guys and nobody heard in the community. That’s amazing really when you think about it because there were some times that he was sitting SP that was really. Frankly I just crown there we go all right Ryan thank you so much for being part of it here. Police chase wrapping up in Dallas Texas go with it all right here in the beauty of live television and breaking news more news now coming up next thw already off to a very busy start we just wrapped up a police chase in Dallas will have the highlights for you on are you to page in just a little bit in case you missed that. In the meantime it’s shutdown showdown coverage here on news now we’re gonna take you out to the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi as she spoke to the media just moments ago. And of this coming just a day after she said that the state of the union address coming up in a couple weeks should be postponed because of security issues. Listening to this right here on news now. Three men and women in uniform minimum killed in a terror attack. In Syria. It’s a very very sad. This record attack is a stark reminder of the reality. Of the security threats we still face around the world. Later today will hold a vote. On the administration’s termination of sanctions against companies controlled by Russian oligarch. Oleg Deripaska — We’ve had very informed. Debate on the floor on this of as a mention before we had a briefing on that a classified briefing on this last week which was stiff competition was the worst. Consolidation of scene from the trump administration. Of but very proud of the Democrats in the room who asks very specific. Questions a to the ministration to his some of that important. That innocent the vote flatly denied chief sixty was a strong majority. Fifty seven to forty two to disagree to disapprove of the actions taken by the administration. Once again William always temple markers you know so. That’s today next week. As you are aware we has cancele. District work period next week to stay here to work on legislation to a to open up government to continue our on going from the of bills. To open up government starting with the bills at the Republicans themselves. In the Senate but now will take up. That will go to the next step on the next week on that the same time. We will be working on our agenda for the people to lower healthcare costs. To increase three paychecks. By building infrastructure of America and by passing H. — One at the very near future to of bring dignity to government by doubling the role a big dark. Special interest money. In politics and government. Once again we call upon the president. To reopen government of the as I said we cancelar district work period. This is directly related to our security the trumpet sound down is undermining that we’re not paying people keep us safe the TSA agents. To stop bombs from coming on to planes the FBI agents contract. And track down terrorists in our country the D. E. A. agent to stop the flow of drugs into our country. And the immigration officials to patrol the border. This is a senseless shut down is inflicting great pain. And every part of our country every day the impact spread. Impacts spread reaching the lives of hardworking Americans in every corner of the country. Particularly concerned about the United find are more. United mine workers of America. They spent a good deal of time in my office because I do believe we owe them so much even though I’m not a big supporter of coals. Of I am a big support benefits – Yesterday heard from the United mine workers America — One that reimbursement of healthcare providers are not being processed. Which will lead to the service shortages that jeopardize the health care of thirty five thousand mine workers if the shutdown continues. Back home in San Francisco. Members have stories. And this we have a story storm because we’re being bombarded by them and they are the most eloquent articulate. Of justification for opening of government in my city of San Francisco. Thousands of people are being done denied their paychecks people think of public employees federal employees only being in the Washington area. No they’re all over the country in small town USA. And and others places around the country including the bay area people like E. P. A. employer James must months in from San Francisco explained that he could have. He had to go Raj sale. And self everything he owns. And won’t be enough for one month’s rent. The area NASA employee sherry sure who can’t pay her mortgage and was told by the lender. Too bad you’re just going to have to wait into your house goes into foreclosure. Like he EOC investigator Mylec. Garate sorry of San Francisco said trump’s wall is imagine you’re not my bills are real [inaudible] This is. Most unfortunate and I don’t I don’t. Understand why it is the realit. Of the in people’s lives isn’t is not. On sale through concerned — Cared about. By the administration not only ministration. These to the people who. Deliver services. To the American people. You should respect what they do. For a country. Many of them are veterans who have translated their military patient is meant to civilian. Patriotism working for the government. And they are affected by this these workers make a difference in the lives of the American people including. Security officials who would be protecting the president the state of the union address. As I’ve said to some of you. This is an act of defined by the Soviet homeland security as a national special security in that. Means our datedto a place where the resources. Of the government. Are used to protect. The advent. As is the president of the United States and the vice president. The Congress of the United States house and Senate [inaudible] The cabinet. Acting as it is but the cabinet. The Supreme Court of the United States. The diplomatic corps. And all that that implies in terms of security. The continuation of government. Is the reason for all of the security as well as the powers that is in the room. I have no doubt that our men and women. In the federal workforce. Have the capability to protect. Inference that they want to say is — You don’t think that I think can [inaudible] Sessions. The train for this. They should be paid for this. And that’s why I said to the president let’s a beds if if. If you don’t open of government. If that doesn’t happen let’s. Discuss a mutually agreeable date. September the jets January twenty this the date out of the of the state in the union is not a secret date it’s not constitutionally required it’s not a presence birthday and it’s not anything it is. A date that we agree to a could have been the weeks later. And it could be later if government is open. So it isn’t as if that date is secret for any reason it was one that was. To go sure schedule on both sides of the aisle. So the I just wanna make it clear. There is no other. The reason for this to happen. We are over and over again put forth an agenda for protecting our border. Close we take to protect and defend. Securing our borders is a very important part of that. The president can says there all these drugs coming into the country 90% of the drugs. Coming over the border come through the ports of entry. And so we have said again and again. Let’s build the infrastructure of the ports of entry or maybe increase them. Let’s facilitate a trade and travel and protecting our security with more lateral roads there. Let’s increase the personnel there nearly three thousand three cells in managed in three thousand vacancies and customs. Let’s increase the personnel. Infrastructure personnel technology technology technolog. For several hundred million dollars we have. There’s the capability to scan the cars for drugs guns contraband. Technology is there. The will is there. I think there’s a bipartisan agreement that we should be doing that. And to use other technology to protect the border in other way is. Our presence as the only way to do it it. Was a wall that’s a debate that we have but it was no debate that we all agree. To protecting our border is the responsibility we have and that has always always been the case. Again we must respect — Workers protect our borders image immediately. And questions figure less. Look in the system that has me again of that we heard from the White House. Republicans have talked a bit about their comments he made about so you would only spent one dollar. That is you guys. The only question to respect that’s a silly comment on the part of the Republicans they’re desperate they know we have to open up government. They know they were you the one asking for was a check for that one of the U. S. would you spend one dollars now spend one dolla. For that is that is not the point and they know that’s not the point so let’s not glorify a silly question on their part. Expressed more willingness to negotiate on that figure for Republicans to get past this. And now for a wall doesn’t either and before I it should the letter I consulted with the chair. The chair now homeland security committee Mister Benny Thompson [inaudible] About. But he has oversight of that committee has worked very hard and long on issues that relate to domestic. Security investing terrorism and he agrees that we should go for in this way it isn’t a question of are they professional enough wide we even take it there the question is they should be paid. And as a secretary any agency that person should be advocating for her employees to be paid instead of saying. It’s okay for him to work without pay. If the president comes back to you and says no I want to give the state of the union after capital on the day we three to what we do then we will. To go forward. Cross that bridge when we come to a fantasy we haven’t heard as if the very silent took more than twenty four hours. To your question that you asked me every time I step out of the office and hear. Though we haven’t heard yet gesture as that is what about the idea new you have concerns about the security. But considering potentially come from that. The chamber members might not be responsible president might have the respect with you are you concerned about about that. Are you. Are you concerned about that temperature getting too high. I’m concerned about people not having paychecks in their homes have you heard the stories of people and a young woman. Who into newly wed she came home she was sick she’s diabetic she had three vials left she didn’t know what she was going to do so hopefully the? Government would open again it didn’t so she’s. Not taking insulin that she needed for her diabetes and she even said. Sometimes when she would go to sleep she thought it would be easier not to wake up because she didn’t take her medicine. And to face the fact that she wasn’t having a paycheck and couldn’t afford her medicine with the father who had a child. Who is born needed an operation but couldn’t — Get on to the health insurance program because the man was shot dead and the list goes on and on that’s the heat that we want to lower Questions in the lives in American people to convey. Was a stories storm that is going on all over the country care about that statistic. Care that each and every family that is accepted and it goes beyond those employees into our economy. Economists in the president some people are saying that. The G. P. for not grow. As long as is and does of shut down is there. And that means that the president’s [inaudible] Insistence. Is on a luxury in the country insistence on the wall as a luxury the contry can no longer afford matter. Your answers and don’t use speaker of the house have an obligation to the negotiating table. We have. Table we not at the last one we went to the thing was a set up with the president. Pounded as even self leverage to leave the room but I think negotiating table I’m never discourage anybody from not accepting of meditation from the president United States of some of our folks were there yesterday so. I don’t know which meeting you’re talking about that we’re not at any active talks and so of course has the power of the purse could you to say. Final give me some money for border security many of the sun and seekers coming in tonight states come from the ports of entry. Twisting use resources and by the way in the in the last Congress before. We entered we gave. Ministration exactly what the department asked. For as for and passed. In the Senate and we know so when you say for into coaching. We are negotiating and we do — Go to meetings but let’s be clear he said what you put. You will be sitting on a many sings unfolding in the next few days about what our next bills will be on the floor. But in case I wasn’t clear. 