Former Muslim Brotherhood member: "Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim Terrorist"

all right the savage nation we're all asking why Obama is silent on the interracial violence in America why silence silent on the killing and the the killing of Christians in Egypt and that article came out the other day in WorldNetDaily saying Obama's brother linked to Muslim Brotherhood report says Malik directs radical Islamic movements investments and it's a report based upon reports by Walid Shoebat who says that he read an Egyptian excuse me a speech in Arabic on Egyptian television joining us now is Walid Shoebat former Muslim Brotherhood member former PLO member now a peace activist he wrote a book called the case for a slam o phobia while he'd welcome back to the savage nation this is a very serious psychographic Thank You Ali yet in a news report on Egyptian television of Agra Valley speech translated by researcher Walid Shoebat a foreign PLO organization operative Gabala said she would like to inform the American people that their president's brother Obama is one of the architects of the major investments of the Muslim Brotherhood is that what she said yes this is the former Chancellor of the Constitutional Court of Egypt and she's also the current advisor to the Constitutional Court of Egypt she's not a small cookie her name is to Hanon Jubilee she stated that the reason the United States cannot fight the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood is because the brother of u.s. President Barack Obama is the architect of the investments for the International Organization for the Muslim Brotherhood which brings us back to the issue we discussed on your show before Malik Obama she's possibly talking about Malik Obama she didn't give the name but she said this is a nugget for the American people what they do not know she wants to open the books in the courts she is you know addressing the issues that Americans do not understand she says the American government will not stop us we need to open the files and begin court session the Obama administration cannot stop us they're holding ground in fact it's not just in his speech he gave it's in several interviews no way she wants to open the files in Egypt to show how this government collaborated with the terrorists is that saying absolutely she's saying that the government collaborated with a terrorist you look at Benghazi things that you've never heard in this country it's all over circle East the Middle East in the Benghazi case even there is a docket number 3 7 9 0 against mercy for involvement with terrorism in Libya and Egypt in fact even the Libyan government states that Mohammed Morsi was involved in Benghazi when you look at what the Americans are charging regarding by the guys it is only one Libyan habala a small fry they're not addressing any of the Egyptian operatives it was the case in Nassau City terror cell that was busted in Egypt in which a Libyan was killed his name by Reuters was linked to the case in Benghazi but what you know Walid I believe every word you say by the way but what you're saying tonight is more shocking than anything you've ever said before you are saying that Obama's half-brother Malik Obama is what a member of the Muslim Brotherhood or what it's worse Malik Obama as we stated before with clear evidence from photos from events from numerous articles from the Middle East everything is disclosed he works for the Sudanese government he is an employee of the Sudanese government he was right under our model Bashir Muhammad's our war is his main boss he is the executive director of the Islamic Dawa organisation of Sudan Sudan bore her state it is illegal what he is doing he is a u.s. resident he runs it a compound of polygamy in Kogelo Kenya he runs a 501 C 3 Lois Lerner is involved in this whole affair the IRS is involved in this whole affair he was given granted a 501 C 3 illegally he was you know retroactive when it was illegal he was lying the whole time raising funds from the United States uh Molly you detailed all these allegations at a 22-page investigative report entitled new IRS scandal Islamic extremism and sex slaves report reveals Obama's relatives run charities of the seat what is your website so people can decide for themselves Shuba calm just as you spell the word Xiu Shi Yi and the word bat dat like baseball bat Shi Yi dat calm okay so Malik Obama and Sarah Obama raised money in the United States as the heads of foundations claiming to be charities the IRS granted one of them tax deductible status retro actively going back to 2008 and then you say there are two IRS approved 501 C 3 organizations operating the US by Obama's half-brother and step-grandmother in Kenya but what does that have to do with the president remember Jimmy Carter had a crazy brother but you couldn't blame Jimmy Carter's better president it was of being his brother so should we say there's a linkage between the brothers well first we have to prove the link between Obama and the IRS however the IRS is linked to Malik Obama and his operation so there's no way to refute that involvement how did they you our IRS scandal begin it has to have been all these meetings with President Obama in which it was in closed doors to basically begin to attack the tea parties and all these other things so that whole issue is involved Barack Hussein Obama the president is very close tightly knit with the family in fact it's been revealed in aljazeera television in which his cousin Musa s man Obama clearly said the communication is from his uncle Sayid Obama and the family in Co gala in Kenya and then you have said Obama and all this family are seen with the Wahhabist or raising funds to the most virulent for heavy schools in Saudi