50 thoughts on “For A Free Digital Society – Richard M. Stallman

  • 1:37:34 We have something similar to this is Germany (VG WORT, GEMA), except that this money goes to proprietary music 🙁

  • Alternative for Flash Player
    1.) Lightspark is an open source Flash player implementation:
    2.) GNU Gnash is the GNU Flash movie player:

  • Sorry licensing to company's is selling out. It's incorrect. Company have much more resources to monopolize giving them free code makes it worse.

  • When doing public speaking, one really critical thing:



  • Ubuntu's out-of-the-box installation contains only free software, unless you need non-free software. Same as Debian (as it is a Debian-based OS). It is, imho, somehow unfair to criticize these OSs as they attract most people into using not only GNU/Linux distros, but a plethora of free software otherwise unknown to them. Another issue is: some notebooks or desktop pcs (especially new ones) require non-free software to run or else they are only a pile of junk. Most people are not tech-savvy enough (myself included) to neither replace their booting bios with libre bios software, nor much less program their own drivers (as I imagine one should need hard-core programming skills to do so). Some people need non-free software to make a living, as unfortunately there is no free software that fulfill their professional needs. So, in philosophical terms, I believe we should always choose free software over non-free software. I do. And I try hard to use and encourage other people to do the same. However, sometimes we're left with no options and still need to do our computing, be it personal or professional.

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  • 17:45
    Is that actually true, how is it the case that a DRM scheme couldn't be implemented with Free Software?
    Is music and video really the same as software with respect to DRM?

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  • Did you know that lenovo and microsoft conspired to prevent linux installations on their laptops.Dont let them fool you it is a conspiracy.


  • In the USA with those patent rules and laws there will never be a FREE DIGITAL SOCIETY period.We must revolt against the software patent laws and stop voting for microsoft and apple sympathizers like the republicans that benefit the corporate weathy in the USA.

  • Thanks for fighting for a batter society Mr. Stallman, what would have happened if you didn't started the (Libre) Free Software Movement??? it scares me !!

  • As much as I respect this man and agree with him ( partially, on some points he's too extreme ) I believe that the more I listen to him the more I see alot of inconsistence in some points.
    Some are even pro Central Redistribution and control ( ie in part of "how much artists should make" ) which is against freedom in it's root. Of cource not in ideal Stallman's way but would lead to it.

  • why does he focus only on software and not hardware? nothing lies in silicon right? no backdoors or other mechanisms invisible to the software running on those chips.

  • You can’t always function with only open-source software. Sometimes, you have to use proprietary software. I think the best example of this is fonts. You often need to use Times New Roman for work and schoolwork. Times New Roman is proprietary, but it works and that’s what matters. Open-Source software is great, but you have to be able to function.

  • Oh, I so wish that I could somehow transform the whole humanity into the kind of thinking this man promote. Really a life changer, a mind opener, we've all been brainwashed into thinking convenience rather than the real freedom.

  • Music should have copyright system, software not ?!? What the fuck ?
    yeah, if my software is only some code that prints Hello it should not.
    My software or mobile app is my art. It values more than some cheap music. I am a developers, not a plumber god dam it.

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