Four American Troops Tragically Killed Along With 23 Afghanis

Yesterday two groups of men shot at each other near Tobago
Base where I am. Today the soldiers are happy about some of
the men dying and sad about other men dying. Sergeant First Class Aaron Tomlin is only sad
about four of the dead people. It’s a long tough day here. We lost
four good men. No, 27 men died four American soldiers and
23 Taliban soldiers. I wasn’t talking about the Taliban.
But they are dead. Yes, well – You are not sad about them. You have to understand we’re like brothers here.
We’re like brothers here am I like “brothers here”? No, I mean the men I fight – My brother’s
name is Robert Falk. He lives in Lansing, Michigan. He has
very good agenda. Okay. This makes no sense. You said that four
soldiers died and it makes you sad. But when you said when
Taliban soldiers die it does not make you sad. I asked Base Commander
David Hawkins to make it make sense. The last thing we
resort to is hurting anyone but you have to understand it’s
our job to keep the American people safe from our enemies and
sometimes that includes – Sir, if you kill your enemies at your
job it is not sad. What if I killed my enemy Ryan at my job,
it would not be sad? No, you shouldn’t do that. But he is rude
to me, he steals my yogurts, he makes fun of the way I talk. Look, only soldiers can kill without
getting in trouble. Okay. Are you going to kill Ryan? No. It does not make sense. Were the Taliban
happy when the Taliban died? I went to meet Taliban spokesman
Hajji Mahad. They put a bag on my head to take me to the
safe house which made my stop thinking. You are happy when American
soldiers die? Yes, that is a very good thing. And
you are sad when Taliban soldiers die? No, that is also joyous.
They die as martyrs and will ascend to heaven. You are
happen when American soldiers die and you are happy when Taliban
soldiers die. It is the will of Allah. You are happy all the time. This means that if we all join the Taliban
then no one will be sad when anyone dies. Here’s
how you join the Taliban. I do not like it here.
I am Michael Falk.

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