Arabia Oman Korah University hello the momma sort of fund his grandmother's fund is going to recruit were happy to a heavy schools from Africa well we know what madrasah is this is mother assess the number one terrorist in the world is among coral university it was founded by mohammed abdel wahab the founder and the godfather of Wahhabism we're talking about a serious issue here we're talking about Sudan and his brother Malik Obama is an employee of Sudan executive director of Islamic Dawa organized you know you have a model Bashir wanted on seven counts in the International Criminal Court talking about Syria but I hear you and I don't deny it but let's start from the top is Obama his brother's keeper are the illegitimate links between the president and his renegade brother is it fair to draw conclusions about Obama from what his brother does or doesn't do well absolutely yes because the pro-gay responsible for what happens in the IRS scandal he's responsible especially when he's always meeting with his brother in the White House how did he get his residency how is he getting the IRS status how is he getting all these favors illegally it had to have been President Obama I mean I can't even apply for those kind of things you can't how could Malick Obama well it has to be the last name Obama it has to be related to Obama has to be related to the president while he'd look you're a guy who's worked in such deep deep dangerous situations both as a terrorist and an anti terrorist that you know the inner workings of these things much better than I do I'm simply kind of a almost an Arjuna when it comes to these things I can only imagine what you've had to live through but I I do watch an awful lot of television when I watch the TV show homeland have you ever seen that show about a former US congressman who had been brainwashed and converted to Islam secretly and becomes a congressman and he's really working for the other side are you implying that that's what we have here well well we have to look at Obama's allegiances we have to look at what's happening Americans need to see what's happening in Libya is gone you know amok you have Egypt with President Obama supporting the Muslim Brotherhood going to Egypt and giving a historic speech in support even over the Muslim Brotherhood when he went there wanting them to be part of the electorate process because as part of democracy you know we see the Syrian situation in which the Free Syrian Army are carrying out massacres we see the situation in Egypt the entire Middle East is in chaos is it is definitely Obama's full support to the Islamist cause so Obama is supporting the Islamist cause in the Middle East it's very obvious he has a brother named George Obama well he doesn't even care about George Obama in fact even in the documentary nobody even disclose why he doesn't care about George Obama the truth is George Obama his mother is a tno she's a Christian who lives in the u.s. he doesn't care about the Christian side of his family he cares very much to the Muslim side of his family he's very much sympathetic to the Muslims so the Islamic cause as well it's evident from his own family so what he what are you saying I mean if we look at the big picture here you're saying something very powerful here which is that he's linked that that his brothers linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and that a barack obama is supporting them with US tax dollars therefore you're saying he's a secret agent of the muslim brotherhood well he sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood and have always argued that Obama in my view is the taboo that can never be discussed in America he is very much sympathetic to his Islamic roots Obama is very likely to be a Muslim so you know this is something we are not allowed to talk about all of a sudden the problem in American media is that you know you can go to Egypt and find more about what goes on then you can find own hometown in this yes there's more freedom of the press in Egypt right now than in this lockdown nation of ours where we have an absolute yellow journalistic press at work around the clock and if anyone disagrees with them they're castigated I understand how hard it is because I work through this mess on a daily basis Walid so having said all of this having exposed this from now remember you're saying that you heard all this in Arabic on Egyptian television when Cavalli said that our country will not allow any conspiracy against the Egyptian state and she said that they're trying to destroy the nation why would Obama want to destroy Egypt well obviously he doesn't he wants to take over of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood because that's what his sympathies lie the Muslim Brotherhood is the umbrella organization for al Qaeda for Hamas for the Obama movement so it's actually worse than I fear my words nights in the darkest moments it's much worse it is but while lead if you're saying this and it was published the other day and the Egyptians are saying it how could our intelligence agencies not understand this or they have they all been kam castrated by Obama is it that far gone that they've all been castrated well obviously I mean how many Americans know that one of the operatives whose suspect in Benghazi has been trained is by United States Air Force Baba Hazem I got the minutes from the articles of the police investigation in Egypt you have a mastermind who's suspected in Benghazi have been trained by the Air Force hello this is very embarrassing to the Obama administration embarrassing for the government you have the same case before I Lima Hamid who talks about him Ali Mohammed was a CIA agent a double agent working for al-qaeda he was the first one to establish