Foster Home and Freedom (Short Film)

*Knocking* Yes… Is this the foster home? Yes it is Can I stay here Yes, let me show you to your room dearie All right, right up here, the first door
on the right This is your room, breakfast is at 7:23
a.m. sharp. And their chores to do What are my chores? You will see Dinner is served! *Sigh* Well, i’m glad you had the decency to change before dinner And by the way, I forgot to ask your name It’s Elizabeth, but, most people call me Lizzie Okay, Elizabeth *Knocking* Oh good! Another little orphan! This is your room, report for chores in the morning Yes ma’am! [Knocking] Hi, I heard you come in, I was just cleaning my room So, is the foster home lady nice? No, not especially Have you ever wanted to escape? Yes, but, I don’t know how to Well… when I arrived at the house before
I entered the main entrance I went around the house to see if there
was a second entrance and there was Right on the side of the house. I wondered where the door From that side of the house led into, so, during the tour I decided to take a look And see where it was When I took the tour I learned that it is down in the Utility room with A lot of storage and old junk Thats our plan of escape Wow! You seem to be good at escaping Yes, that’s because i’ve don it five times. Before we escape though, I think we should get that old hag back *Scream* *Scream* Now’s our chance, she’s down for her nap But one last piece of information, if She somehow catches us, like say she
comes out of room, we have to bolt for Another exit like the window so she thinks that’s our plan of escape and we Can keep our current plan of escape hidden so
she will never know what it is until we Finally make it happen *Ahhh* Aha! A crust of bread, and nothing but stale water for, and double up your chores. And that goes for you too young lady Nap time tomorrow we try to break out agin got it? Yeah It’s almost time to break out I’m going down for my nap. Don’t try anything! It’s time! *Ahhhh* Escaping again? I’m gonna triple your
Chores! I want to get that ol’ hag back but I also want to escape Why don’t we just do both? We need one more obstacle to stop her.
Quick! Before she gets up from her nap! Why don’t we put the stools in front of the stairs? I like the way you think *Bang*Bang*Bang* *moaning* Well we got rid of that foster mom didn’t we Now the adventure, starts!

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