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Whats up? It’s James Davis hosting In Full Swing with Grey Goose and my boys Daniel, Harold, Peter and Smylie. I see we’re over here kicking it at the
putting green. Let’s have a little putting contest. First off, who’s the best putter? I think we’re all pretty good putters. You want me to go first? I’ll go first. That’s the best putter right there. The one who wants to go first. He’s putted it 100 times. Buckets… buckets.. [groans] Is the best the TOUR has ever been? I would say yeah. It’s in a good spot. Do you have any personal things you do to
give yourself an edge? 100% You do the stuff in the gym. You eat the right foods. You recover properly. It’s a culmination of all those things that
allow you to play well. I think fitness is the biggest thing. Everybody’s in the gym now. I just think it makes a huge difference. What are you doing in the gym, though? I’m benching everyday. Really? Nah. [laughs] There’s a shot clock, Smylie. Come on with it! Give me a taste of what the lifestyle is for a golfer who’s trying to get trophies. It’s a full-day job, essentially. Everyone wants to be a golfer but it’s the
4:45 am wake-up calls. Man, you set the alarm you’re like ‘whoa.’ Come on, H. Suck on that, Daniel. Suck on that, Daniel. Oh my gosh. You guys are breaking the stereotype. Everybody thinks you wake up,
be good at golf and then get back to your brunches
and your ice creams and your brownies. It’s all about longevity, too. If we’re doing this successfully, we’re
out here for 30 years. Every putt gets a little easier because you
guys have been studying the other putts. That’s false. You still gotta make it. Like that. So I’m the worst putter, apparently.

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