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and our being dependent on oil ensures that
energy corporations continue to reap from nominal profits I see them committing huge resources to
undermine energy alternatives to control global reserves and to
maintain high oil prices they have enough money and influence to
suppress anything that might threaten their
monopoly so who’s behind the huge energy corporations the rockefellers oil empire got started
in 1871 John D Rockefeller founded Standard Oil in became America’s first billionaire
Standard Oil has since morphed into Exxon Mobil and others I’m and the rockefellers
control our food as well they were primarily responsible for the
global shift a large-scale petroleum-based agriculture I remember
the so-called Green Revolution in the nineteen sixties and seventies like most people I thought it was a
great thing I’ll it was however based on the
planting a huge pots with a single crop using vast amounts of oil base
fertilizers herbicides and pesticides the Green Revolution was the brainchild
of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Natural Science Division in partnership with large agricultural
corporations petroleum-based agriculture provided
vast new profits for the oil industry but never lived up to its promises
ending hunger and promoting healthier the Green
Revolution did it first increase productivity
because every bit as soil was being used for media production but it’s true costs
can now be seen taxpayers paid billions in subsidies two
giant agribusiness corporations small family farms have all but
disappeared the biodiversity is destroyed toxic
chemicals poison farmworkers and pollute the land water and our food supply endangering
the health a bus home as if 2010 approximately one
in every seven people worldwide did not have enough to eat the new the
giant corporations would produce chemicals for chemical industrial agriculture and they were
talking about tree instruments to consult footing the
first was genetic engineering as a way of
controlling 0 the second was patenting seat and patent
in life as a way of control declaring seemed to
be private property treating the saving of seed by farmers as a crime as a test %uh of intellectual
property and that hurt %uh was so-called free
trade treaties that would drop ordinary people FAMAS
ruinous of their freedom to save seat the design of Terminator technology to
create stare as seed a order to in pause even more dependence of humanity on a handful of cooperation
is the ultimate step in this ok week of to what we’re doing with seed literally for the first time creating a
new colonization which I call the colonization of the
future good so in two crucial areas energy and food the same elite banking families and
their corporations have taken control and the consequences have been
devastating for me it was overwhelming at first to discover such a
monopoly of influence but I knew it was important like
learning how to tuft a treatable disease it helps to
understand what’s causing it and how it operates if the goal is to
cure it so I continued my investigation if oil and food are controlled by the big banking
families where else to stay ringtone show up has I followed the money I began to see
the same pattern of control in just about every area of our lives and I always found the same families in
charge either directly through their banks and corporations or indirectly through their major
foundations again it was the rockefellers who created the National
Education Association with help from the Carnegie Foundation
and later from the Ford Foundation what the captains of industry want it
from our schools was in a bee dnt and docile workforce who would be manageable employees and
eager consumers schools are to establish fixed have but serve response to authority
that’s why it takes twelve years you to respond reflexively one anyone in a position of authority tells
you what to do no like education health is yet another
area dominated by big money in corporations the American Medical Association for
example is largely funded by the Rockefeller to use their funding to influence a in the research in
decision-making the average Indian four years of medical
school takes one course in nutrition to have hours in many cases and dis the two girls who used a
critical materials are supplied by the National Dairy
Council and the National livestock and meat for and other industries including the sugar
Association with products to sell the actually undermine our house in the
first place hun fortunately do with the system of medicine is set up medical education is primarily me know funded by pharmaceutical companies so there’s a motive to make and sell as many drugs as possible it’s also the time effective way of
making money for the physician for the pharmaceutical company for the whole medical establishment but
it’s really perpetuating the problems it was meant to alleviate side effects may include nausea dry
mouth and constipation increases in white blood cells which can
be serious sexual side effects diarrhea and nausea and sleepiness me to
come over death call for all these forces go to make a
profit with a actually suppress cures for
diseases the way they’ve suppressed free energy technology sadly my research has shown me the
