Four Centuries of Freedom

Leiden University a bastion of freedom was founded in 1575 during the 80 year war between the Netherlands and Spain the city of Leiden resisted the Spanish and was granted a university by William of Orange the University became famous with one of the first anatomical theatres a fencing school in the library but more than a place of knowledge Island became a bastion of free science in the 16th and 17th centuries the ideas of Newton and Descartes were incorporated in education here many different scientific schools were gathered in Leiden freedom of speech and freedom of science made sure they connected and from their discussions great educational and scientific collections were set up in the 19th century the ideas of light and physics conquered the world Lawrence commonly poets and Einstein made the foundation for the groundbreaking theories that will change our world forever Leyden continues to build on this great past and has today become a university with faculties across two cities at Leiden University you can discover the world in studies science medicine social sciences and a multitude of languages and cultures building on the work of our students researchers and teachers the University of Leyden continues to push the limits of freedom and science today

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