Fox Host Downplays Background Check Support

and i think this is very very sadly i
think it’s tragic retired where senator that’s it and think about what happened in in time
to think about that the other cars in the streets of america and u_s_x_ painting actually simple
background checks that one of the american people in poll after
poll say that that’s a good idea to be a good thing anonymously yes it’s a good
thing but again the power of big money the
n_r_a_ head got manufacturers has carried the day so let’s look at the
at the record in a single though that is overall don’t send any mention in our
said is expected that jessica shows or elsewhere will not use non-profit
markets ethan schools will continue to work with of incident
that’s a committed to protecting our children sportscasting principles
standard lol fixing our broken mental health system
or leadership misunderstood since this is a little solutions and this is what right there and foxnews are the very definition of out of touch and factually incorrect he actually rendered talking points of the n_r_a_
on-air now keep in mind this isn’t the
membership of the n_r_a_ were talking about so we’re not talking about the
meat and potatoes of the n_r_a_ here and the talking points of the
leadership of the n_r_a_ and there is a huge difference between
those two things say one of the real facts according to a few research center pole
ninety one percent of americans in favor of background checks eighty percent of republicans in favor
of background checks eighty five percent all donors in favor of background checks donors the majority of the i_r_a_ is in favor
of background checks it’s just the leadership and the gunmen fractures that are
against it because they don’t want to lose of shiny red penny out of their profits you need to understand something men the
leadership of the n_r_a_ is doing nothing but representing the gun
manufacturers who paid them right so that the manufacturer to give
you money there is a do monday unusual on the politicians to say don’t
vote for anything out all the repairs if it does vanilla and moderate and simple and and small even incremental change
vote against it because we don’t wanna lose any money at all you know what i just said eighty five
percent but owners are going when you talk about where the debate yes
i want a background check that’s a lawyer support simplest thing in the
world so infringement upon my liberty says
nothing about that the constitution addl foxnews minister just its tax free the whole network is just
tax-free how long would it have taken you out
behold teams there doubt that can look things up like this all you have to know is a is saying you
know drove the breaks a do me a favor look at our growth as hot what
percentage of dollars in favor background checks and it’s not like this is from you know blue st dot com or daily coz that
statistic is pure research center republicans quote that all the time
whenever it says something that they agree with but no they don’t care where
they just don’t care they don’t care they don’t care

1 thought on “Fox Host Downplays Background Check Support

  • Funny, the polls keep saying gun owners support it buy I have yet to meet one. Just because some gun grabber says something doesn't mean its true. This UBC was the start of registration. Who ever said its not didn't read the bill that was presented. The govt basically could change it if they seen that it want working at the current state. They want the guns and they will just chip away until they get them.

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