90% of the drugs coming in the country come through the ports of entry let’s use resources to expand the ports of entry. Do you have the basic necessities evidence based. Not notion mongers. And and and and those ports of entry need more personnel nearly three thousand employees latencies not those positions not. Settled on the border and some of it is because of the quality of life they need more infrastructure to do their jobs in terms of ports of entry. Water supply and the rest and then we talk about technology is I said. Several hundred million dollars ranges from a half a billion to seven hundred million dollars for the technology to scan the cars coming through the ports of entry. And that is to detect guns to detect drugs. Guns and other contraband using other technology other places along the border. And to do so in a way so it’s about infrastructure it’s about. Some roads to go with it to facilitate trade immigration first and foremost our security. And to add to to do so in a way. That honors our values and I’ve had this year. I just saw a poll. That said — Which is interesting because it said. To sink in question from Georgia. Do you think said. To think that the wall is consistent with our values was it like. 51% said no and forty two or something like that said yes so this is. This is about who we are as a country that were able. To protect our borders our people and our values thank you all [inaudible] Thank you. What if they find another home here on the phone? Everybody that continuing to watch with us here on our fox ten in a you to pay your thank you so much for joining us here on news now today we have next door that we have. Coming up. After the break and we throughou on fox ten extra hi everyone my pager welcome back to news now continuing to bring you top stories and headlines. From across the country in of course right here in Arizonans beginners on and that’s where we were going to keep you because Phoenix police department a little bit earlier this morning- She releasing some new information on the very disturbing story — Last night to a newborn baby girl was found dead inside an Amazon facility bathroom here’s the very latest that they know during this investigation — Some updated information — It is come out in written form Vincent to news decibel for you- To disseminate but going over the fax. Last night at about eight thirty PM Phoenix police received a call from a business near fifty three hundred west and lower Buckeye road — That call was out of the deceased infants — Located inside the women’s rest arrived at the Phoenix police department I’m sorry the Phoenix fire department confirmed. That the incident was deceased – Phoenix police homicide investigation has taken over this investigation — It is a death investigation at this time so it is still unfolding we’re still. Working through Latin evidence and so forth I can tell you as far as updates go. We have located. And spoken with the mother — She will not be identified at this time — In the some of you have asked and the baby was female — I don’t have any further information is a far as far as how far along. To first responders and the baby. US full term or close to that. But the other questions — That yeah you may have — We’re still waiting for the investigation Carrie also we’re gonna the Maricopa county medical examiner — Hopefully have those answers. Do you have any questions. That she gave birth in the bathroom. We’re looking into that. Any evidence that would indicate that she gave birth to the bathroom — The and I want to go too far into the details of that but the facts as they are as we responded — Because of the the of the big that was found by the fine mom so quickly — So in working with the evidence that we had. Circumstances surrounding it and then of course — The business — We were able to locate my mom is an employee — I don’t want to go into any details that might identify her at this time because we have not named an official role for her other than mother in this case – But again the the restaurant is located inside whether it be have would there have been cameras so signs restaurants. So that would be related to security and I don’t want to disclose that information but evidence of the scene helped us in this investigation. Any charges if possible. Want to speculate at this time because we have not reached that point in the investigation to say — So we’re gonna let that continue out and I think that’s usually take is where does. In relation to that — That Amazon point was their fire station or police station or anywhere very near. Five and baby could have been dropped off and there are opportunities — For parents who have recently — Given birth or have a baby to take that baby to safe haven — Those locations are available in Phoenix — At this point I’m not gonna relating to this case. We received a couple calls from Amazon people claim they were Amazon employees. Number one sing a maintenance worker found the baby in a garbage can can we confirm or deny — s so the call came from the facility — I won’t go into any further that might identify witnesses in this case if somebody has information that they would like to share with police. Out we invite them to call Phoenix police — They can call the business back he waited or were employees sent home at any point over in the overnight hours. Because of the investigation the so it was my observations from the scene last night there was minimal disruption to the facility I would refer that. To the business to see what type of impact there was — I I’m I’m sure they will likely reach out to the boys the way that we do or similar — To we did role our at employee assistance unit to the scene as we do with most critical incidents an instance similar to this — To offer peer counseling professional counseling — Just to be there for the first sponsors — Who respond who are on scene for these types of incidents? We don’t know yet how long to make use of the bathroom before someone found — You. I went hours but it didn’t it sometime. But fairly recent same name as his mother appear to be cooperating with you guys is she having conversations with you. Operating with the investigatio. The baby was found about eight o’clock last night we received a call at about eight thirty PM mountain standard time. Can we sat. I mean I know you will be able to answer but baby wrapped in anything I mean that’s just. So I I I want to go to far to the details of this — Just to confirm that said the baby female who was found deceased confirm deceased. When first as far as right [inaudible] Anything else. Okay for anybody that was — Just arriving I’ll stick around if we can do now in here from sk Scott. Though former governor all Florida now a junior senator from Florida. He tweeted out earlier today is- Is saying that I’ve been here for one week now and it’s clear that Washington is broken if Congress can’t pass a budget members shouldn’t get paid. I am proud to co sponsor senator bronze No budget No pay act so let’s listen to him on his thoughts nobody believes we should be secure a border — We know there’s problems and me there’s lots issues with regard immigration but it all it all starts with you’ve got have secure border other countries have secure border there’s nothing immoral about its right thing to do. His her. This group that — Read by senator Graham among others that — Wants to reopen the governor — Through the government. Predicated on the assumption that negotiations with them to get that seem to be seven with Mrs closest position which is that. She want to go she governments. Pushing very clear about the problem is she’s been clear there’s no money. And so if you put your you put yourself in present trump’s. Why would he why would he go forward and say? Oh sure all all of us open government three weeks when he said he sees Nancy Pelosi scene there is not going to be at the shin. But as we as we watch that’s not with that’s not when it’s supposed to San. She seen. Zero as a unique position never close relationship. With the president. You are a businessman have you call him and talk with him abou- Potentially going over the White House for working with him and the White House on a group of senators. Here that. Could proposing national might actually sign hidden value have had plenty conversations — But here’s the issue you can’t have for the Democrats are doing is just saying no. Face and tell me how you have negotiations if I was if I was sitting in prison transition I would say okay so. I know that they were saying an absolutely zero no nothing. So I was I would stop and say Hey what can I do — Without them. Because his obligation to keep us safe. And so what I would be doing a thousand has positions and what can I do when I was a governor when we had. When when we had a crisis I would say okay I want to work with by let’s say branches but? But I’ve got to get something done so what can I do. Something that he could do is declare a national emergency could be that I think here look at if he Ithink he should look at every option he has. I think he should — If if if that’s something that he can do I think here look at look at it now the best would be to get everybody to act. Responsibly and say let’s open government a secure border — And but we think right if if you listen to what the Democrats are saying it’s not it’s not — What’s that what’s the right dollar its use no. I’m in that is making sense [inaudible] Yes Sir. So there’s that. We can go — Was junior senator because for the whole thing the most junior. What do you what do you see as your role here looking to do from that position both? To end the shutdown and broader sense. Into the way I’ve always thought about it in in its its — Tried because I’m a business guy but everybody can have an impac. And what you got to do is you gotta come up you know you’ve got a were car you got to come up the right ideas you get have filled the right relationships. And so that’s why I’ve been talking to different individuals to see. Talking you know is see what can what can get done — Then. Sir is very issue that for you would be worked actually showing that government on for for Ted Cruz and rand Paul’s obamacare twenty thirteen if president now it’s it’s the wall. I know you were here in the shutdown started but is there any issues that. I never thought of that way I nineteen shut down government when I was a governor I don’t want I don’t want government to be shut down I will. Phone until you know as governor I would have billed my Connie I wanna make sure people get a job their kids go to get checked his cation keep them safe. So what I try to do is figure out how I guess I got the things I believed in. But I never want to shut down government what would you say the TS agents or or other folks you know. If they went on Friday yeah. Could cripple the nation’s that. Offers of Iran into my heart was after them because I’m sure. I mean some of my have savings but some of them don’t and some are probably worried about — Hey you know how they they may be a pay the car payment or are. The more rigid pay the rent them sure they’re worried about that so what I’d say is everybody up here has to look at people like that and say. Why would we why would we it’s come to the table and say you know we know we have to do this why is it seems like it but it’s a political game rather than? Act in the best interests of the citizens of this country. You have to have markers. Douglas that with the help of some Democrats in some both on the right invoke that deliver governor. In a person that has worked in the past for spending bill books on the far left and far right for both of them for female few. How do you get to that out here in Los? I’m not sure the you know what I did not cases I brought. Them is horrible what happened at parkland it. Now what I did was I brought and refer share some police chiefs and other on forcing together — Mental health counselors and in in favor them together and educators and so for the right ideas and we came up with something to work hard we got something done. That’s what happened here but when you think you can’t you can’t have. That you know the Democrats say no we’re not gonna have a conversation all about border security basically and that’s what they’re saying. As the box office [inaudible] Shut down. Well at looked about Cory stops- Always thought that you know that — You know if you the president of his a governor you you know you got to do everything you can to get something done — The but everybody’s