answer is yes one well documented example is the case
of doctor royal rights of in the nineteen twenties doctor rife
invented the most advanced microscopes at this time he also developed a new technique he
called coordinator for residents which was apparently able to destroy
cancerous tumors as well as viruses in 1934 in clinical trials affiliated with the
University of Southern California rice treatment was tested on 16
terminally ill cancer patients within three months they were all
successfully cured soon after a lab testing rice technology
was burned down and a frivolous lawsuit was filed
through the efforts at Morris Fishbein has the Journal of the American Medical
Association rife was essentially shut down and ruined his brilliant and promising work all but
forgotten it was really hard for me to consider
that someone might actually be suppressing cures and cancer has run through my family
like a raging river I found out that it’s all about patents the for pharmaceutical company can
patent and make money from treatment especially
one that we have to keep on using then that’s what we get otherwise we
don’t even hear about it it’s not just friends who got shot down
green case had an old Indian Ojibwe formula that was affected Harry Hoxie and Max Gerson had natural
remedies that work you know if you go in you look a mock
the AMA makes him sound like complete cracks and that’s for following the money has
been so helpful because the same powers who control the
AMA and their research in funding control the pharmaceuticals so there’s a
multitrillion-dollar financial incentive to suppress cures the Cappy patented knowing pictures exist has not taken
away the anguish I feel from losing so many people I love
to cancer it’s given me something really
satisfying to do with the pains and I believe when we take the love and
devotion that we have for everyone who’s died and who will die
unnecessarily and directed to developing in getting
these curious out to people who need them we can break this cancer legacy and
he’ll the new my as difficult as it was for me I’ve come
to an inescapable and profoundly disturbing conclusion I believe that an elite group of people
in the corporation’s Tehran have gain control over not just our
energy food supply education and health care but over
virtually every aspect of our lives and they do it by controlling the world
of finance not by creating more value but by
actually controlling the source money when I followed the money I found that it took me up the levels of
the pyramid here we are at the bottom level going about our daily lives 0 above us is government people who are
given a monopoly on force and use it to tax in control us whether
or not we agree but who controls them at the next level
or the corporation’s many would say that is now corporations
cannot nation-states the rules the world they call it a corporate %ah Chrissy to
acquire the world’s resources and control the market’s this corporate %ah Chrissy must have
access to cheap money the big corporations get their loans at
special rates from the big banks which means that those who control the
major banks the moneyed elite ultimately controls the corporation’s as
I followed the money I’ve learned that almost everything I once believed about money
is simply not true its a.m. interesting how few questions
we actually ask about very every day sayings like when we go
into a bank can we ask for a loan say fifty thousand dollars fifty thousand
pounds what actually happens to see most people live their lives based on a kind of
vague in each love what happens what actually happens
is you ask to 50,000 pounds they type into your account fifty
thousand pounds that’s all I do they don’t a Minh City Collins they don’t print any
money they done move any precious metal anywhere they
just for fifty thousand pounds into your account on a computer screen from that moment you start paying
interest on money that has never does not I’m
will never exist %uh it turns out that banks actually
have about nine times as much money long out as to how long reserving their vaults
this is possible because of what’s referred to as fractional reserve
lending the way it works is that the Federal
Reserve by the central bank in any country is legally allowed to determine the
amount a bank must have on reserved in the US is currently around 10 percent
mom so if you deposit ten thousand dollars
in the bank the bank sets aside 10 percent or one thousand dollars and then loans
out the rest if your money hmm the way it works is saying another
person comes into the bank and ask for a car loan at nine thousand dollars at this moment the bank loans out the
nine thousand dollars from your original deposit it isn’t there anymore I’ll the borrower
then pays the person selling the car and they go deposit the money into
another bank which is part of the same central banking system just nine thousand dollars is treated as
a new deposit and the process continues the money gets
re deposited an real owned until the initial deposit of ten
thousand dollars the comes one hundred thousand dollars the banking system just created ninety
thousand dollars by loaning out your money apparently it began with the goldsmiths
in the 17th century when people were trading in goal gold was heavy to carry around so people
