Former Danish PM: 'There is still a role for social democracy' – BBC Newsnight

22 thoughts on “Former Danish PM: 'There is still a role for social democracy' – BBC Newsnight

  • They all have to go back. Integration is a false god. If you arent white you shouldnt be in europe.

  • She can waffle on all she wants , according to polls, majority of Europeans are against multiculturalism and Islamic immigration

  • Ugh, I wish there were more leaders like her around! Somebody who can speak their mind without being terrified of their own shadow and trying to please everyone all the time. "You have rights but also responsibilities, opportunities but also obligations…" Yes, thank you for saying that! If someone opens a door for you, it is up to you to walk through and not always expect someone else to push you through and then complain about it when the door closes in your face because you missed your chance . 👍👍

  • Social democracy? A comical term! When were we given the "democratic" choice on wether we wanted mass-immigration and multiculturalism? Don't remember those things appearing on anyone's manifesto.

  • Can you imagine the Japanese accepting a situation where they become the numerical minority in Tokyo, or the Chinese being a minority in Beijing? They would think you a lunatic for even suggesting the idea. And yet, this is the state of affairs the ethnic-English now find themselves. We are a minority in our own nation's capital. A capital that has now become a crime infested multicultural dump because of our absence. And never forget, the BBC are the main criminal architects that brainwashed and demonised us into surrendering to this displacement.

  • Its called nationalism and the caultral marxists hate the history of the people. And this form of multiculturalism is not working for the people intregration is not working and the community is polarized by your beliefs in your religion of diversity and multiculturalism your religious beliefs are stupid. You only care about migrants and skin color and the leftists are anit Cristian pro Islamic extremists. You're morally over the top vertue singling is pathetic coming from a very white privileged woman.

  • If she would be the head of Finnish social democratic party, I'd vote for them. I'm currently voting for the conservatives, as they are closest what she is saying.

    Honesty with the people along with the fairness to everybody is her key message.

  • Work hard? You and your husband have never done a days work in your life, being paid by charities or taxpayers and doing very well nicely, top level scroungers!

  • Of all social democratic leaders I’ve heard speak… she’s got something closest to ‘the formula’. Australian Labor would almost certainly have won a few weeks ago with the kind of approach she outlines.

  • Well, first thing you do is take Money out of politics…. forget it until we put a stop to party funding by people with ulterior motives…. big business lobbying.
    Forget it with the current political system in the UK with heredity Lords, elitism and the rampant electoral corruption. Forget it with government run propaganda machines ( hello BBC ).. forget it while we have mass surveillance , attacks on free speech and thought police knocking on doors.

  • Since when did it become an assumption that if you address issues surrounding immigration you are politically far-right. Integration does not and should not have anything to do with ethnicity and the left wing shouldn't be discouraged from acting out of patriotism and community.

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