responsible here Republicans Democrats in the house and is now White House everybody’s responsible. And it’s too bad or in this position hello help. Give people jobs he got to create a good economy I think that the federal money to have a big impact on that. But the thing is we got to keep people safe — And with this is party keep everybody safe and why in the world why in the world who are we saying that ourselves. How do we make sure that all Americans are safe part of it is border security? Thanks everybody more our here x an extra knows my case thank you so much for joining us here today we’re going to show you now. President trump of just a little bit ago we talking at the Pentagon talking about missile defense policies regarding our country and other countries that might. Want to know what is going on with our systems here and how we may react to some threats regarding — Overall safety let’s listen that right here on news now . It’s really nice thank you you’re only doing that because I gave you the greatest and biggest budget in our history. I have now done it two times [inaudible] And and I hate to tell the rest of the world but I’m about to do it three times so. So that’s the only reason. You gave me such a nice welcome thank you very much and thank you to vice president pence. For that wonderful introduction it’s an honor to the Pentagon with so many distinguished military leaders and I especially want to recognize our adding defense secretary address. Shanahan he’s been fantastic wherever you may be [inaudible] Thank you. We were talking just as I came on I said that I have to go now we’re talking defense that we’re also talking offense you know can’t forget offense you again we we have the finest. Weapons in the world and we’re ordering the finest weapons in the world that you can be sure of to present the results of my administration’s missile defense review. Our goal is simple to ensure that we can detect and destroy any missile launched against the United States anywhere. Anytime. The place. As we all know the best way to keep America safe. Is to keep America strong and that’s what we’re doing stronger than ever. Joining us for today’s presentation. Are great champions of missile defense in Congress. Senator Dan Solomon my friends thank you very much. And representative Mike Turner thank you Mike thank you very much. Also joining us from the department of just adding deputy secretary of defense David Norquist. David thank you. Secretary Martin yes. Secretary heather Wilson. Under secretaries of defense my goal Christian. Allen. And John route. General Paul cells. Thank you thank you general. General mark Milley. Thank you mark thank you [inaudible] Thank you [inaudible] Congratulations [inaudible] Importantly congradulations. General Joseph Rangel and general James McConnell thank you very much everybody thank you. For presenting the results of our missile defense review I want to take a moment to express my deepest condolences to the families. The brave American heroes who laid down their lives yesterday. In selfless service. To our nation these are great people. Great great people. We will never forget and their noble an immortal sacrifice. This morning I also would like to briefly address another matter of critical national security he do you manage area. And security crisis. At our southern border. Without a strong border Americans defenseless vulnerable and unprotected I also want to thank the military. For helping us out. During the big cat of and but now you have more caravans forming and they’re on the way out. Thousands and thousands of people. We don’t know when they’re from who they are nothing if. We need strong borders. We need. Strong and walls. Nothing else is going to work everyone knows it is. Everybody saying it is now. Just a question of time. Should have been done many years ago. Should have been done by other and by of the president’s. And it wasn’t. Just like many of the other things we’re doing that could have been done many years ago. Whether it’s our negotiations with North Korea. Moving the embassy. To Jerusale. So many things were supposed to have been done many years ago and they weren’t but we’re doing them. A wall has to be built. We need security in our southern border drugs flow and tremendous or sentences of the drugs coming into our country come from the southern border. We’re not going to allow it to happen. And that is why our homeland security professionals of as Congress for a steel barrier. Between the ports of entry to find more agents. Should medical supplies and technology. Had to close the US and dangerous. Immigration. Recalls that no country in the world has put us. The federal government remain shut down because progression all Democrats. Refused to approve we’re going to have border security. It’s going to be tight it’s going to be strong. We get a lot of people into our country gladly but the gonna come in legally. Clues for the farmers. Who need help? And for others. But we are going to have. Powerful. Strong border security. While many Democrats in the house and Senate would like to make a deal if Streeter policy will not let them negotiate. He has been hijacked. The open borders for and sh within the party. The radical left. Becoming the radical Democrats hopefully. Democratic lawmakers will step forward to do what is right for our country. And do what’s right for our country is border security at the strongest level. Stop. Human hijacking. Stop. Drugs this. Gamestop criminals. What we’re gonna do that was my pledge and that’s what we’re going? To operate and modernize Americans missile defense so important. In a time of rapidly evolving threats. We must be certain that our defensive capabilities are unrivaled. Unmatched anywhere in the world. All over fun adversaries see competitors and rogue regimes are steadily enhancing their missile. Arsenals. All of their arsenals are getting bigger [inaudible] Stronger. We getting bigger. And stronger in every way. Creasing their lethal strike capabilities. They’re focused on developing range missiles that could reach targets within the United State. As president my first duty. Is the defense of our country. First in. The defense of our country. Defense has many different definitions. Covers a lot of territory. I will accept nothing less for our nation. In the most effective. Cutting edge missile defense systems. The best anywhere in the world it’s not even close. Her new strategy calls for six major changes. In missile. Defense policy. First we will we’ll prioritize the defense of the American people. Above all else. Our review calls. 420- new ground based interceptors. For Greenlee Alaska. New radars and sensors. To immediately detect. Far in missiles launched. Against our great nation. We are committed to establishing be a missile defense program. That can shield every city in the United States. We will never negotiate away our right. To do this. Second we will focus. On developing. New technology not just investing more money into existing systems. World is changing. And we’re going to change much faster. Than the rest of the world. This past Tuesday. Any in regime tested a space launch vehicle [inaudible] Which failed. That will provide a ran with critical information. If it didn’t fail. They could use to pursue intercontinental ballistic missile capability. And the house. Ability actually of reaching. The United States we’re not gonna have that have. United States cannot simply build more of the same. For make only incremental improvements. What we’ve done to a ranch since I become? President [inaudible] Is rather. S. by ended AT horrible week. Iran nuclear deal. And I will tell you. Iran is a much different country today. Than it was two years ago. Not to say. It will be the same. And I do believe they want to talk. It is not enough to merely keep pace. With our adversaries we must have a stem. Every single turn. We must pursue the advanced technology and research to guarantee that the United States is always several steps ahead of those. Who would do us harm? Third we will. Protect. The American people from all types of missile attacks. In the past the United States lacks a comprehensive strategy for missile defense. That extended beyond [inaudible] Six missiles. Under our plan that will change. The U. S.. On our justice posture. To also defend against any missile strikes including cruise. And hyper sonic. And we are by the way a very advanced also. On hyper. Technology and mists. Always be at the forefront of everything. For us. We will recognize that space is a new war fighting domain. With the space force leading. The way. My coming budget it will invest in a space based missile defense [inaudible] Layer [inaudible] Technology. Ultimately going to be a very very big part. Of our defenses and obviously of our offense. System will be. Monitored and we will. Terminated. The missile launchers. From hostile powers. Even from powers to make a mistake. It won’t happen regardless of the missile tied. For geographi. Origins of the attack. We will insure that enemy missiles to find to no sanctuary homeowners. In the skies above. This is the direction that I am heading. We have some very bad. Players have of their and good player. But we can be. Far worse than anybody. If need be I’ve always. Known. And I’ve watched and I’ve seen. The stronger you are. The less you will need whatever that strength maybe. If we will remove your credit obstacles. To dramatically speed up the acquisition and clear. We are protecting many many wealthy wealthy wealthy countries. One country they said has an unsustainable. Cash flow the words they make so much money they don’t know what to do with. I should. Send it our way. To send it our way. We protect all of these wealthy countries. Which I’m very honored to do. Many of them are so wealthy they can easily pay us costs of this protection. So you’ll see big changes taking place and we’ve had great talks with countries friendly talks. One of them said Mr president. Yes we will work with you. Thirty years nobody’s ever aske. I said now we’re asking. Took a long time said now we’re asking. That allows us. To spend much more money. These incredible margin swear. Just money going out and not coming back. So wealthy wealthy countries that we’re protecting. All under notice and all cooperating very nicely. I would say they probably like other presidents more than me but that’s okay. I don’t blame them I would. To it was a recent poll. In Europe the original call when I first ran I was one of the most popular people in the worl. Now they said he’s not popular in Europe I should today. Because I’m asking them to step up. The of countries paying less than 1%. In NATO. Last year I raised. Forty four billion dollars more by saying I’m sorry you have to seven a year before that and my first year. Says just getting started. Twenty four million dollars with one meeting. Until that it was just going down he was going down for fifteen years was just going down. The numbers going into NATO. This you will also have a good year starting to step. Very unfair when Germany pays 1. And repairing four point 3% of the much larger. GDP. We cannot be fools [inaudible] Others [inaudible] Cannot. We don’t want to be called that. And I will tell you for many years. Behind your backs that’s what they were saying. So there’s a big difference. We’re going to be with NATO 1100% but as I told the country’s you have to step up. You have to pay. The minimum numbers actually the number should be much higher. They said it percent goal. If you pay that it. Should be much higher than that. If you look at what we pay. It’s massively higher than that. So we have very good relationships. Trees are now stepping up and they can well afford. In furtherance of this call are planned directs the department of defense to prioritize. The sale of American missile defense and technology to our allies and to our borders. We want them to be able to defend. They’re willing to pay for the finest missiles in the world they’ve already done that. Stepping up like. Nobody’s ever seen before actually. We will also leverage. Partnerships to share early warning and tracking informatio. Detect missile launches as early as possible. Today marks the beginning of a new era in our missile defense program. For too long we have been held back by his self imposed limits. While strong competitors grow. They advance more than we have over the years. Part of the reason is we spend so much money. On so many other. Since. Now that’s changing were helpin. And were able to spend money on technology. A