store the actual metal involves and traded for seats instead
those receipts with the first paper money since only a few people would withdraw
their gold at any given time the vault owners basically the new
bankers begin creating receipts from more medals than they actually help the long out those receipts and charged
interest on money gold that they didn’t really have that’s
how our so-called fractional reserve system was born in this system the
bankers get to make up money out of nothing while the rest of us have to work hard
to earn it aired it has created a modern form a search
term where the masses society is now working to pay off their debt to
the bank’s here eg ok ok I’m under this fractional reserve scheme we
inevitably become debt slaves to a ruling class a financial elite not because they’re better or smarter
than anyone else but because they have rigged the system
to benefit themselves at the expensive most people on the
planet Catherine Austin Fitts is an expert on this issue she was an assistant secretary of
Housing and Urban Development under President George Bush Senior and an adviser to the clinton
administration let’s set up a game a monopoly and you want to buy Park Place om what I can continually do is just
print money give myself more money lower the value
of your money by printing more no matter how hard working you are for
how successful you are I can always end up buying you for free
so how come if you are I make up money it’s called counterfeiting but if the banks to it it’s increasing
the money supply how did the banks get this power this is Jack a lilac where in 1910 representatives from the rockefellers
Rothschilds morgan’s and other private bankers
cather secretly to draft the legislation that would
create the Federal Reserve and Griffin literally wrote the book on what
happened at Jekyll Island central banks are banking cartels which have gone into partnership was the
respective governments in the countries where they operate and they’ve been given monopolistic
power over the creation of the nation’s money supply that’s what the politicians handed to
them as a gift you might say for the
partnership now in return what did the bankers to for the politicians they promised to create money out of
nothing now that they’ve got this legal power to do it any time the government needs and and
since 2008 we’ve witnessed the greatest fake money
printing run in recorded history I’ll this financial sleight-of-hand
disguises the costs hides who’s to blame leaves us as debt slaves working to pay off the
Dell I found it revealing that in the same year the federal reserve was
founded 1913 the internal revenue service was
also stabbed and income tax was then instigated so
you and I would have to pay the politicians debt plus interest to the bankers the problem
is we have a privately owned central bank system I in the United
States disguised as a government on system if you look in the the arm telephone
book and the Washington DC area you look up for Federal Reserve
and the blue government pages it’s not there
it’s in the white pages right next to federal express it’s a privately armed central bank on is the I’ll proper relationship what
should be the proper relationship between the chairman of the fed into
president United States will pursue bold Federal Reserve is an independent agency means basically
that up doesn’t know who aid other agency of government which can
overrule actions weekday things know what the agency government
which can overruled actions weekend we have a private bank the Prince money
on behalf have the Treasury the Federal Reserve
prints money on a database system which create scarcity but it puts a
group with insiders in a position up having access to all the data about
the economy when we don’t so you have a a small
group of bankers who understand the day don’t have the money works the economy and it gives them the ability to print
money in a way a that the insiders are protected and
everybody else is trained Catherine went on to compare a healthy
economy to a vibrant Taurus balance freely
flowing in energized throughout in contrast to
what’s happening in our current economy what what you have is a is a system that’s very dynamic and it’s trying to optimize I’m but but intertwined in the Corum you have a
tapeworm you the way a tapeworm works in your
body use it injects a chemical into your body to make you cream what’s good for the
tapeworm and best for you you have a parasite thats that’s very
much manipulating and gorging itself in at
the expense of the home we live in a tapeworm economy where the
financial elite are the tapeworm and they’re feeding on us and they don’t
like it when people blow their cover after Catherine began exposing
government corruption at the highest levels the FBI raided her company and seized
its assets she was dragged through the courts for
ten years before being found innocent so we’ve got the Federal Reserve a
privately owned corporation with a monopoly on creating money but with no accountability backed up by
a government with a monopoly on force the country got sold on the fared as an
institution that would help stabilize the economy and remain independent of politics but
in fact in close to a century the existence the Federal Reserve has done just the