the al-qaeda manual he was Egyptian the same case as this herbalism he was found cop guilty the sentence but never tried but never sentenced hello what happened to that man Ali Mohammed the same Wally look this is a major league expose and I don't know have you had much play with this in the media has anyone else had you on their show well you know you're number one you care there's others who do care but the major media doesn't care however even the case of Obama's brother it was on CNN Arabic but not CNN English can you open that CNN the Arabic talks about Obama brother being linked to the Muslim Brotherhood but CNN in English never mentions a word about it so the media is controlled by the Liberals by the institution they make us pay attention to what is happening in Syria so we can forget about what's happening in Egypt and in Benghazi if school yes Edie cares about slaughter in Syria why doesn't he care about the genocide in Sudan there is a much bigger genocide well that's another topic and I liked it when we come back from the break well II asked you your opinion on the alleged gas attack in Syria whether it actually occurred whether it's staged and who actually may have released the gas because I have no way to believe either side they're they're both so terrible I'll be right back with speaking while each show bat former PLO member for Muslim Brotherhood member now a peace activist his book is the case for Islamophobia his website is show bot calm I'll be right back join those savage nations are swinging into the last phase the last segment of the hour here on the savage nation we're dealing with a very serious allegation from a very serious man Obama's brother linked to Muslim Brotherhood report says Malik the Reks radical Islamic movements investments it was in the World Net Daily the other day President I'll read the two paragraphs then we'll go back to Ali's show but President Obama's half-brother in Kenya could cause the White House more headaches over new evidence linking him to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and establishing that controversial IRS Supervisor Lois Lerner's signed his tax exempt approve a letter Malik Obama's oversight of the Muslim Brotherhood's international investments is one reason for the Obama administration's support of the Muslim Brotherhood according to an Egyptian report citing the vice president of the supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt to Hani al Diwali while each show but welcome back to the savage nation thank you nothing has come of this article it was written by the very bright Jerome Accorsi on WorldNetDaily they quote you where they say that you listened to the gab Ali speech in Arabic in from Egypt and she was vehement and adamant rather adamant that the the president's brother is one of the architects of the major investments of the Muslim Brotherhood so what happens now if no one's paying attention well severe what happens now as as usual it's always redirecting the attention of the American people to something else now we are in to Syria okay so think is this gas attack a fake is it a fake a fake event or is it real which event oh the gassing of the alleged gassing of the civilians in Syria are those real corpses were they staged and who did it well it's difficult to tell in this case we have to wait but let me bring the previous case what happened to the previous case I've examined even videos that we obtained records don't even see these things how the free syrian army were able to have weapons cachet of scuds tanks sam-7 rockets all on video and fact even firing scuds on video and even having chemical rockets on video hello you know it is easy for the free syrian army to stage the kind of acid situation was proven to be a fraud it was proven to be false if it is true that in the previous event the chemical attack came from Bashar al Assad's army why is it that in every single testimony from the victims themselves it showed that it was the Free Syrian Army that logged that how would that be strategically smart for Bashar al-assad to be carrying out a chemical warfare in Syria when he knows it's exactly what the other side is looking for so not only that but why would he carry it out the very week that the UN inspectors are on the ground it makes no sense to me it absolutely makes no sense it absolutely also makes no sense to me that Mohammed Morsi would be asking for the blind Sheikh just days before Benghazi attack and right after the Benghazi attack how does that fit strategically from a head of state of Egypt to be asking for the blind Sheikh after Americans were killed in Benghazi the Middle East doesn't make much sense but we have to look at the source Mohamed Morsi is Islamist Bashar al Assad is not an Islamist it doesn't serve him to do this kind of thing the Christian community in Syria loves Bashar al-assad the people love Bashar al Assad the Russians love Putin it's an America that we have the problem we don't love Barack Hussein Obama we can stand him he is on the side of the enemy it behooves me that these days I'm looking towards Russia I'm looking towards puted I'm looking towards Bashar al-assad and I lost every single hope that is left in my soul to trust this government that I'm living under unbelievable I can't add to that nor can I subtract from that I that you speak a very complicated Arabic you speak English how many other languages Wally do you speak just English and Arabic haha just English Arabic well I know that you choose your words very carefully and I would think that if we translated what you just said there's an entire declaration in that statement what is so heavy on my heart right now and what's pregnant in my mind is where the hell other Republicans in all of this