new. Defense and far beyond defense systems. So those days are history. Our strategy is grounded in one overriding objective. Check out and destroy every type of missile attack. Against any American target. The before. Or after launch. When it comes to defending America? We will not take any chances. We will only take there is no substitute. For American military might. When I took office? Better than anybody in the worl. Our military was very tired. It was very depleted. I won’t even tell you the things that some of our great generals were telling me. Now it’s being rebuilt at a rapid. Rate and very shortly will be more powerful. Than ever before. That’s the way it has to be. And as I said the more powerful it is. The less likely it is that will ever have to use. It will soon be more powerful than ever before. Today we reaffirm that. A strong America remains the best way to prevent contemplated promote peace is our freedom. Protect. Our great people. Gather we United behind a noble mission. Field our country with the greatest missile defense system. Anywhere on the face. Of the earth. Thank you again to the men and women. Of the American. Armed forces special special people. And the citizens of our country [inaudible] No that. Knowledge. To far more so than you would ever know. We have the greatest military [inaudible] Anytime [inaudible] Soon. In the history of the world. Just finish by saying. She you service. Your incredible people. S. you. And god bless. America thank you very much thank you force right here in As well but in the meantime right now while what we do wait if there is any potentially breaking news of course we bring that to you here as well just remember we had the police chase earlier. In Dallas Texas breaking news out there and we have the highlights now for you in full on are you to pages just in cas- You can get to catch it with us live earlier — This morning but now we’re going to go out to Illinois where there is a new gun law on the books now it now requires Illinois dealers. To be registered with the state let’s bring that to you live here on news now. And local. Then it is here we are glad that you [inaudible] Today [inaudible] School. One of the pillars and also the neighborhood. Students are committed should be life long learners. Dedicated. To helping the students. Their drinks. And the neighborhood is strong. And I’m not. Over thirty years and so when you when you’re hearing you grow up in the same name. Hey you watch is still. All our communities in this city has throughout the state. All have been impacted. By indescribable [inaudible] Gun violence [inaudible] This. And the shadows community. As an educator. I am grateful that local and state law makers. Making meaningful lasting trying to see that happen in life. Without the incredible individuals coming together. Demand change. I have the honor of introducing today. As a senior adviser to president Clinton. You as Congress. She was [inaudible] And now. Rahm Emanuel has been a and the kid. One reform. He is taken on give it up for the Panthers being a level one school. Thank you Joe there appear but before we do that I want to thank all the parents of here. One thing all of you. Who have had your personal pain? I know this is a painful moment. You’ve taken your personal pain and said that no parent should ever walk in your shoes again and all of us up here — You okay gratitude for being happy kids for our children. In some of the faces here I’ve been in. You living rooms. I’ve been around your kitchen table. No parent should ever have. To a child. Is not right. And I do want to say. To the governor I want to thank you. For figure it out in four days with some other people can figure out. You don’t need to see from Harvard. You’re going to regulate a barber shop and maybe you should also regulate. I know you went to northwestern so you have some of that surfac. Four days you figured out some some. In four years and I want to compliment you for that was the that also — You know the last two years. Our police have seen a 20% reduction in gun violence working with the community leaders. It’s a Jew it’s January. Sixteenth. Just were not even sixty in sixty five guns off the streets of the city of Chicago. 40% of those guns. Come from right here in Illinoi. And that means that we need the support of the state of Illinois to making sure that the neighborhood here around Austin that when our kids come here to this great school. Found their way. They can been thinking about their studies not their safety. An hour we have a governor who’s actually taking the state of Illinois and all the forty the state of Illinois and says we’re gonna make sure that the streets and the sidewalks are safe for our children. Thank governor parts. Used to have a great gold. When they were talking about? Legislating prayer in school. Is as long as there’s final exams will always be prayer in school you don’t have. Thank you though and answers saying. We have you taken one step. We have our police department work with our parents our principles and our teachers. Also want to compliment the principal because also we have family while a mentoring progra. Here in our elementary schools making sure that our kids make the I have a mentor. Making good choices so later in life take a look back and be proud of what they decided to do rather than regret what they decided to do and when you have mentors. Police officers parents do and our kids are going to grow up be not only healthy making good choices the restroom lives and we’re gonna be really proud of the and the person that also the and against the gun lobby. Really led this fight. This for five years ago twenty fourteen we pass this bill and stay in the in the city Chicago. He made sure that the existing re same spirit. Was now the law of the land in the land of Lincoln. Center harming his been tireless in making sure that this became. Thank the center now and knowing full well this is not a Chicago problem. This is not a Chicago and suburban problem. This is a problem that requires the action of the state of Illinois and he has led that effort. Obviously give a warm welcome to center. Thank you mayor of principal bell thank you for having us here is. It’s great to be in the distric. When I first introduced a version of this bill in two thousand and three sixteen years ago? I thought we’d be having the celebration a little bit sooner- The you I had been underestimating the importance of a engaged dedicated and committed governor some governor printer thank you so much for making this. Also when when I first introduced this bill was a part of a package of bills that the mayor’s office asked Justin reduce in Springfield. And I have to say mayor Rahm Emanuel picked up that torch and that brought it to a new level of enthusiasm this would not have been possible without the partnership with the city so Mary thank you so. Much. I notice of one of my former colleague senator Kwame role in our tourney general. Who is a co sponsor of this bill with me for many of those years? And I’m so excited to have someone in the attorney general’s office who has a walk that walk in the legislature and it’s going to be — Committed to enforcement and expanding our efforts to prevent gun violence so it’s a great team in this really is such a team effort — Sixteen years is a long time and and it’s it’s time to celebrate but just two points. I am snow just I can’t even imagine how many kids we’ve lost in the last sixteen years. Because of political delivering over whether or not we should do this. And we can’t lose sight of that- And we can’t think that this bill however important it is is the solution. It will help but there’s more remain committed to doing that – I ask for all of you to remain in this fight this is something we have to stay with. The last thing what changed. Over the sixteen years that allowed us to finally passed the bill — A lot of attention was given to the kids in parkland who rose up and raise their voices. And we cannot in any way underestimate the importance of that they were incredibly. Eloquent. Speakers on behalf of their generation — But I want to emphasize one other thing that that really did make the difference here in Illinois — It was more after sandy hook the groups that stood up and said we’re not gonna take this the parents the moms. Who said we need to act and when when parkland happen those troops had reached a level of political sophistication and maturity? That we’re able to capitalize and that’s what moms demand action thank you [inaudible] Thank you. Every town thank you. There are countless others for there to in particular the Illinois coalition against hang on violence and fighting. And most importantly the newest kid on the block — The group that figure out how to turn good public policy in the good politics — G. Packer one recognized. But the fight is just beginning and I do want to turn this over now to my my partner my house sponsor. My state representative Kathy Wilson. Thank you everyone too bad — When I talked to my mom last night until to where we were going to do the guns on each coast? You know I went to school here. My mother was a graduate of young high school. Sixty five years ago. I guess in. You can count on me as one of your along. I was honored to pick up the torch in the house senator Harmon his work this for fifteen years sixteen years I’ve worked for the last three and a half four years. It has bad and they home. Very difficult bill to work because not only do we have a lot to overcome. We have the hard of hearing the stories of why it’s important. And those stories and those grassroots action that we get from survivor families from families that have been affected by this from somebody that knew somebody who somehow or other or those their child. Their style similar sister their brother those of the stories that can stand with us today and take credit for this because it is those stories. That helped convince our fellow legislators that enough is enough and it’s time to make some changes and that’s what I’m really proud to say that. I was able to be the vessel for you in this. National rifle association continues to reject common sense gun reforms that would save lives but you guys don’t and that’s the most important thing. We know that gun violence affects families. And certainly throughout the state of Illinois this is the first step. To stopping that so that we can stop all their families from. When we come back here on news now will take out live keeping Chicago with this is a live news conference regarding the R. Kelly investigation on his property was search to add and – Right now we’re gonna get that update coming up next everyone stay with us here on news now — Of the tenants rights group LLC. We are the attorneys of record for the ten at occupant. At the two nineteen north just dean property. The city of Chicago department of buildings inspection took place yesterday has scheduled wr existing complaint which we do anticipate they’re going to do. It’s really unclear as to you know what their new allegations are going to be however. Our position is this — Well over a million parcels of property in cook county alone. A multitude of those commercial properties face routine commonplace zoning variance issues. It’s the municipality’s job in in duty indeed it’s their duty to oversee those properties that fall within the city of Chicago’s limits that’s done every single day tens of thousands of times a year. Often there are Jean you win a margin C. cold in zoning issues however this is not one of them- It’s our position all along this issue is not an emergency as earlier stated a reported that there was no emergency dangerous conditions. And we believe that the inspection yesterday validated our position — The question was it used at the residence. Wasn’t don’t know no I mean I’ve I think I’ve stated building. I stated implicitly as the attorney of record for the ten occupant that there is no one that lives at their premises. Nor has anyone forties anyone living at the premises no one lives there so what do you think the buildings department is. Pointing [inaudible] Well. Whether they fine I will say [inaudible] And I obviously can’t speak for the city Chicago I will say. That. We’re eager to see the city Chicago’s amended complaint and I’d you know I do have in dishes that we are going to be receiving an amended complaint – I think after the uneventful inspection they would have to mean the complaint — But you know. There’s excess of fifty thousand building co cases filed in Chicago just last year alone okay. And the issues