Fr. Tom Morrow – finding contentment and finding yourself

on the road to Cana there's gonna be two Rangers alive takes time to find the way and it is true that some people have a hard time committing and that's using more true of men than women but it is true that we tend to you know bounce from thing to thing however we have to admit though that for men and women it may take some time before they find someone that they feel compatible with and they feel a little bit of chemistry with and there has to be some chemistry we can't manufacture chemistry we can't create it but it seems like people are kind of wandering and looking from place to place and I think we need to be anchored and if we're anchored in the Lord and in the church then we'll be in a community will be in a family and in that family it's much easier to shine as a person and to also to learn the skills necessary to live with other people and to be able to get along with other people I often encourage people not to not to choose to live alone if they can but to try to have roommates because that's good preparation for a situation where you're married it's not the same but it's good preparation it says that you have to adapt yourself to this other person you're living with you

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