hello dear friends my name is Dennis I am from Kaliningrad I would like to share my opinion my understanding I would like to share my point of view which appeared long time ago but after watching the programme rising up from slavery on allatra TV with the participation of a girl whose name is Lisa su Cola was shot on the one hand how can it be that a men people actually how it being that calls himself a human allows myself to treat his daughter this way or the second character of this story his wife in fact it's not the point that scares that there are such people desperate and tyrants but the fact that society is indifferent to such situations this situation is not unique in our society and everyone can honestly answer to one cell that we are accustomed to indifference towards each other we are accustomed to passing by at best to shoot it on a phone passing by injustice some people correctly express their opinion regarding the fact that many people say this is their own business such things are not a personal matter such things are the problem of each of us first of all answered to yourself how do i internally perceive these information in general to which extent am i calm and indifferent to this inside right why do men allow themselves to act like this and how can a man allow himself this although it's a very common situation in our society it is alarming that we consider it normal unfortunately in our society we often hear the following statements everybody leaves like that it's a common situation and we get used to it we were habitual to this and we get used to this do each of us really want this to be honest I won't say on behalf of everyone but I can say for myself that no I don't and my responsibility is first of all not to allow such manifestations in myself towards any person not only to women but especially to women and just like in the family to treat all women like your near and dear ones with respect to lend them a shoulder if needed to protect them this is the vocation of every man unfortunately such words as dignity and honor have become some attributes of humor so to say we're somewhere it is written somewhere it is said in a high-flown manner but it is not cultivated in people and we don't cultivate it in ourselves this is somehow even shameful to say 'under know how to pull the salon dealer but in reality our true nature our human nature and our human true need is to be free from all these prejudices to really live like a human being with freedom I want to express my sincere gratitude to Lisa for her courage I am proud to be her like-minded person I'm proud that there are people who are able to get out of such situations to get out with dignity in this program while raising this topic recalling those events she wasn't angry there was no bitterness there was just a lack of understanding a simple sincere human lack of understanding of white for self and she gave honest answers why she put up with this what she was afraid of about her fears and you know as a human I simply understood her in fact I understood without any judgments because she has done a really great job and she is a good example not only for women but also for all men of how to behave one should not be afraid to be honest to be free to be on the side of good to adhere to in a position to the good in a position when she spoke I felt a person who is really hard-working a person who strives towards delight a person who wants to live like a human being who wants to live in such a society and strives for this society to be here and now after all it is not difficult it is very simple indeed when each person takes responsibility and bears these responsibilities with dignity everyday who resides every moment on the side of inner light on the side of a human but not a beast and animal who does not give in to the beasts power inside to some lustful desire everyone knows about these inner desires himself this is very valuable experience I really express my deep gratitude and urge all men to answer themselves honestly just everyone compared to the guys described in this progress where am I in comparison to them just be honest are you taking one side or the other the opposite one and Johnson not by means of words but by actions to be responsible for what said it should be a particular action and it should be for oneself not for external bravado not for a show or for external advertising not for acquiring external power but for internal self control then it's more than not only of a man it's worthy of a human and to pursue it in every situation to adhere to these responsibilities and not to be silent about it to openly declare that we are people we want to live in freedom from this dictatorship from internal dictatorship to live in equality we can do this and there are already a lot of examples of this thanks to the allatra movement to those volunteers who having accepted the knowledge presented in the book allatra by anastasiya nova theme programs with igor mikhailovich danilov get inflamed by these truth and multiplied and carried further every day working on themselves every day the main goal of life is to assert this in a position in oneself and to strive for the light to attain real life that is fulfilled happy free from dirt purity then you can proudly raise your head looking into any person's eyes be responsible for every word you say for everything that comes out of your mouth that falls on your tongue and you control this flow as a human not as petrushka puppet manipulated by the devil or satan it can be called differently in general of the one who wants to separate us inside and if we all strive to unite to help each other interact do not pass by such examples as lisa thought about just at least to be at least to come up and ask normal questions to try not even to try it's just really it's all despicable man don't you really want to be man do you really like to be I don't know what to call it based towards everyone to be hypocrite Liars deceivers in any situations don't you really want to value such concepts as friendship which have been inculcated in us concepts like honour kindness quality but not some high ephemeral words but to confirm it in everyday life this is unique this is interesting this is our opportunity and this is our direct mission to stand up for the defense stand up for the defense of justice for the defense of the truth and everyone knows it inside and this is 100% speaking of women I would like to appeal girls be girls be women in the true understanding of this meaning after all it is wonderful when you open up in your feelings a man is ready even to move mountains but not because of some lustful dirty desire or desire of power but because of this inner fire that ignites the beautiful flowers and we will protect you I am in fact a participant of the allatra international public movement and I'm proud of that I'm proud that there are people who on Valentia unselfish basis strive to bring what they understood and felt themselves thanks to the contact with the knowledge and these people are already interacting here and now building a society in which there will be no such situations as the laser described it is the society in which true values are the most important and this will be each of you once this and this is a fact against which you can't even argue and it's really pointless to argue don't you want to live happily but you really want to you do want so let's do it thanks a lot to all not indifferent people thank you very much to everyone who expresses his or your point of view who speaks out about this why keep silent about what is really right why allow spreading dirty purity is valuable there is no point and for this you just need to act and that's all thank you very much you


  • About Dignity and Honour, about the need to live humanely, in freedom and mutual respect for each other, about the firm position of a True Human. This and much more in the video review of Denis Fabrichkin.

  • Lots of thanks, Denis, for your honesty and support! I also agree with you that we're people and we deserve to be treated with respect. I'm for honour and dignity in society. Let's start with ourselves. Let's become a good change that we want to see in this world!

  • hank you!!! Right Denis noticed that the men forgot about the honor (honesty to oneself) and not to seek excuses in their actions and deeds and do the right thing. To live in love truth with honor, with respect and to see in every man angel. And then men will fulfill its purpose. protect and defend

  • It is a very serious and important topic of today´s society and every family. Thank you for the initiative and honosty.

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