that are being raised here with respect to to nineteen just dean are far from our lives we’re really talking about commercial zoning variance issues here — Says something that a vast amount of commercial property owners in Chicago have to deal with every year and this issue that we know is not much different. In addition that they’re only look at this is because it’s R. Kelly’s place well. Sally I’m a real estate attorney and a landlord tenant attorney and so I don’t deign. To predict or forecast what other people’s motivations are I only want to deal with the property issues that — That are my area of specialty — Were there any other questions you anticipate look I’m sorry what’s your name St Charles so I say I’m sure — Do you anticipate Mr Kelly — Making good on the money he posing backgrounds by the twenty first. So Sam — I am in communication with the counsel of record for the owner. And I will actually be in a lot better position to answer your question more efficiently and accurately early next week I know that you have been emailing me so if you can do that again early next week. I’ll be able to get you a an accurate answer for that you know Mr because many payments at all so far of that yeah again I’ll defer till next week but I will give you a full statement on that issue and that’s dealing with the forcible entry case and not. The building cookies but yeah I’m happy. To answer your all right well I like to the home so sure so make sure that. You’re right because you’re right you mention a couple of times that there’s a bunch of zoning issues all over the city of Chicago sure which I understand so is your kind of point that. Everybody else is doing or why they will. Know sell you know the inception of this issue came about — When an emergency motion was filed and it’s our position and it was my position — That I argued before her honor at the emergency hearing that. The issues raised here are not an emergency. There’s they’re not an emergency they don’t fall within what we believe the the cold. Contemplates as emergencies — Emergency dangerous conditions they’re just not there. So — Again we’re we’re very eager and look forward — To the hearing it which will be a day — Case management hearing on the twenty see you there and at some point we should be expecting some amended pleadings from the city — Which which I’m happy and eager to review when I get a okay other Benton there are mattresses is there a makeshift kitchen. I did not attend the inspection but what I can state [inaudible] Unequivocally again is that there is no one who lives in their premises nor has anyone lived in their premises as a residential property okay. I want to think these the members of the press here today. For your time — Please feel free to email me if you have further questions as things come up. And other than that you should have my direct contact information. I don’t know. Okay. All right so that was the lawyer representing the studio — Where are Kelly had a studio there it was searched amid sex abuse allegations there and he was just speaking that — They did not find anything like anybody was living there where there was some allegations with that that’s the latest on the R. Kelly — Investigation as it continues in all headlines here let’s give me a live look at how the Dow is doing right now still flat right now to stop three points there – I’m the day with a little more than two hours a day out to go into trading a day there will keep an eye on that here for yo- And will stay in Chicago right now as I will take it back out to the new Illinois gun law now- Now requires Illinois dealers to register with the state I do so- With a personal drive. Behind it and for those of you all survivors. Who’ve turned pain into purpose. Can we move people from office. We use. To brace policy that would. Keep our our streets safe. Thank you [inaudible] Governor Pritzker. If this is a single of what is yet to come. Let me say a couple of days ago when I accepted. The role as the to be your next Attorney General. You know I indicated that no public official no public official in the state. Should not take on the responsibility for doing something about the violence that we experience in our state and that includes. The attorney general’s office. And so while. With a gun dealer licensing we realize that we have to do the work that near Emmanuel in the city’s been doing. With regards to tracing guns not only in the city of Chicago. But throughout the state. And we realize that there’s a trauma. Caused by the gun violence. And we have to engage. In dealing with that trauma — Because if we don’t deal with that problem of the victims folks who were victims could involve into being perpetrator that’s perpetrators of that same violence. And so our work. Continues and the attorney general’s office will be along side you. Can that work. But I want to thank the advocates and those who’ve been steadfast in this effort and one who I’ve seen consistently on a long ways Delphian. To thank you can [inaudible] Well. Good morning the more. It is a good day. My name is still very I’m a very board member. Only just sixteen she was murdered. And my son Tyler who was just. Twenty vote for descriptive of the state gun violence problem. Today is a happy day. Many people possible night because government shaping for skin. Is signing the bill. That would reform. Apple gun dealers. There were perpetrated I’ll state gun violence problem [inaudible] However. Is also a set anniversary for me and my family. Twenty seven years ago today. Motor voter tiny savvy. Was to a way to get creative. She went to the movies with some friends. As she was leaving the movie theater a fourteen year old boy. With an illegal gun. Satisfying to the crowd. He was trying to rival game number. Thirteen S.. The bullets ricochet off a building invitation from the also. She show me what hard work [inaudible] It off. In. One case that I was for me when my youngest. Tyler. Window. That was a great kid. Full full of life. Has so much potential. The twenty years after the violence that my daughter. Tyler. Initial L. Sam who. Three days before Christmas. Motive. And we made a soft. Sadly too many parents have to experience the pain and anger that comes from losing a child violence. Since ties in Tyler Florida I have become. Committed to do everything I can’t stop them by. Their work has been advocating for the last stop the flow of kinds. To dangerous people like the one for killed my two Tyson highlight.ll bring back- This file save lives. If you can save the we can say even one life from being taken by an illegal and then we have made progress. This bill is a product of the work of so many people. Over the course of many years. And I want to thank them. I want to thank. For this hang guns. The Illinois gun violence. Correlation. The Illinois down violence prevention coalition is a hope over. Six hundred sixty organizations from all over the state. They have come together to advocate times since the one from. The coalition is cell phone. We will continue to advocate for better gun policies. Also one thing the survivors in activists. Who have said enough is enough? And a man. We have stood together. For over three years athlete Springfield pass this law. And I know because I’ve been there for three years [inaudible] And at this at this time we have and a lot. We have. The the coalition. Have collected over fifty thousand petition signatures in support of this bill which we have are with us today. We have also made thousands of phone calls and may. What feelslike thousands of his suffering fill action know that? It is going to love third cation pass [inaudible] Our off. Also one is think. The bill’s. Thank you for standing up for the an hour a and for signing a bill that will save many lives. I want to personally [inaudible] Personally [inaudible] Thank you. For allowing me to speak. For this very important day. Thank you for allowing me to our my daughter tastes a memory. For action on her anniversary of become an angel. I know she’s looking down from our that all of us is that we did it. I now want to put you in as those [inaudible] Governor . Thank you the awful thank you for that. Removing introduction. For shaking so eloquently. On a difficult day — About tell you so. And your lost. I wanna thank. All of you here. Who have? Fought so hard. Because you’ve lost somebody because you’ve been a survivor of gun violence — You’ve made sacrifices that are hard. To give enough recognition. To I want to say. Maybe at a special note here of thanks — To the coalition of organizations and people. Were the belong to an organization I you’ve been part of a coalition for good. And just because we’re signing this today doesn’t mean there is more to do detail what’s comingt absolutely we’re trying to keep up the momentum with how the show’s been. Streamed today right. Behind the mask singer it’s the show that everybody’s talking about we’ve got an interview with Tommy Chong he was the second person Broomfield you don’t say kicked off of that show but I cannot wait to so the store and everybody on the stream. And then we’re going to return to Dallas you were there this morning with Ron without at least chase. Why the airport workers there are saying they just want to shut down and? And they were gonna head to California were a former NFL star is accused of multiple rapes he was in court in San Diego county yesterday so we’ll have that story as well not right we’ll have it all there are coming up and remember we go all the way until. Eight o’clock tonight there on fox ten phoenix.com so please join us there you never know what’s what what can break there you get a lot of police chases. To so we’ll see maybe we can get to a one day thanks so much everyone for joining us here today on news now we’re gonna give me — One more look at the the Dow there up four points there in the green bushy a little better- Numbers here that we like ten day facts casters showing absolutely beautiful next couple of days here a sixty six four a higher today with a look at the weekend and we get close to seventy on Saturdays sixty nine degrees and then a seventy one on Sunday that. Is some great weather there and especially to close out there that merit Jackson their overall are — Visitors from out of state they might want to stay a little bit longer after this one there sixty seven for Monday and then we cool down just a little bit there but the I got a lot of this. And before you know it it’ll be spring training for joining us here today on fox ten extra come and join us facts and phoenix.com going all the way until eight o’clock tonight. We love to have you have more news now coming up next their fox ten Phoenix dot com laughs o actually made. Going to hand you. I would out of work. Right now it’s currently people’s exhibit number four I have an exhibit number three coming in your own to do apologize. Hello hi my sees the proposed exhibit. Don’t believe I have seen. I think yeah . Thank you add what has made introduces people have number. Four and ask you to look at that do you recognize that. Yes is that the posting that you saw yes. Would you go ahead now I have the and other two different dates on the postings yeah. And what is the earliest date March fourteenth. In Kay and what is the second day. March sixteenth would you go ahead to reach for the jury then the March fourteenth posting [inaudible] Th. This guy right here was my best friend in the entire world. We had our ups and downs but we grew up together is neighborhood friends. We’d get into an argument during the day and we stop playing and go home. An hour later either one of us would knock on each other store and apologize to make up in heart get out and start playing again. We’ve had are negatives. Past and it’s led us to stop talking to each other and seeing each other he will always be my best friend [inaudible] To me. Not even my best friend. His family to me. He’s like a brother to me. Praying to the lord that he he’s safe and return home soon. And then a second posting from March sixteenth. Would you read that to the jury. I wish I knew where he was. I would have told authorities already he had a problem with checking in with this parents or anyone including me. He was very quiet capped. To himself a lot actually I’d give him fathered the lectures about how he needs to check in with his parents before you go somewhere or does something. Or if you went from one place to the next that he needed to let. Them know. When he was going and when he arrived? Never did he do any of those things I miss him so much. For and