opposite since they took charge we’ve been romp through inflation and
the purchasing power of the dollar has declined more than 96 percent and the wealth gap makes it clear most
of the money is going to a very few of only sixteen years after the Federal
Reserve was in power America experience the Great Depression
my research revealed that before the big crash in 1929 the elite bankers pull their money out
of the stock market after the crash the use that money to buy up cheap stocks in smaller
failing banks for pennies on the dollar among the bankers who consolidated their
wealth this way were the Rothschilds rockefellers and
Morgans a similar scenario played out in the
2008 financial collapse with the same bankers benefit in the
years leading up to the collapse the biggest banks including Bank of
America Citigroup in Chase controlled by the
Rothschilds rockefellers and Morgans were bundling and trading
bad loans that they knew would eventually failed of is like putting rotten orange is in a
box selling them as grade AAA the bunglers
if the debt knew it was only a matter of time for someone with open that box and see
that the content was worthless since they were the ones who packed the
boxes in the first place when the rotten oranges what we hear
about this and sound loans derivatives credit default swaps for finally discovered everyone was
impacted people lost their homes their jobs their businesses and their retirements meanwhile the biggest banks who created
the problem in the first place with the ones who got the owner why
stack why would the Federal Reserve give
trillions to the bank’s even though the majority of Americans
were against bailing them out and why not help those most in need
rather than the perpetrators have the financial collapse it my research led me to believe that
the same people who created the Federal Reserve the Rothschilds the rockefellers and the Morgans still
controlled and they use this scheme to bail
themselves out at our expense memory banks created first from riding on capitol hill
frankly can replace in I’m convinced that the
near collapse in the economy in 2008 resulted from an orchestrated
pump-and-dump scheme designed and executed by the big bankers
to consolidate wealth and power David IQ explains how he sees
the Federal Reserve rigging the so-called business cycles stage one is like
throwing a fishing line now stage 1 you put lot have money units have exchange into circulation you do this by pushing
interest rates down by making lotsa blondes this is the part of the cycle we call a boom because
this loss have units that the exchange in circulation there’s lots of money changing hands
that generates lots of economic activity that generates jobs and as more and more money is spent there’s
more demand so companies take out more loans have
fresh air money to increase their production people get
confident in their everyday lives you know on work for this company that
got lotsa borders eyes really going right my job safe I’ll
tell you what we can have a bigger house then they start to change it what they
do is they’ve pulled the fishing line im
they push interest rates up now fewer people I’m a I’m are taking out loans and they make the criteria for having a
loan from the bank stronger anyway and also now as interest rates have gone up larger
part of people’s income is going to pay back the extra interest and not being circulated in buying
things suddenly business nothing like as much money in
circulation and therefore few things are being
bought companies start to go down in terms of their profits they
start to shed jobs and they start to go out of business
people lose their jobs they can’t pay the
mortgage anymore above the big house they took out in the good times now what the banks are doing is starting
to real the fishing line and because as they go
bankrupt companies and individuals the banks get the real wealth the
property the land the resources that day had signed to them for lending G yearly figures on the screen now this economic cycle love fishing
line out fishing line back not some units in circulation poll the
main has been going on for centuries I’m what it’s done its stolen 0 and accumulated do real well so the world in the hands
of the few the men at the international level central
bankers use the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to
make more money while exploiting the resources of
countries they lend to bankrupting them in the process the
central bank of Central Bank’s is the Rothschild created Bank for
International Settlements on the elite are positioning themselves to
control access to virtually everything we need to survive of no matter where you go in the world the
money is controlled by the banking system wearer they decided people eat or if they don’t
the who’s a billionaire who lives on less
than a dollar a day PU controls the money controls the world and a very few control the money well at this point my view of the world
had been turned upside down I was struggling with the realization
that the failure and suffering so many is actually success and fulfillment for
a few delete central bankers who fooled the
world into letting Pam create money they already have vast
fortunes so what is the endgame what is there
I’ll to manage and

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