29 thoughts on “Four Tops My "Still Water (Peace) and (Love)" Suite. Frank Wilson…rest in peace.

  • Great tunes from the Mighty 4 Tops. Plus great mix of these two classics. RIP Frank Wilson and Levi Stubbs.

  • This was a time in the history of the United States Of America where we had the honor of experiencing the making, the invention If you will, of a new style of music made purely to respond to the call of one thing only. The voice of the spirit for greatness. 

    One gifted minded songwriter among other things, Mr. Berry Gordy. He with an enormous amount of creativity put together a group of talented musicians, song writers, arrangers, young privileged singers, producers and a team of people ready to back it up and make it available to the world.
    To celebrate the new sound from the soul and geniuses of black artists, with their know how and professionalism, they put together a style of music that would revolutionize the music world, to the point of even helping propel singers and groups of other languages in other lands and ethnicities to the top.
    Today we remember with fond memories a vast collection of melodies and daring arrangements, mixtures of instruments and intricate vocal harmonizations not used for that type of music back then. I call myself along with everyone here, a very fortunate person to have had the opportunity to see and hear music history taking place and enjoy first hand… The soul music through the eyes of Berry Gordy’s own Motown Sound. Thank you Mosogotan. By. Carlos Araujo.

  • When you hear still water peace and the recitation what they call rap today the words are beautiful and touches the soul. Another Smokey stroke of genious.

  • I love this Group & this song, thank you for making this song, sound beautiful to my heart & soul!!!!!! I'm happy to be born w all the good Motown music.

  • Im born and raised in Germany half African/german. Since im a little girl…i enjoyed Mowtown. But to grow up with people who cant feel this kind of music… isnt easy. Cause I walk talk and love and feel and move like Mowtown

  • Memories of my early years 50s listening to Wolfman Jack walking around Whittier Blvd,ELA with my friends from Kern Jr.High,LMV,KM

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