there’s a hurt next to it. Please come home brother we missed all miss you very much. Did you — Thank you great. Did you put together an a I guess — Posters [inaudible] To I guess let people know that you were looking for him. My daughter and I immediately one Macomb county. Police department put him up on the website my daughter and I when. Made that the evening — That it went live on the website and printed it it can goals and began distributing were up. For all the way down Hall world [inaudible] Neighborhoods. Was the poster that you put together with the daughter the only posters that were put together. And an effort. To find Stephen. Know. What other organizations help you put together posters? The missing and exploited [inaudible] Crime stoppers. Well. Let’s let’s let’s let’s go back to this for just a second. Once you put up your own posters you you’d call the phone you. Spoken to the sheriff’s department do you reach out or did other organizations reach out to you in an effort to find Stephen. Yes and tell the jury then I guess the best quarter that you can recall. What? Organizations you contacted what efforts were made — The police department was instrumental in the name. Rogers. Which is a registry his information was Stephen still script shin. On to the best of our knowledge of what he may have been wearing that that evening. On the after the name is& registry was established — Missing and exploited — Was another registry I learned – Would be able — To get the word out. Across the United States — They put together — They put together a poster okay [inaudible] Right. We I would indicate that — I have shown this Joseph the approach people’s exhibit number three they have stipulated to this exhibit. So. That’s correct on ten minutes. What made you — And you have this and you indicated that the missing exploited group also then became involved and was able to provide some sort of publicity. For Steven being missing. Yes and you indicated that they also put together a flyer yeah is that the flyer that they put together yes would you I guess read off the data on that. Exhibit that lists is listed on that — Flyer. It list Steven McAfee — Missing Stephen McAfee birth. Twelve twenty six of nineteen ninety six missing three ten of two thousand sixteen age. Nineteen race white sex male here brown [inaudible] Eyes brown. Hi six foot. One weight. One fifty five ninety separate there so. That’s what that list do you know what Stevens height weight was at the time that he went missing on sept and March tenth two thousand sixteen yes. And it was. He was. Six one missing from a call Michigan United States. And then there are two photographs on their Stephen also [inaudible] Yes. Did she even changes work on occasion. Always. And those are two different looks are deceiving hosted . At any time during your efforts. To find your son. And your fiasco contact you kno. The only communication we had with him was what we talked about earlier on March twelfth of two thousand sixteen das. Did you look at his Facebook page [inaudible] Always. Did something unusual happened on his Facebook page. And what was that [inaudible] Last relevance. Maybe approach of if [inaudible] Objectionable. What is that what did you notice on Stevens Facebook axes managers face but? Steven was deleted and all pictures were deleted of him and Steven so you did on the Facebook page before March tenth of two thousand sixteen and there were pictures of the two of them together [inaudible] Yes K.. And approximately when do you recall that you went on the Facebook page and saw that all those photographs were to lead. I don’t recall the date but I looked at multiple Facebook pages and multiple. It multiple times. His base perfect yeah okay . Did you ever receive I guess calls are tips for many of other savings friends during this time [inaudible] The US. Did you keep in contact with the sheriff’s department. Yes daily. Which the office that was in charge of the investigation. Detective mark more funeral. You indicate that you would be in almost constant contact with him [inaudible] Yes daily. Without saying what he said I guess we being given updates as to the investigation of what was going. To we then providing him with whatever information you or your family members had discovered. Yachts . You indicated that the sheriff’s department was instrumental in getting you involved in several organizations. Was there another organization you became involved with through the sheriff’s department or the state police that included. DNA. The missing a missing. Michigan — Event we attended the missing in Michigan event hosted by the Michigan state police you know when that was may. Of what year two thousand sixteen okay. And what occurred there. Our DNA was collected — We provided. All dental work any injury Steven had in the past any X. rays — My husband and I along with their two children — Provided DNA samples. The crime stoppers become involved TSA did. Would you explain what their involvement was. Crime stoppers — Gathered the information as we provided — He was posted. In on multiple websites — We were provided with flyers — Mailbox hanging hangers — We did a press conference with crime stoppers. They gave us access to support groups — Access to people that have gone through similar situations as ours. Today doing publications. Yes multiple. What types on Facebook they publicized it Facebook we don’t have to represented at the machine missing in Michigan event — They were at several events — And Stevens poster was included. Today at six with billboards. Yes they they provided a Billboard. I am fifty three south [inaudible] Heading south. The to meet that I’m twenty three mile. In. Ten fifty three a Billboard that had Stevens picture on it. And his missing information. A duplicate of the poster. That. Had been circulating. What about media interviews? We did media interviews — We didn’t interview with the new Prakash from channel. Seven we did a Prescott I’m friends with crime stoppers. How you beginning to feel as time went on? It was so out of character. For Stephen. Not to just. Contact us in some way. We have multiple family members contacting on this phone — Is just very scared and worried that. He just turned out of the house lured into a I bet of the a person or bad people. Did you continue these efforts through this year of two thousand sixteen he has [inaudible] Daily. Please stay in contact with the tech to morphine [inaudible] Yes. We you continuing the efforts in early. Of two thousand and seventeen yeah. How are you eventually notified by who? That there had been a break in the case. Detective morphine — Called me I had — Arrived at work at approximately seven hours without saying what he said so you learn city tactic more fina. Break in the case yeah and was that done by phone was it done in person by text. He came to our home . Get Steven ever mention to you. The more it and she’s great. The was Stevens mother did he ever like going to scary places. We watch scary movies no. Was he known to carry a knife. Yes what type. Yeah Swiss army. Nine pocket . Nine the Stephen. On watch. Yes. Did Steven have any vaping device yeah [inaudible] If . Hysteria we haven’t dealt. With the question. I think we discussed that we have to have. Your in the mood for a few minutes to discuss the next [inaudible] All right [inaudible] We he was aggressive or violent. For general reputation any and she has given us detention asking justification as we discussed everything here I know that this was a pain my response to that would be this would be opinion testimony which is another way to a list of reputation testimony it’s not specific instance of the question. In a like is because you’re aware of blind blind blind yeah insisting injection. Thank your honor. Isn’t it true that you’re scared of your son. No. No. Okay didn’t you. And and and I I apologize but didn’t you tell [inaudible] Yeah [inaudible] Yeah . Yeah. I’m not [inaudible] Uhhuh. Uhhuh uhhuh [inaudible] Yeah — Yeah [inaudible] One if it is true that. Says. Losing my voice [inaudible] Mrs McAfee. You tell police that you fear for your safety due to your son’s behavior [inaudible] I did. And didn’t you also. Tell police that your son return to your home after you instructed him not to and he was scaring you. I don’t recall. Okay. And may I approach the witness . Take a look. This time I department thing else let me know just look up and not making [inaudible] Correct yeah our viewers right now on fox ten phoenix.com in Facebook live right now sky fax up in the air as Chandler police are at the cene. Of the shooting involving a suspect from this morning’s eighty dot officer involved shooting. Another suspect was arrested and is considered an investigative lead. This is never fry road hand Dakota sure you’re watching this all in full live right now one news now in fox ten phoenix.com was know where you are watching from. Right now is we do have viewers obviously from Arizona here but really all over the country as well one remember when breaking news does occur. You know we have you covered right here ha news now . Comes in folks acted lease on the scene here in this area of fry into co to street. Right now sky flocks of in the air providing you these live aerial images right now if you’re just joining us everyone Chandler police investigating. Right now a shooting involving a suspect from this morning’s eighty dot officer involved shooting. Another suspect was arrested and is considered an investigative lead right now. This is all happening near fry road into colder street in Chandler you’re taking a live look at the police investigatio. Right now they do so much for joining us here run news number of oxen phoenix.com can Facebook live we we are taking a look at where everyone is checking in from right now. Who lives on the string really do appreciate you joining us here and — Being part. Of news now . Welcome everyone we’re continuing to watch this all in full right now here run news now over to fox ten phoenix.com sky fax up in the air here in Chandler near fry. And Dakota street is all stemming from. What happened earlier this morning when an eight out officer involved shooting — There’s another suspect has been arrested in this area is now considered an investigative lead here and workers are watching this all in full here. Right here on fox ten Phoenix. News now. Yeah. Yeah. Is all the information that we have here for you right now Chandler police officials say that two people have been arrested following a shooting involving in eight out officer. Earlier this morning Chandler police officials say that the two were found on the four hundred block. Of west half moon way hand one of them who suffered a gunshot wound to his hand is confirmed to be the suspect. From the incident that person and been taken to the hospital for treatment the other person is considered an investigative lead according to earlier statements by the Chandler police department. Officers were intending to serve an arrest warrant to a suspect near almost school road and Chandler Boulevard when one of the officers fired. His weapon at the suspect . Number one where you are continuing to follow. This breaking news alert near fry into code sure eight in Chandler with this police investigation all stemming from what happened earlier this morning with a o. With a police involved shooting the error department is located two male subjects involved in this morning. Officer involved shooting. Two males were located in the four hundred block of west half moon that was earlier today and now Chandler police are at the scen. Of the shooting involving a suspect from this morning’s officer involved shooting . Those questions. The same [inaudible] Thank you. Clearly being Stephen’s mother and living with him you’re aware of his reputation correct. Yes okay — Isn’t it true that Stephen had a reputation for being aggressive and sometimes violent no. No okay — So. You could have formed a personal opinion that he was aggressive or violent. For general reputation opinion she is given the option to Tempe asking in the civic as answers we discussed. Here I know that this was a pain my response to that would be this would be opinion testimony which is another way to a list of reputation testimony it’s not specific instance of the question a lot is because you’re aware of blind blind blind yeah. Consisting injection. Thank your honor. If you. Would allow for the question to be asked before his objective [inaudible] Yeah [inaudible] Yeah [inaudible] Yeah [inaudible] One isn’t it true that. Says. Losing my voice [inaudible] Yourself. Your honor may we will probably [inaudible] Mrs McAfee. You tell police that you fear for your safety due to your son’s behavior [inaudible] I did. And didn’t you also. Tell police that your son return to your home after you instructed him not to and he was scaring you. I don’t recall. Okay. And may I approach the witness . Take a look. This highly department now. Let me know just look up and not making [inaudible] Correct yeah. I mean if you one more time isn’t it true that you call the police because your son return to your home accu instructed him not. To and he was scary. Yeah. Robert foundation because that refresh your recollection. One I the does the full which certainly I apologize Mrs McAfee that refresher let’s see what what. Yes okay and isn true that you call the police. Because your son return to your home after you instructed him not. To I I’m not every freezing the same question I’ve asked four times now. For are going has question thank you your honor. Isn’t it true. That you call the police because your son it returned here home after you instructed him not to and because he was scaring you. No. No okay. But you you did testify that you have told police that you fear for your safety due to Stephen’s behavior. Now. But you just testified. A couple minutes ago that you did. Which answer is that. If you’re buying you actually actually answered by second generation would be relevance. Your honor I asked and answered her answer has changed [inaudible] Indians or well over a foot. And then well really the proble. Repeat your question please sur. It in it’s true that you told police that you fear for your safety due to Stephen’s behavio. In the report gas [inaudible] Okay. That you testified previously. Yes you did say that. Correct. I did yes yes so. You were scared of him at some point in time correct. That day. Okay. Could it have been multiple days though [inaudible] No okay. Okay so your testimony today is that you never called police because your son returned here home after you instructed him not to and because he was scaring you [inaudible] We but the question proper questions. Asking the question so you never call the place as she testified. So your testimony here today is that. You did not call police. And say that your son was hearing. I called the police. It’s in the report. Okay so I’m not getting into the specifics of the report Mrs McAfee I just want to know whether you told police. That your son was hearing you know at that time. That day that incident [inaudible] And and he was hearing you because he was. Aggressive and violent you. Know. What are ruling is out about specifics right? I wasn’t getting into specifics I was asking for her feelings her state of mind and why she said that at the time [inaudible] Right. Are you going. I well I do I I have more questions of course but I will move on thank you — Isn’t it true that Stevens behavior has been uncontrollable in the past [inaudible] Your yeah [inaudible] Uhhuh [inaudible] Our and I can see. Is that correct. It was it it was for the purpose of negligence. Okay but isn’t it true that that you are since you discuss the civil suit with an attorney you are aware that you can of teen money. By suing Mister fear of or his family as a result of this incident wasn’t about money. But you are aware that you could obtain money correct. Really that was not discussed it was accountability for negligence okay. I’m and you spoke with the prosecution about your testimony today right. I of course of course okay yeah yeah. That’s that’s normal I use over the prosecution more than once right. Of course okay about how many times. Prosecution about today or or over the course of the two years that defense has delayed this. This saw trial your honor I I no that’s yes that’s what throughout how many times have you spoken with the prosecution about your testimony that you’ve given here today [inaudible] Multiple multiple. Mr good tolerable. Growing in she asked the question so we’re stuck with the answer there’s never been a German by the defense. This shows of your family any of the case. You may receive a say. Thank you your honor. McAfee isn’t it true. That Stephen was. Frustrated or resentful that entry spent so much time with the fact no. Isn’t it true that Stephen and Andrew had a sexual relationship objection. Your honor it’s relevant it goes to motive and it also goes to the credibility of this witness. How are you maybe since [inaudible] Okay okay [inaudible] Uhhuh [inaudible] Uhhuh — Uhhuh [inaudible] One the because I mean wow. Wow [inaudible] Uhhuh [inaudible] Uhhuh [inaudible] Uhhuh [inaudible] I the reason we’re hearing all these interesting questions see. The question for the jury the site sleeveless basis for the question just. Let the jury hear the question alone in here from the answer. And as a result now we have to deal with the pressures that was also just from the question. That was we had a sidebar conversation so. So in those to the side for a moment. Whether or not this witness. Has personal knowledge. Is of questions be — Established by the even as she does is not relevant what so ever development of the four charges in this case it has no bearing whatsoever on whether the time. Four she had having was the first aggressor. So wired for this jury would ever hear anything about the deceased individuals of sexual history. All. This to me is. The season for you thrown off the she clarify mess any sort of homosexual sexual encounters with other men I specifically stood in this courtroom in this same. And said but that does not really to sexual encounters with my clients because that would be relevant to moving your honor said. I would tend to agree to that but I don’t know for sure. Will preclude. You talking about his a sexual encounters with any other man but I’m not going to rule on whether sexual encounters with your client and the complainant are. Invisible there has been no ruling precluding me from asking that question. I never said anything about and precisely the problem. They want to use that fast against. Now to take both of you okay. This motion. I and we did talk more generally and about different relationships however I think that the nature of the relationship. Between the defendant Mr macafee could affect the relevant. Despite being prejudicial so I think that could come and any important the situation over — Like a personal knowledge I guess that would have to be. Established. If she knows or not so I think the information can come from does have. Some [inaudible] Your the question we don’t send for the this — Green. This weekend. Iran. This right. But also they gave an Iraqi dry did wash you stand out. The hallway with Joanna del. Victims advocate is not talk to her at all. Going on so that she has no knowledge of what was said it’s more [inaudible] During the of it is we can’t even — Just wanted to talk HM. I just. Days the weather and she has performed I said are you aware of whether. Do you have I can. I apologize your honor you can. Yes the question if you [inaudible] Relationshipt from [inaudible] Now. Sexual relationship no okay. Hi. Are you aware whether they have. You know whether they have engaged and sexual encounters. With each other. Whether there not with the formation she stated no relationship so that indicated. With encounter surface plural here you’re saying encounters. So are you saying there was one encounter yes [inaudible] Thank you. Yeah you’re. Right. Having you do what’s the bass player knowledge. For that Stephen told me interbreed Tim and it was beautiful. That’s what Steven told me so. Whether that’s true or not of course. Is completely dependent upon. Steven being here is that right that’s correct. Government was like performance she’s basing reflection of yourself. Spoken in part by we can introduce yourself. And you response no response your honor — I will [inaudible] Yeah [inaudible] Yeah [inaudible] Yeah . Very important numerical first. At twelve thirty we will in the courtroom itself. Closer. One and okay all right . You may be seated. Hi everybody that’s joining the jury to this medicine that. I also spoke about. Mr nothing further your honor thank you. For act. She has kids really about money do you know what it takes about. Town ability for my son’s murde. You indicated. That the defendant had been truthful to you. Before when. You ask where Stephen was. No he was. Not like that situation before Stephen’s murder. You indicated to Mister Joseph that the defendant had been honest and and and saying where he was. Sporty on the system when you asked him snow bank allow to remain in the courtroom for the remainder of the trial [inaudible] Thank you [inaudible] As a this. What are the times for an afternoon shift? Three to midnight. Were you working afternoon shift on March tenth two thousand and sixteen yes. What time did you arrive home? Shortly after one AM. Was anybody up when you arrive town. Yes and who is that Stephen. What did you do after you arrived home at one o’clock? Put my things away like I normally do — Talked to Steve for a little bi. And went downstairs to watch MTV done wanted. Where was Stephen when you said when you had the conversation with him? He was — Hello living room couch upstairs and what we see doing. Was fall at the time. When you indicated that you went downstairs your house a multi level house or? Was he end up stairs bedroom or we talking about a or a brick ranch and you went down into the basement. They call it quiet so there’s four different levels in the house. Production we how long did you remain downstairs unwinding. Until the following morning until I was woken by my wife’s is a approximately what was the last time. That you saw. Stephen. Two thirty AM. You indicated you were awakened by your wife the next morning. Yes. What activities that I guess we need you will we Steven present when you woke up [inaudible] No. But he was present when you went to sleep. Yes. Did you make any effort I guess that first morning the morning of March tenth [inaudible] Two find Stephen. Yes whatever you take. Try to reach a month on a cell phone numerous phone calls. To his cell phone as well as texting messages to Stephen. Did you get any responses. No. Did you make any effort that day physically besides using the phone intending to reach [inaudible] No — It was at could you describe for the jury the general effort you made in the neighborhood. To look for Stephen over the course of the next couple of days [inaudible] Isn’t — Numerous — Flyers were passed out. Throughout the neighborhood — Businesses — There was. But time will. I did a lot of searches through fields. Places that Stephen would frequent like like where. Stores — Fields — A place down the street. Off until each and twenty one mile. Did you. Go to any of the local storage that you knew Stephen would go. To yes what would you do it those store. I would ask only if they’d seen Stephen — Some of the stores were fake stores that Stephen would freak what. Fifty eight out of eight yes K.. Did you go to I. I so when you register as you would talk to the employees would you ask to see anything [inaudible] No. Did you look at surveillance video. No. Did you participate I guess. With your wife’s and and making them the necessary efforts that. Going to various organizations in places and and all of the posters [inaudible] Yes. How did you learn of — The resolution of this case. Over that they had the case against all — I’d let me put it this way proper question would be that there had been — It arrest made in the case. We were notified — Actually my wife Suzanne received a phone call — Stating I can I got us what they said that you received from a phone call from the sheriff’s department yes I yes my wife did [inaudible] Five eight mac free Michael I’m going to approach. And you peoples for probably six different number five and ask. If you can identify with the man about whatever. Yes and what is in that photograph. To the left is Stephen state ID. Below that is his arts and CAD a meeting on a switch to ninety Rastus question do you recognize those items. Yes you recognize who always I was I yes and who would that be Stephen McAfee and you have personal knowledge of those items. Yes six specially yes I do. Or indicate your honor — Babies. This is a sorry but we have have been Indian tribes. Going to move with the introduction of the exhibit through. Mister mac efficiencies president can identify the items there will be a secondary then – Foundation laid from the witnesses to that were present when those items were found but I can’t put the