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  • how much more evidence must there be…..before muslim traitor obama is arrested and charged with TREASON..

  • BHO is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Someone leaked a signed check and this info was released along with the article. All over the net. Signed on St. Patrick's day. $100,000 made out to MABI (Muslim American Brotherhood International). His dues for 2017. That's a LOT of money in my book.

  • obama has the muslim brotherhood in the white house and nothing from the fake news!..yet the fake news believes the russians hacked our election to benefit trump..witch they have ZERO proof…the left is as evil as those terrorist they want enterning this country

  • Hussein Obama has been planted as president to destroy AMERICA with the help of NWO ,Muslim Brotherhood from within WashingtonDC demoncrats! The veil of deceit is removed and the truth of the demonic democraps & their puppet hussein Obama is exposed America WILL NEVER BOW DOWN TO ANY HATE FILLED ISLAMIC TERRORISTS! AMERICA IS BLESSED BY GOD AND WE ARE NOT DECEIVED BY DEMONIC POWERS WE WILL FIGHT THRU THE POWERS OF GOD THRU PRAYER 🕆✡💪👊

  • The Lord has given me along with many other Christian's dreams that Obama is the Anti-Christ. Search on YouTube. You will be amazed how many have had them.


  • Obama gave&&&million dollars to build Mosque in the Middle East Tax money and Congress looks like they are in on this as well

  • Look at all the cabinet members he has put into our government that are members of the Muslim Brotherhood! We are going to have much trouble getting them out from all places they have infiltrated. Yes he is a Muslim but he wants to be in charge of them too. His aim is to be Dictator of the World!! I pray his ego kills him!!

  • this shows that Obama and Hillary wanted our ambassador killed in Benghazi,cause he knew something,and why they wanted to stay in the Oval Office,theyset him up our ambassador.

  • The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn't exist…I am just saying

  • I also understand that Egypt has banned the muslim brotherhood from Egypt and there is a few other muslim countries that won't allow them either because they are a terrorist group.

  • I was watching another documentary on the muslim brotherhood and Obama and yes Obama is a big supporter.  Obama has had all references to "radical islam" removed from documents in the u.s. government documents.  shouldn't people be asking why?

  • Islam is a vile and violent death cult…..look at the horrendous events in Nice, Paris, Orlando, Brussels and Baghdad and we can see what the religion of peace brings.

  • congrats,cowards u got a proper man for president.he will dig u as deep as possible.he will be ur last president,next will be sheikh hussein bin malik ben obama

  • Yes Malik is head of finance and has visited the white house. Ive known this for a couple of years why they havent done anything about it is beyond rational thought. Obviously Obama keeps parroting to the senate youre all brain dead and for money they are one!

  • When he was on the campaign trail for his first term, all the muslim money traders had a picture of their man in their kiosks. They bragged he was one of them. Some went as far saying that Islam would RULE AMERICA through that man.

  • Allahhh uu akhbarr…
    Allah bless you Obamatullah
    islam is a peaceful religion … kill them all who insult islam
    "Crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam" Koran (5:33)

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