cart before the horse you can recognize these items — They’ll be connected through other witnesses as to where they were found in the foundation that shall be connected the cas. Later on that’s that’s minor. It you said was exhibit what is what is exhibit number people probably exhibit number. Five and all the items ARE and then yes. And then [inaudible] So — Yes for purposes of this is what. Stephen state ID okay and what is this school ID. That’s up. Of it and this is. One his wallet answer wallet user log relating ready say answer long. What I mean is Stephen had a chain wallet? And that is the keys from the chain wall. Is this idea of here. Dave buster’s power card. Is this year’s. As a keychain that. Is Stevens. User key on that dispose record yes okay. Not right and you people’s probably six seven number six you can take them down graph and asked take a look at that. You recognize. What is in that photograph? Yes I do and what’s in that photograph Stevenson had. Yeah kid that. This time I would go for an introduction people’s problems exhibit number. Six your honor I don’t have an issue with. With the introduction of it but it’s going to be published to the jury I do yeah this is the world. As if you don’t want to remaining on now I guess it was. Thank you. For far. Out. In proposed number six that is one in specific but Steven. Cadet hats and did he wear that have routinely. He did where it is it was. Stephen yes he does. Show you people’s propose exhibit number. Seven and ask if you can recognize what’s in that photograph [inaudible] Steven jacket [inaudible] And you [inaudible] Propose exhibit [inaudible] Number. Eight yes if you can identify that [inaudible] Stevenson watch. They had you. Both propose exhibit number nine and ask if you can identify. Why is in that? Steven it’s very — Vapor [inaudible] Yes okay. Get Stephen I guess all. One a great. Yes. Yeah. I guess your honor — I would still wish to show these to the jury while the witness is up here testifying to them and I’m making a good faith — Statement to the court that the witnesses in the next few days will all. Tie them together he does recognize them he does indicate that they are his son I am not. Introducing anything that’s not consistent with part of the cas. And in looking at the court rules it’s clear that these items are going to come in. And we do have an identification is just I’m not asking him where they were found [inaudible] If [inaudible] The I will. Responding. There if it is . Welcome everyone here the news now we have breaking news out of Dallas Texas you’re taking a live look at sky fox aerials of the school bus accident right now. Early information from the Dallas County sheriff’s department is saying that — DSO received a phone call about a major accident involving an overturned school bus we were informed of injuries the bus had went into a ditch on the side of I. thirty Dallas police assisting. With traffic control right now. We are learning and that — On the facial did have to transport a seventy a fifteen year old fall in stable condition right now. They’re also transporting others to the hospital as well . Thank you our viewers that continue to watch live with us here on news now artifacts and phoenix.com we do appreciate you all joining us here. On the stream for the school bus accident Dallas Texas we are following it live for you overturned. There are — Injuries being reported here hoping for the very best for all those students there associated. With this crash here as an investigation will be under way in your watching this all unfold live skybox aerials busy day in Dallas . Continuing to take these live aerials here for you in Dallas right now. Reports of injuries there with some students minor injuries but they are being taken to the hospital. And right now you could see you you this a school bus in this Detroit now we’re continuing to follow the latest for you out in Dallas based in the United Stato has been inspired by global jihadist movement. Anyway engages in a terrorist activity to advance an ideology. HP’s typically work alone. As FBI director Christopher ray has said. The primary terrorist threats to the homeland today is the H. B.. H. fees per several challenges to law enforcement. Namely that their attacks can be planned and executed. In a matter of hours and days instead of weeks and months. What I’m asking today is a call to the community our success in combating these threats depends on strong partnerships? With all the federal state and local law enforcement partners but more important is our partnerships with our citizens and communities. You’ve all heard to say if you see something say something. And most of us think of an unattended bag maybe the plane terminal were in the train terminal. But that’s not it there’s more. You need to notify officials when you noticed disturbing changing a family member a friend or colleague remember the community. What I mean by that is when someone is espousing are leaning towards violent activities? You see a family member friend or community member becoming withdrawn or more isolated. If you notice someone embracing a violent ideology. The law enforcement community is asking for your help this includes parents teachers religious leaders community members to contact us when you see or hear something. That just doesn’t seem right. As a law enforcement community we want to prevent acts of violence rather than investigate them. So in conclusion if you have any information about the suspect. And we haven’t spoken with you please contact us. Know information is to small or insignificant. Information can be reported to tips. Dot FBI dot G. O. V. that’s T. I. P. S. dot FBI dot G. O. V.. Also the Phoenix FBI field office at 623-466-1999 repeatin. 623-466-1999 and also the Arizona counterterrorism information center and that’s it 877-272-8329 repeating that 877-272-8329. The FBI along state local federal partners remain committed to preserving the safety of our citizens in our communities. Again I would like to thank Maricopa county sheriff Paul pens own. Maricopa county attorney’s office bill Montgomery one forcing could be with us today and here’s a joint terrorism task force for their work on this case. Thank you. As I stated earlier had some questions are likely be — Most we will be able to answer the stage investigation. Yeah sure — This question for both you may he was radicalized can you talk specifically about — How that happened when you believe he was radicalized and we can’t at this stage manifestation because we’re still trying to determine the process and other elements to it so unfortunately we get further into we will be able to share the information do we know he was American born? And if that. The navy has right now it’s just natural warned me. He was he is American born and to my knowledge of this is American morning. Method of communication do you believe he was having with extremist groups. Again other information that — Because of the process in which this information required and the potential identify other elements of the investigation after this time please say the . With protection and courage and wisdom as well as strings. And may god continue. To bless America thank you so much for being with please be seated — Good [inaudible] One resolve resiliency. Serving with honor [inaudible] Your words. The carry for the legacy of Dr king. And I believe for one I’ve learned about. To your life has been caring for that legacy is also thank you Sir. Small little momentum. I presented to Robert K. Goodma. For your commitment to service excellence as the keynote speaker for the department defense thirty fifth annual Dr Martin Luther king junior observance. The Pentagon in Washington DC on January seventeenth two thousand eighteen Sir thank you. Mr roads. So I will tell you this is a little bit unfair I have some closing comments andthen I will bring — Pastor good low back up here for been addiction but when you have an order has Mister Goodwin. And you have that voice a pastor good low. And then you have to be a between them that is unfair — I will tell you that — This is my last one I’m gonna be retiring next week and I have had the honor and privilege of thirteen of these. And everyone has just. Hit my heart. I am not nearly as well read. And educated as Mister good one as please forgive me if you’re from Kentucky but I’m Kentucky educators are just had some sort of put it there. But there are a few speeches that always have — Have resonated with me one is the getting skin disorder dress by president Lincoln. How concise and clear? But powerfully moving it could be — A interested I I just love reading it. The other one was a speech he made when I was one so I didn’t hear it live. In. Nineteen sixty three when Dr Martin Luther king. Was here speaking on all. Please beginning with his I have a dream speech [inaudible] That. One is just so powerful. And there there are two parts of it that that just I always play over and roll over in my head. First one being that. Twenty when he says. I have a dream. That one day my four little children. Will live in a world. Where they’re not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character I have a dream? I apologize for the correlation here. That dream that he had. Is what I feel working for this department. In an odd way. The people here who are who care about what you can do. Will you be there when I need to your performance your skill level. Not with the color of your skin is. Not what your gender is. The you perform will you be there on my left or right particularly the men and women in uniform. Hello this department. For we are not perfect. By. For we working getting better all the time. And somehow that always just kind of plays in my mind with the life that I’ve had here in the form and defense. The other one that — Always hits me. His later on in his speech. He speaks the words of my country tis of thee sweet land of liberty and goes through the song. And it ends with let freedom ring. Hands as he gets to the end their he then starch using that term. Let freedom ring from the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado. That freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of California. Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee. Freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi from every mountainside. Let freedom ring. Whenever every those words I can hear his voice can’t you. That iconic voice with those iconic words. I can hear that. So we will bring up the pastor here in just a moment. And then we will leave. But as we leave. We all must continue to let freedom ring. In every action we take. In every word we speak. In the service we perform in the compassion we show we must continue to lead for covering. That powerful life. Indeed so long ago way too earl. It’s still with us. So thank you very much for joining us and now we’ll have pastor good low can give us of an addiction [inaudible] Sir. Please stand for the benedictio. How do we then from this day become? Resilient. And what do we do. And taking part in resolving. What needs to happen? What is our duty? And do we really believe that. Every child is our child. In the words of and it’s been attributed to Saint Francis. I challenge you please. Right before the prayer. To hear this written prayer [inaudible] Lord. Make me an instrument. Of the I. piece. Where there is hatred let me so love? Where there is injury [inaudible] Pardon. Where there is doubt faith? Who where there is despair? Hold. Where there is darkness light? Where there is sadness [inaudible] Your divine master grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled. As to console. To be understood as to understand. To be loved as to love. Four it is in giving that we receive. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned. It is in dying. That we are born. To eternal life. My prayer even before coming here today law wouldn’t allow please. The words that are spoken. The words that we will always remember. Manifest yourself in some way. That we will remember this day as being a day of commitment. Let the song be one that will remain clearly an out years and we will remember. Perhaps not the words book the voice. And the resounding song — Was there. And so we pray show we the lord bless you and keep you. The lord make his face to shine upon you. And be gracious unto you. The lord lift up his countenance upon you. And in the name of Jesus. May he grant you [inaudible] Please. God bless you [inaudible] Amen. What is in German

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